Part One: bridges people of my hometown is a small village at the edge of Yuanjiang.Surrounded by mountains, in the middle of a strip of flat land.From west to east the intersection of two streams in the village, so the village has several convenient village life stone arch bridge across the creek labor.Stone arch bridge several different sizes have names: for example, the highest maximum tall called the big arch; the smallest called bridges; there is a town called Takahashi.  Little bridge is on the south side of the creek, this stream is much smaller than the other one, but the bridge than the other two should be fine.Of households in the village to live up to a small bridge, the bridge is the ideal place to relax villagers.The northern end of the bridge of rice paddies, the southern end is a patchwork of row houses on stilts.The bridge being in the army of the hibiscus is my third great-aunt.  Three great aunt was youngest sister, my grandfather.Her great aunt’s house is not big but was fine dress was a different kind: by the stream side of the roof has been lengthened out into a small stream.Forming a long corridor of hanging feet, the villagers called the pavilion.So in the summer where everyone is satisfied that the Department of shade.There is a small house to the east with a fine woven bamboo fence yard, great aunt in the yard planted many flowers and vegetables.Every spring and summer fence covered with gourd and bitter gourd vines, as well as driving a large and small yellow flowers green melon.Canna mid-open corner cluster red blooming flowers; Cosmos wall in a row of each spring are also colored flowers open; and aromatic fragrance every summer bright white and rose gardenia.So many flowers to a mediocre Mulou dress was different, stand out.Great aunt is a very tidy person, get up every morning to be the front of the house behind the house cleaning up.Every stranger from the bridge after the owner will boast some of the house.  A great aunt had not lived here, she was married in the tens of miles outside the village.My grandfather, a total of three younger sisters and a younger brother, the three-year-old great aunt nearly two smaller than grandpa.In the old grandfather family lineage fairly door in the radius of dozens of prominent families.So great aunt was young adults her betrothed the neighboring village a nice family-laws.Because childhood home Yaomei, long ago parents taught her female literacy and sewing red, wait until the teens not only look like snakes come out, needlework needlework is outstanding reputation and a good hand painted flowers and birds.Then do a lot of sewing sheets back, when girls get married wedding dress shoes and socks.Not only the bride and groom but also to their own laws regardless of tert-do.So each girl a year before marriage do needlework, not only myself but also to please the wife do the other girls.Three great-aunt every year I help other girls painting and embroidery pattern version, and he is secretly ready for their dowry.Chen because of her husband’s family name is child marriages, great aunt never seen fiance.But seen fiance population also know that guy looks jade tree, very likable from family and neighbors!Just been reading out from what was later to test the military, I have not been home for several years.  At that time, teenage girls should marry.Over the twelve-year-old married people often mention things in front of great aunt, so love calves early opening aunt always looking forward to the TV drama beautiful day.Two years, the parents prepared a complete set of wood furniture is wood and spend a good painter, he said good day on the set in the same year in the lunar calendar October.Finally close the day, he heard the words of his son Chen broke the news to find people.Those Nianxia river has been at war, I do not know what Chen’s son with the troops in the war where.Hearing this news, great aunt vexation at home secretly cried for a long time.Urgent fiance is worried about the safety of gas is that men do not mind even a lifetime event.But unfortunately had to return to the past day, great aunt had been year after year in the long wait.A few years later, the girls are twenty, the man not news, adults are anxious at home.Good girl have become an old maid, I can not wait?Finally at home looking for a matchmaker to say the man can no longer delay our house girl, and the man had to back Gengtie, this marriage to let it go.Not long for someone to propose marriage.One asked is not far from the village of Tang, the family is also rich man.Son had just returned from being read out near the school to teach, but also look suave, then parents should be down this marriage.  Later in the year, great aunt to marry later.  Married soon liberated.Because my husband is a huge component of the landlord possessions were divided up, two old laws from time to time suffer criticism, great aunt had lived with her husband in the school.But a few days, because her husband was removed from the original ingredients into question the country’s rural primary schools at that high school, but also often change places.My grandfather distressed his sister had to take her to her parents to live up to the.A great aunt will be back home by grinding Square tall old spent a small bridge, and then spend money to own a bit renovated this building houses on stilts now become a.  Since then, great aunt on the farm at home with children, the husband out to teach every Saturday on the back.One Sunday afternoon husband was preparing to go to school, suddenly there came a man shouted from the bridge at the doorstep great aunt: “Tang teacher did not go to school?”Aunt out look, this person looks tall and slim tall and handsome with a little gentle, and her husband about the same age,.Husband just came out and said: “Oh,!Chen came into the house fast.I was ready to go it!”Come into the room side to side to make great aunt introduced:” This is my school colleagues Chen.You go and let Chen tea cup of tea we went to school together.”The man quickly said:” This is the sister-in-law right!Tang teacher, you’re lucky to find such a virtuous and capable wife!I go near your home will know this must be very virtuous hostess!Clean up around the house so neat.”Shucks!Chen flattering!My wife is a native-born women in rural areas than what was Chen’s wife from the city.”Then her husband gave great aunt introduced to:” Chen family in front of cedar Bay, he had been out.Only recently returned with his wife.”Aunt heard the fierce heart of Pine Bay surprised thought to himself: it will not be the man?Later, great aunt or asked to be: that is buried in her heart for many years the man.It is also known that the man was married, looking for a city woman.Now liberated as it turns a soldier in the old government, and later had to surrender now come back home, because the government would arrange a cultural teaching in schools.These messages are heard great aunt was very uncomfortable, severely scolded secretly in my heart that ruthless people.But things are now only a few times Bale curse!Today, it is also a happy family, the husband can not worse than him.Come to think of it does not matter, or hands and feet kept busy outside the home every day at home.  Later aunt also often see that person, each meeting are greeted him warmly.Every time after that Chen also sounds great aunt home in front of the sister-in-law and aunt and wife became good friends.One day also with a beautiful lover in town passing by the way, here introduced to recognize the great aunt.Women really different city and country folk dressed from head to toe was particularly good-looking!Since then Chen couple would pass at great aunt sit at home to drink tea and admire every time hard-working and virtuous great aunt clean up around the house was so clean and beautiful!Great aunt and sister have been commensurate with the woman in that city, who met the family has also two weddings and marriage and from time to time.In fact, then everyone knows that part of the marriage did not succeed, but a few years later have never ever mentioned.    Part II: the reality a few to find, watch Man bridges are very few people smoke around the lock spring chill, Wink BCC beat upsurge.Looking back at the clear water and nostalgia, but said a few anxious world?People look for him thousands of Baidu, when I look back that person is in the dim light, this is a realm of life.  Years still if the fairy-tale beautiful, young is good, always sway our youth on the road of life.Shallow whisper song with sad, came all the way, when there are song and laughter, there are tears of time; there is a time of joy impermanence, but also burst into tears when.All the way to growth, accompanied by hand to each other we experienced the dark clouds have gone through hardships ten million, I do not know why we walked and got lost, to lose to each other.As the years have covered up the dust Love forgotten, lost in a halfway share of love, but also with the flow of time becomes a smile.Nightlife net long years, long love, faint voice, faint spirit, look back at the pear vortex smile, but it is tangled frustration spread to the harbor.Empty stay filled with emotion memories, but do not ever know the true meaning of the memories that go back.That season’s sad mottled who tears?Are you who I tears flee?And whether your heart as I lay over blood?Love was stolen, love has become an indifferent memories.By the unforgettable love to casually lost, it seems that this is an inevitable result, we can only sigh to do nothing anything about whether deja Yan can return it?  Human life is always in constant pursuit of what they want, but forgot to look back to visit those who had traveled together with you.Some say meet as nostalgia, nostalgia as good as gone, but not as good as forgotten.Yes ah, so it goes without a mistake, forget it carefree, no trouble no worry, no sorrow without injury, it seems that everything is not working well.Bloom is a beautiful, but also a kind of beautiful flowers, but people can do it lightly like flowers, but the flowers do not like frankly, which is a bar grief!I like the word, like life, like that without a trace of Qian Chen, only to sink buried in his own story.Sometimes I think, in the end life is like a word, or words like life?All along, it was a puzzle to me the problem.  Sunset sweltering elegy scattered over the ground, I stood in the twilight, would like to live in a twist flies leaves, found to be failed.My heart is desolate yet, there are still insufficient effort?Love really is terrible, the original people are not old heart was already old, leaving behind an old heart.Forgotten is the fate of every one of us, just like our old Love, there will always be a end, and that end is death, in fact, forgotten at the end is to be replaced.  The reality, bridges people, drizzly evening twilight rain, Hawthorn flowers indifferent, then there is a gentle affection I know people who accompany me, not fame and fortune with the world similar Hermitage chase name, quiet life well, this is a blessing.It is the pursuit of my heart, I know this is similar to one kind of daydreaming mind pursued, it is an impossible dream.They did not, people are so helpless, are being forced to fight, and who is forced out.  Meditative silence, night lights illuminate the depths of the idea of what the people, who had disappeared in the depths of the lights dim, with no distractions nostalgic feeling, not sad not happy nor anger.Wedding day like Youmeng but it is difficult to realize their dreams, the reality a few find, see bridges Man is the people, so the United States has been at any time throughout the light lopsided.Years really is getting, sadness and joy in life each infiltration half, apologetic smile is ever clear sky, the only left now Manjuan lyric pregnant.    Part Three: Mid-bridges people breeze Brightness, bridges people, the roots of Tian Xiang as partners, which leisurely.Life is proud to be drunken, such a place of Love; vast world can be arbitrary, just happy Happy.So he died, How happy indeed!Dream-like, but also do not want music!  Carrying Su Yi hand, walk flowers bloom; package of Man Yao, cloud and sit Kung.  Kiss thy bright eyes, I release my affection; product sub-lips, and I’m a lovingly.  Ask Seoul hair, I wish you a happy life; hold Yu Jiao body, perhaps you III of Love.  Day the earth, you and I swim vertical boundless; alpine Okawa, you and me hither and boundless.Although wet behind the ears, lack of affection I intended to cut you; though the mountains Xiushui quiet, hard to describe beauty I love you.Picturesque, beauty rich in beauty, to bring the roots to tour the landscape, its music unlimited, which means poor hard.  Spring flowers back to Yan, the most beautiful in the southwest.  All dressed in elegant, light rhyme intended boundless.  Weak water three thousand, only drink poured.This heart with Iran, forget-me-Italy.The road is long, thorny.Stormy, difficult to support alone.Couple hundred days, a thousand lives reincarnation.Fortunes of sharing, but unfortunately the love Sansei.Thus accompanied twilight Xia full.Leisurely hand in hand, affection dream.  Days have to do, there is the sea side, Piaofeng hard towards the end, took a thousand days without good.You and I affectionate, promise to cherish, such as the light of day warm-up, the moon Silverlit Run God.Wonderful difficult language of its taste, indulge only hope long love.Happy couple fly, mandarin ducks paddling, the situation is not old, world recognition!