Amidst the cherry drunk half the city, but also to the world in April colorful season, time spent in the drizzling rain, day in outdated hold an umbrella in the rain Road, Fallen flowers in one place, like dripping blood and tears from the same cherry branches , on wet land to spread a thin layer of powder scarred, Qi Yan, beautiful, people could not bear step down.Cherry blossoms bright but only seven days the flower collapses, seven days, these beautiful flowers in their lives reincarnation exhausted, when removed into the mud, full sleeves bright red regrettable, deplorable kind of feeling.    The streets south of the years, and now it is bright cherry red bloom also end up in vain beautiful when spring vitality to the stage their show, thousands charming smile branches very pleasing.I have been curious teenager, knowing that Sakura is the national flower of Japan, I take them as alien species, I do not know since when, which I think is like a life alien species encroachment, like, invaded the streets to the south of the whole from the trees to the park on the city streets, the district, the school campus was full of a piece of cherry trees, wholly unknown to some trends like the expansion of the country.Appearance said he was bothered appreciation for these so-called Japanese cherry blossoms, and the bones of it cherry is very popular, after all, the cherry red of enchanting beauty, pure white and clean, it is inevitable that some enjoy the feeling, but the thought of Japan that a small country, from launch later, when some of the war of aggression against the people also visits to Yasukuni shrine arrogant look, I found myself hate it, hate even with the goods from Japan, with the Japanese refused to import products, and even cherry hate it, then, hate Japanese thing, looking at the city of cherry was very strong, I feel like the movie to see when the old society in front of Yi Men sell laugh brothel prostitutes, like nausea inevitably swallowed a fly.    There was a time, I cherry is very exclusive, I remember when my niece was in elementary school she went to school to pick her home, the sky overcast, raining, my niece nestled under my umbrella, walked the streets of cherry blossoms under a tree, a piece of cherry blossom petals fly down from the sky light to fall on our umbrella, also floated on the shoulders niece, saw a tiny cherry blossom petals on the shoulders niece, I quickly cast aside for her, this is on the back as if to see what dirty things like, floating in the air by hand these passionate cherry swept far, let these kind of cherry leaves no Zhanshen posture, this cherry blossom petals scattered from the ground without pity stepped over, niece asked me, this is what to spend, I told her cherry, cherry it is the national flower of Japan, niece heard that the cherry blossoms, and said a pity that no longer make a sound.I know, and I think she’s, like, my heart contradictory, ah, was somewhat difficult to explain why this beautiful flower is actually the national flower of Japan.    Later, in recent years, inadvertently read that a few “Cherry Red, how many, I do not know Li Shang-yin of two pink Liulv.Advise Mowen Fangfei Festival, Brideshead Revisited being desolate it.”When, on and somewhat shocked to see several lines express this, I think that if Sakura Li Shang-yin of that era would open so gorgeous in China, then China entered the cherry on a long time ago, I did not think that the Tang Dynasty when Chinese people so fond of cherry, with a strong curiosity I went to the library to find information area, and they knew Sakura was originally Chinese, and after artificial plant, has brought back from the Himalayas by the Japanese cherry introduction monks planted widely in Japan after the cultivation, it was designated as the national flower of Japan.Knowing these knowledge about cherry blossoms, I began to sympathize with the cherry blossoms, but also between the time of the cherry is no longer exclusive, it becomes like.When compassion cherry blossoms, I think of those countries on behalf of the ancient princess to marry a foreign land far away, would have to go with hope will for peace, however, their fate, not just the language barrier, different habits, not suited to the environmental worries, and more under the knife-edge live, always has as a sacrifice in wartime sacrifice of fate, looks gorgeous on a beautiful appearance, but who can solution in which the bitterness of suffering.China’s environment, after all, and there is some difference between Japan, the cherry can so well in Japan, as Japan’s national flower, the flower can be seen still very tenacious vitality.    Fallen flowers full diameter, April Spring cherry red camel Ruxia open, the air, the wind fluttering cherry blossom petals, there were numerous places to fall, like a petal snow, poignant and a bright red ground.Romantic spring breeze, the wind lifted the young woman had black hair, against a piece of falling cherry blossom petals fall on the woman’s hair, no fragrance, but a little more playful and lively, beautiful, always make me think of the film medieval times and those who are ready to go pro girls, when land was still not married, they are full of youthful vigor, naive and simple, so that when they go to a foreign parent and when unknowingly, with beautiful crystal clear eyes watching their loved ones, do not know their loved ones will one day tear the veil of hypocrisy, in the interests of the face where they will be sold.Thought here, I seem to see that a woman is like a cherry tree, fallen flowers petals is their bloody tears.Sakura really beautiful, bloom more bright, more close to death, but in the moment of dying, yet the most beautiful cherry blossoms look forever fixed in people’s minds, this is the cherry.    Legend in Japan, samurai and a young woman always choose the cherry trees himself, with blood disseminated into the soil, had grown white cherry blossoms later became red, therefore, have a different cherry red and white colors.Occasional time I have seen white cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms that white as snow, cleanly makes a kind of sense of holiness not bear to blasphemy.And different red cherry, white you are my, my, or my “seems to have pure white cherry blossoms without a little impurities, and two colors of flowers are in common with a kind of active life, although only a week flowering time, but the signs are not a little decadent, even fell to the ground, it would not panic.Samurai Japanese girl and think really at this cherry committing suicide, the kind of picture you can think of, there is more to be more ironic satire.    In recent years, the Japanese side to go abroad to work and friends travel to Japan after returning home, often to show me some photos of some cherry blossom when they are photographs, photo cherry that was very brilliant, it was pointed at the picture and asked me, driving too nice cherry than domestic, I asked a straight face, “is not the moon people round the country than even China’s?”He was speechless.The moon which country is it not the same as you?This cherry blossom China, Japan is not the same open it?Visit photographed when many Chinese cherry blossom cherry garden not only are all Chinese people, as well as Japanese.Japan, a nation, the cherry extradited to China after Japan as their national flower cultivation, which even the Chinese beggars can despise them, a barren sign that even as the representative of local plants to be Introduced from China, but also arrogantly Diaoyu Islands dispute with China, challenge the Chinese people’s patience with his Japanese do?I often remember the Internet novel “Don brick” in the cloud Ye man of the house at the time of the robbery Japanese vessel outlet to the Tang Dynasty fishermen, with intent to seduce the king fell on to conquer his female goat high child and say, “You are my I or my “I always feel that Chinese people will one day be unceremoniously on the Japanese say, ‘you are my, my, or my’, like this, like cherry, cultivated them anyway, Sakura is still the Chinese species, they are now always rely on economic or Chinese exports, China still rely on the breath of life.    The Japanese think of all sorts of acts of recent years, the Japanese feel shameless, then ragged shoes did not even have to wear the Japanese, Yuandu the East China Sea came to the Tang Dynasty, learning hibiscus tea became later moved back to tradition tea ceremony Japanese tea culture , pretend to learn Chinese people’s elegance, nothing on earth to learn the results, in addition to the tea ceremony will take tea cup Gail fiddle floating in the surface of the tea will be no other new developments.Go back also learned not as a friendship link point, but as a way of feisty, quick chess players lost to chop his finger, kendo martial arts and physical science to back into a Japanese samurai spirit, lost martial arts on the cherry trees ritual suicide, costume to wear to go back, plus a pillow behind said became their kimono, cherry blossoms to get back on the species a few years as Japan’s national flower, I even have some doubts, someday, they China will have to abject races also get back, when Japanese children’s father!