What constellation is April 3? What constellation is April 3 in the Gregorian calendar? Users who have just contacted constellations do not know whether the constellations are calculated according to the lunar calendar or the solar calendar. Constellations are part of astrology and originated from the west, and constellation dates are calculated and queried according to the solar calendar.. The person born on April 3 is Aries, let’s learn about the character of Aries born on April 3 with Xiao Bian..    Born on April 3, you are the following: Passionate and forthright Aries Born on March 21-April 19 Aries Brief Introduction: Aries, also known as Aries, is the first of the twelve constellations, one of the fire signs, and its ruler is Mars. Aries is the first constellation in inside in spring, representing enthusiasm, sunshine, cheerful and optimistic.. Aries people are naturally enthusiastic, courageous, helpful and heroic. These characteristics make Aries people pay less attention to small sections and careless in their speech and work..   The basic characteristics of Aries are as follows: the sun is in Aries, Some Like It Hot, loves freedom, is wild and unrestrained, and is bold and daring.. They are bold and careless, but they are very frank and sincere. They hate empty talk with Pretending to have interest and sympathy. They go forward bravely and have a firm will. They never hide their emotions. Their joys and sorrows are written on their faces..   The specific characteristics of Aries are as follows: Aries is the first constellation in Zodiac, and Mars is the guardian star. The sun is set on Aries. They are warm and forthright. They are impetuous, emotional and do things in a Hee style. They are directly manifested in their actions. They pursue new things, hate slow tempo, remain unchanged and love freedom.. At the same time, Aries people are naturally big men, have strong self-esteem, have unique superiority, and like to enjoy the feeling of being chased and respected by others.. Aries people go forward bravely, not afraid of hardships, not afraid of setbacks, and enjoy the value of self-existence. Even if they fail, they will regain confidence and continue to move forward..   The appearance of Aries includes the following features: the outline of five facial features is obvious, and the skeleton is tall and strong.. The head is bigger, the pace is faster, and the Aries population is more likely to wear glasses..   Aries’ style of action is as follows: Aries is a sign of spring. They are enthusiastic and energetic in their work, like to accept challenges, straightforward in their work, brave in going forward, fearless of hardships, fearless of hardships and tiredness, and dare to accept new ideas.. Love freedom, love adventure, energetic, once identified goals will go all out, will not give up easily. However, they are rough, careless and lack care..   The blind spot of Aries personality is as follows: Aries people are rash, impulsive, hot in doing things for three minutes, do not know how to think in an all-round way, and are often prone to setbacks.. His anger and anger are all written on his face. He is irritable and easy to offend others.. Not being considerate in speaking and doing things, careless in paying attention to details and often self-centered, it will leave a negative impression of low EQ..   Aries sums up the following contents: Aries have not bad talents, but when they were young, vast bump was too competitive and have more courage than intelligence was easy to encounter setbacks.. After falling to the bottom of their lives, they will calm down to think and sum up experiences and lessons, put aside their temper and rashness, maintain the advantages of their character, and at the same time, completely get rid of the defects in their character and become calm, personable or dignified and elegant. The time of middle-aged Aries will be the best time in their life.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.