[Part One: blossom flower sky] blossom flower sky, love to love to love to revel.Yan Yan to leave and go wild, sleepless ebb and flow of the tide.Blossom flower sky, love to love to love to revel.Late at night the moon dream moon, is the daughter of hard left roots.Used to look at the flowers fade flowers and open, but you are afraid and origin edge off.Period of this sentence from “Millennium edge” lyrics.  Should God gave me a time of prosperity fireworks and you fell in love, I just want you to accompany me every minute of the time to bring it all engraved in my mind, memories gathering dust your face.Just for you I separated from each other that day, I can remember you I love the time, and your day happy, smiling face.  If the spring of that year I did not meet you on the flower-filled paths on that, will not we have less bleak That interpretation.In the year if full of flowers trails meet, the less I look back and you smile.You and I will not become another kind of outcome, rather than today’s most familiar stranger.If the year..  Remembrance into, but was already casting haze of confusion.  If I make too much confusion, there are those who remain in my heart gentle, your smile.He has been unable to let go of the feelings, has been unable to let go of feelings.I can only deeply let him gathering dust in my heart, until the night when the dead of night alone in the pain of the taste of that part of the mind.  Fleeting tempting, the dream still has only one person for you to hang around.Suddenly thoughts, but also thousands of miles across constantly, pale my face.Miss heart like a calm lake, cast a pebble, thrown slightly thin waves ripple.  Love has done, not just heart.Everything just came too fast, go too fast.The phrase should be “easy come, easy go in a hurry.”I do not know but I’m afraid you’ll fall in love Looking back at the moment, forget you but the whole time of my life.Maybe God really gave me a fireworks time you fell in love with, and I did it to you to bear in mind the memories, and your face.  I want to wait for a bloom of redemption to redeem a brokenhearted child.  Scene for no man, but also a year of spring.Spring in March, everything seemed so beautiful, bright sunshine, covered with flowers trails.People are so pleasant views will always be people moved by the occasion, or will be happy, or will be sad, but I belong to the latter, when I was alone up the path, past me on the double.A trace of cold chill to my left hand reached my heart the moment, I think I said then you vow.  You say, “If I leave the left hand, right hand you will not abandon.”I forgot when the phrase was once the most beautiful oath between us, now it has become a deceptive lie.  Sunshine slanting shadow my face haggard, sad season this spring, the moment I saw the scenes of flowers zero.  Flying petals, he staggered down the floor of debris.  Blossom flower sky, love to love to love to revel.  Blossom flower sky, love to love to love to revel.  ..  [Part II: blossom flower sky] and grandmother Dramas peach is a pleasure.  Rural courtyard is a mess, and peach add very good intentions for this garden.This tree is inextricably linked with grandma.Six years ago, I was with my grandmother already holding an unintentional heart, has become Liu did not wanted shade.Two years later, a tiny sapling grow into a tall tree.Nightlife Network bloom winter to spring, accompanied by gentle spring breeze and warm sunshine, buds peach extract.It allows sorption dew of dawn, the sun and the moon absorbed the essence.Before long, the trees bloom a flower.Gradually, they gradually grow more than two, three.Countless flowers bloom in the branches, was lined with white flour, white tinged with pink, ask a breeze, just like thousands of butterflies flying in.At noon, I was the happiest moment.Sunshine splashed in the garden, golden land may reflect.I was with my grandmother at this moment, sitting under a tree.I nestled in the arms of her grandmother, and her peach garden trees Dramas.Watching them dancing in the wind, watching them soak up the sun, watching the butterflies flew into a tree, it is difficult to distinguish it with flowers.Grandma hung smile on his face, I can not help but to tell some stories peach and the like, such as the Monkey King stole peach, etc..At that time, I always think knowledge is the most abundant grandmother, so I admire.I looked at the peach tree, thinking: Peach reward is really a pleasure!  Three years ago the flowers in late spring, my grandmother died, I hear that grief, hurried back home.Home and saw the messy garden debris, reminds me of my grandmother full of busy.This time, falling one after another peach, Durian.I was reminded on a late spring: Fallen flowers covered almost this little yard, my grandmother told me: “Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Enriching the soil more quadrangle.”Grandma always bent over the falling swept under the peach tree, his mouth muttering:” next year to keep up lush flowers of some ah!”I was at the side of the station with flowers falling tours.Tears in the eyes of spinning round and round, I learned grandmother bent over sweeping falling, his mouth muttering: “Flower Tour is a pleasure, but my grandmother never see.!”This year I took the sky and back home with their parents.I see that some peach trees grow more lush.Thick foil with green leaves blossoming peach, spring winds flowers filled the air, like a little fairy, I like living in Wonderland.Now, think of the old, the mood suddenly.Mom came with me Dramas peach, speaking TV drama grandmother had talked about the story a hundred times, or so beautiful, so full of philosophical.Looking danced Peach said: “Peach reward is really a pleasure ah!Grandma if you can see the scenery?”[Part Three: blossom flower sky] blossom flower sky, looking back thousands of years have passed away like fingers.A carrier of the marshes had spent the night, such as fleeting fireworks, without a trace.  Once I thought from heaven and career of just how far, once thought Sea Point is the distance between the two places, once thought long and arduous journey that way, love will be able to get across in the past.Far side clear, the original so-called distance, by no means the gap between the horizon and the Cape, it is not easy to need Kuwata sea waiting, just, just need a turn, we will be able to listen to embracing a total of ebb and flow, with sunrise moonset.  Have let myself walk to Millennium wake of that dream, and to watch the midnight fireworks bloom, enjoy the moment her beautiful bloom, product reading that kind of loneliness beautiful moment behind.  A man in the dead of night, a small candle on the point, pour a glass of red wine, red, heart as I like, the passionate, romantic with, also dreams are magic, like a thousand dreams that wake.  Gently rocking the cup of life, in Guanghua savoring the share of lonely candle, the only taste the share of drunk.Gently shaking, slowly, the woman in red dancing in the moonlight stroll, candlelight shine, woman in that month, gently flying around, and month with dance, and light TONGHUI.Gradually, it was actually just like this world is no longer under the Yuet Wah lightly draped Seduction woman drunkenly dance, quietly in the dark, bloom TV drama on earth should not have this beauty, this time, silence, at this point, between heaven and earth could not find a trace of fireworks track information at this time, people have children under the moon enjoy the interpretation of the kinds of style, as if in the distance there is the sound of the day sieve, or will?.No, that’s because dancing and singing, with music and dancers to.  Under the dough mapping candlelight, crystal glass in song and dance with a woman, in a glass castle indulge their dancing, gradually, between heaven and earth cover a thin layer of smoke, like, dream, glass castle people children, interpretation of the intentions of a beautiful life, in the world of crystal, the interpretation of the aura of a life, a dream, like magic.At this point, Candlelight has been non candlelight, wine nor unholy, and the hands of the cup, is nine days for the Iraqi people built Glass Castle.Were non-material, China, Africa and China, and people have been drunk, drunk that heart, that feeling drunk, but drunk that dream.  Forget time, forget Red, forget the heart, cut off that feeling, willing, in such a night, accompanied by songs with dance, with monthly buried.  Dream Whispering Color flower of yesterday is already under a midnight sky as the fireworks, beautiful moment, a moment horizon.In love with a beautiful fireworks, but forgot, because the share of deep night, would the darkness, fireworks gentle and beautiful moments have everything, share the pride she has in this life bloom, share everybody’s eyes death Unfortunately, as a meteor, will eventually gone with the wind, as of yesterday the.  However, yesterday the situation nor a dream, like a light holding in her hand a cup of bitter coffee, knowing that it is a poison Acacia, puzzled complex, but, a product intended to let myself go to the bitter poison that any mind wandering during.  Forget that road, that feeling hurt, broken the dream.  I do not know if that dream flowers still bloom, do not know whether in this cold winter night can read my fingers this product trace of this ray flowers.Perhaps, in this winter evening, in need of a cup of hot coffee is not, nor is it a pot of tea, perhaps, only twelve of the need to wear intestinal fluid, enough to make people forget Wandering Road, but the smoke Red thing.  Or will, thousands of miles away, it is only this heart to heart distance, can be between only one raising his hand clasped hands with you, just a look back, we can hug each other.  Well, the flowers bloom outside has been like thousands of years, dream dreams, mood already.  Wherefore?Tears wet skirts, hurt feelings yesterday, after a broken dream.  [Part Four: Always Love blossom] that has been scattered into the dust, for whom would smell as sweet, Fanghun into a mound?After whom the faded red calyx residual Fragrance?In the most beautiful time met who, luxuriantly on someone’s shelf, whose brow harbor?Who was shy drunk roots, red Acacia, wearing skirts Tutu marry?You can be there next month flute man, ever someone invites you to listen to the rain window?Who you were in Dan, who’s clear word?Rearranging have now, and all are into Cheng pulls all sorts, whether still regrets heart, full of love?- Since then, rich and Red Hugh asked me, since I long to dust, because the lofty Red nourishment, I can give you the full bloom beautiful blooming season in the Red lofty, and now let me quietly attributed to dust, chemical Pretrial guarding your tree that flowers in bloom for you next year in the branches out of a deja vu for the dust.That being lightly fly the branches, who want to keep pace with this last dance, prompting a review of who, a gazing?That sigh rustled when it leaves the branches who want to wake up memories of past lives?This poignant figure but would like to pull off his amazing cemented the end of the pupil of the eye?- I know eventually moving flowers, the flowers was tempted, have hazy spring when you smile branches, such as rain have woven for you Meiyanrusi, have to go to a downtown that dream, Shaohua Boom, open to Tu Mi.That may in squandering charming eyes sentimental season, then the United States in full bloom, you also say that unusual?Since it can not bloom into your eyes, let me drop it, to make you a glimpse of the most beautiful shadows, you sorry Ye Hao, Ye Hao you surprised.Brushing your eye brow, into your pen and ink Su Jian, floating into your bosom, knead your chest cinnabar mole of.It is warm blooming branches, who are looking for a tree, so you bother completely red?Who is your beaming smile, you want to say also Startled shame thoughts?According to the early frown smile low water, but the fear of encounter between the charming enough in a hurry?A pool of shadows on the curtain cage, but who want the total this Yilianyoumeng?- a few times a dream, you Luoxiu surplus wind, Nianhua smile, set flower pregnant sleeve, since then, a total of scholarly skirts you, from now on, and you Juanqimei.Su hand you most want to light, I dissolved into your tea, since as you Rouchang thousand turn, drunk at the nearest place from your heart; you fear everywhere tenderness, keeps me in person inserted in her temple, then let I tried red, rouge set to red in her cheeks, the body’s wedding dress – not to compete with her color, just want to add color to your happiness.Determined vegetation present, but for the beloved off.That still did not put the flowering is over, in whom infatuation waiting?Whom you want to meet the most beautiful moment?Etc. who want to stop your tree, give him a day of condensate Fangfei smiling back?Last year today, who can be a handful of loess, a skim of water promise you blooming season, so even if you have to also miss him a flowering you incense filled the road?- You will eventually come?Li Changfeng thin, but it sounded dust snow white wins, but I am no longer the wind sad and helpless, Xianghun haggard, I finally want to recharge your sweet season.You have not to, I dare put?  [Chapter five: the flowers bloom all] see the Bodhi book ink, Yilou listen to the rain, day simple as water.By a book, pack Zen, walking in the Red Mo confusion, it takes calm water.Zen!Always lonely silent, Zen!Always want to say silent.Heart, such as water, are all to be watching the flowers bloom Bodhi.  Plum those years, and now I do not know already left lying in the hospital someone’s wall?Old tiles, wet Bertha.Once upon a time, blindly chasing the story of time, tracing the Tang and Song-month blooming.Now, holding a roll of classics, new hydrostatic brew a pot of tea, such as Zen-like living a quiet Jingya day.Those things turbulent, flowing water had turned into light cigarettes.Romantic Melancholy those of the past, have switched the moment is fleeting.  Seasonal cycle, time flies, but hasty Akimitsu.Bloom season is Xianyan, are beauties bloom in the second quarter, three quarters of flowers are evergreen, they question whether this world really does not fall flower?There are never-ending feast?Buddha said: flowers bloom all the usual, is to get let go, is also incomplete perfect “!Once consumed countless time and can not remember the Zen, but in a drop of water, a bloom, a way of life suddenly Awareness.  Some people will certainly relative to ask, when to bloom Xianfo?Whispering also when Xianfo?Trees dying in the wilderness, the grass is a Buddha!Silent snowy night, a pot of charcoal Buddha!Endless ocean, a small boat is also a Buddha!Simplicity is Buddha, Buddha is a quiet, peaceful Buddha!Buddha beautiful flowers, the flowers of wandering is Buddha, and Buddha in the hearts of mortal beings, Wuhu in numerous things, the resting state of mind, you can Xianfo.  In the eyes of Buddha, flowers and grass all feeling, a flower leaf of customs Zen, where the Buddha way, even if it is a dead end, barren, due to the arrival of the Buddha, everything is a Zen, there are a mercy.Buddha said: “the world is a big theater!But only a very few Zen meditation.Fame and fortune are all mortal beings and Ben, are all busy wealth of gold and silver, I question, few can throw the rich, sit mountains, resting Zen pond edge?So Buddha said: “lasting bonds with the Buddha, Buddhism needs, and know each other Buddha, the Buddha’s heart needs.Buddha is the heart of compassion, mortal beings Jie, but if it did calm water, only a handful of fame and fortune.  Take It, all for naught, one day we will inadvertently awareness at the time of.Life is a journey geese, brought subside when the spring tide, the autumn wind blows date, the parties know how to return.  Living life, will encounter a lot of people, some rub shoulders with them, some more than a look back, and some can already ride with Red.Edge to edge to all is normal, the origin edge off all for love.Buddha said: Life is a practice, things look much, learned habits, take the road more, learned to give way, encounter love more, learn to take it lightly. “.When I look back at it, looked at the road traveled, met people, like the surging river, is irreversible, and therefore learned relieved, go with the flow.  Blossom always have lots to talk about Zen, Zen where?Zen in the Red confused, busy world of trouble, but also in the hearts of.As long as the heart, such as hydrostatic, heart like glass, only awareness Zen.  Everything is love, everything is in the past, the smoke filled the intersection, do not have anything to say, then say goodbye, never to look back, he turned that moment, only the End of the World!Why ask causal?Why chase reincarnation?We had overlapping stories, but repeated that time the moon cut.  [Chapter six: flowers and flowers] result pomegranate, flowers and flowers, only left me a.  - Inscription blossom, the flowers bloom, the laws of nature, but if it is falling happy heart?Or the laws of nature do?Girl, pig you are irresponsible yet?Once the “Lucky Sambo” save money together to buy the friendship of pomegranate fruit, because we had heard of the pomegranate fruit is very small but it is the fruit of friendship, so we bought and promised to take care of it together, it results, however, but you leave me pull away?  Flowers, hearts open, we promise to protect it and make it result.  Indeed it bought flowers, but it seems you figure further and further away Le!Do not you forget that we are promised to be together, to be together to protect pomegranate, pomegranate love, and go to pay, accompany it grow?That commitment does not count yet?Only a day before you abandon me promise to wait for the results of pomegranate.Watering every day, it became my duty to see.Ha ha?!God pays off, it was finally out off foreign capital to expand its body in twelve potted smiled at me, it really brilliant bloom, but less your color.Day to see all of it unpleasant will suddenly disappear, leaving only the “Lucky Sambo” laughter and figure.Flowers, heart down, we eventually separated fro, it litter.  Pomegranate have the results, I finally left a.Girl you see it?You’ve been reading it pig?do you know?You gone, pomegranate wilt, I never in the mood to take care of it every day in tears, pomegranate begin to fall, seems to tell me: will eventually be separated, “Lucky Sambo” will not appear, it disappears like a pomegranate litter.In 2008, today you go, but so had the result of pomegranate, it will not be sweet, bitter only, or will take to open down, you know afar?  Pomegranate has opened, filled with laughter and your beautiful, it’s brilliant.[Chapter Seven: blossom flower sky, dream a dream come true surprise wake up] the sky without leaving my mark, but I have flown.  - Inscription Blue Bird Clouds letter does not pass, Lilacs in the rain I worry waving wings flying in the blue sky, I know, I have not much time, I’m going to give it to wither before gardenia far away in the sea the other side of the father.Gardenia is the father heart of the dream, I want to round out his father’s dream.  Fog, never deliberately dress, not a tattoo, there is no hint of fragrance, but as they are filled with milky forceful between heaven and earth.I do not understand why at the moment I think the road ahead is so slim.  I fumbled in his dream, the “children.”Father eloquent voice ringing in the ears.  Cloves body weak, snarls, especially branches fall I feel he has been to fall, I do not know where to go will fall, perhaps the abyss of hell, or is it.I can not imagine, and ablation in moist soil, open the dusty memories, any soul flying blue color of the dream.  Plated white hair on the faint moonlight as the father of a layer of pale green Hui, I hid behind his father walked through the dark mountain road.  ”Father, you are tired you?I myself go down!”” Silly boy, my father back you will never feel tired.”I understand that I am the only father’s heart!  A force in my mind, Father, you wait for me.I struggled out of the fog that clouds continue to fly.To his father, to make him happy.  Desolated for dust, only incense before.  I’ve had a few days and nights without a break – I’m so tired tired!  Moon tears foreign land, rich Acacia beautiful and lonely.  ”Father, I’m sorry.”Wing feathers falling like rain.I took the gardenia flower, uh, it has begun to wither – life and fade with the deposit!  Piece by piece, and feathers so harmonious.I began to become a dream, even a kind of illusion, perhaps this is just a beautiful mistake!  Fallen flowers are not heartless things, into Enriching the soil more quadrangle think I finally having peace of mind, lying quietly on this quiet land, holding the hands of that piece of gardenia petals!  I have never had such a warm feeling, just as his father’s hiding in the back of general.  I think my father would forgive!