The windows, sirens constantly chirping, roaring as if how how life is not fair, vent the hearts of long-piled but no place to vent their grievances.Through the window I saw a lot of diverse faces: knitted brows furrowed, charming and passionate, smile (rare Lottery!Actually saw a few very obsessed filled with smiling faces) between a smooth, my eyes, heart, my brain flashed the same picture – the eye!One pair of eyes to let you know what to do!The eyes give you enough of a sense of security, endless joy.But let you distressed.All day long curved eyes, it is a deep, not easily touch of spring – cherry.It makes me think of the phrase so many tender words hero fold – unattainable!That comes out of a fountain in the magic of make you can do, it is to follow his heart desired!No matter what happening around you, once the encounter with his crooked eyes, you’ll instantly become very quiet!That can not hear all of tranquility, only to feel happy.Also, unconsciously rise in the mouth.Nothing more!But, he does not belong to me Fengyun cherry sinking.He was just moist, shining on others at the same time, I was fortunate enough to share a little bit accidentally.And blinded.I do not know just to share, rather than have!So, I have a simple almost Shamao wildly excessive greed – you want to have.He has this blue cherries.In the evening a breeze, I use my favorite way (walking on the shore of the most Collage) disheveled step in Lake Park.Suddenly, I am very familiar with the kind of feeling filled my heart around.I quickly looked up.(Air suddenly condenses, like absolute zero) are greeted by a bright red cherries, and.A pretty girl hanging on his chest a second grain buttons child’s position, appears to be so harmonious.(Four weeks began to spread unease) rapidly converted from anxiety before the excitement!I suddenly felt that I would lose my cherry sinking of the blue.why?I am not sure as well.Later, with the start of the unrest that night, blue cherries really left me, I completely lost my truly blue cherries.No, look back on the past history, I feel like I never have, and talk about how to lose?Now, I understand that, in reality, a blue cherry fact does not exist, he exists only in the minds of each of us that a magical fantasy world.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) you are thinking about now is not to have a blue cherry pieces of it?Friends, do not think!That must have been a second chest hanging others grain buttons child location of red yourself!One day, my chest a second position grain buttons children, and they will certainly hang a truly my own red cherries!