Superstition child’s mother to us like the old ghost story, so I’m always afraid of the child walked in the grave, their own heart can hear a “pop” sound jump, afraid to look in particular new burial mounds piled wreaths.It seemed that after death became another kind of invisible wandering life, a child I would not see this because they feel scared for life.  Yet, strange to say, in the childhood memories, there is a Bricks, because it is next to the road, and large, the shape of the ancient official hat, it’s not a grave pointed mountain, but a boxy mounds never see someone give it burnt incense to worship the mountain, which surely must be the ancient dignitaries buried here, successors, so it became a solitary graves neglected cemetery.So a child we often climb Bricks and small partners play.Because there is not afraid of him, as if it is simply not a grave steles, but our Shima, we feel that sat above, we can see further, commanding.In our often the climb, the stone but was worn our light Guanghua Hua.  And we not only have not been entangled ghost, but feel that big gubei no reason intimate, like a, like our ancestors, kind with us, that we play in it arms.Maybe he did not expect it, carved so much a monument, the top filled with dense name of future generations, but had passed away, sinking into the earth as.A long time, to accompany it, but only those of us mere child’s laughter.This, too, it’s good reports of it.If it really let us go there to play all of the children are sick, and that it may really become a lone home widowed grave.  Now, whenever I go through next to the grave monument, not like a kid that frame of mind.I naturally quiet, for fear of disturbing the soul here.People may grow up, respect for life is also different.A child is close, is now a desolate Qi Jing.I will not read the inscription, because it is not a celebrity, I do not know who he read, the more those who do not understand the inscription on his offspring who are the children and grandchildren.Why not see what it quietly?  So many years, we have left home, in other cities the security of their own home.Bricks that I do not know still gone.In fact, the dealer’s home ground, but also lay an old man.Since then not allowed to say burial, but dying before his father did not want to be cremated, so we secretly hidden in his father that one of the dealer’s own ground, grave also planted some vegetables to show the difference.  But I think, whether we do not give the father erected a monument, as long as he has the ability of future generations to live Fengfengguangguang, that is, his face a.Its carved our names in stone, as in our father’s name carved hearts.  Memorial without inscription.Just sons and daughters live up to expectations, winning glory.As long as we are from generation to generation down to earth, hard efforts, I want to not let generations ago felt the monument’s name is shameful epitaph.  If utter misery because he was born, is survived foul Millennium.If a man go down in history, the monument will last forever;