Part one: the world of colorful flowers bloom, fragrance and bright, was won this sentimental season.The dream faded, the color of the fragrance, tall buildings away, whirling with green back.  Walking through the autumn of this overflowing campus, the wind blew away the clouds lingering attachment.Close my eyes, feeling the grace of this nature.Perhaps, beyond that hundreds of millions of light years away, there is a gentle and compassionate force heard my gratitude, and a slight bow to me smiling fondly.The gentle autumn sun was its light sprinkling the earth, but also a sprinkling each pour of the city full of Love.Not far away, a picture filled with the smiling faces of youth, is being carefully and conscientiously taken in front of the flower, they are eager to use the most beautiful point of view, this interpretation of the face of season.These full swing a journey of a lifetime never forget.Kind of emotion in the hearts of autumn spread.  Bloom, an angel of land, colorful flower is shrouded in a colorful aura around us.Aromatic clove open, fragrant deep affection is human; elegant lilies open, release of innocence innocent life.Between full bloom, wrinkles season quietly climbed up the forehead of flowers, flower thanks, petals blowing in the wind, only to spend the elves, still hovering in the air a long time refused to leave.  A flower blooming, you can tactfully into a tree warbler; a bouquet of dying, into a single hoarse crows can whine.  Blossom of life will play a play.Flowers, sometimes a yoke, lock everyone’s attention, cheering its bloom, however, eventually attributed to plain joy, passion flower finish in the defeat of.  Flower abortion, is the fate of flowers: peony decline, extravagant marks to the neck of Yang Yuhuan; plum dying, decadent into solitary Chen Yuanyuan with Buddha.  Flowers, the mountain is Tao Yuanming drinking alone in quiet, flower abortion, is Kuan tragic miscues, Bloom is a lifetime of waiting, flower abortion, it is the afterlife continued margin.All this autumn, the thing that catches my eye, ingestion negatives of my heart, so clear, so memorable!  Rotary is a season!  Flowers, is the beginning of the dream, there is the beginning of life; flower abortion, is the end of the dream, she gave birth to a life of abundance.Blossom, ready to move, move with the world, we have to do is to thank all nature has given us all!In this regard navy blue skies, sweat, harvest rich fruits of success!  As with all petals, go to the butterfly point, all of the flower, the bees go to the edited copies, which is a blossom of years, to get them to dream of wind chimes memorized and inquired!    Part II: Lost beautiful blossom concave lens is scattered, scattered into a streamer, I could not catch any trace.  I have been clamoring clamor, screw around with small temper, she said to be separated.Despite that, true to separate, the mind is like another taste of what ah?Lost dripping piece of mind, then began to spread, until I was completely overwhelmed, so many days of happiness to hold up the sky in an instant collapse into pieces, put together any chance.  Finally, he entered their territory, from the happy gash dividing line between us I’ll have some distance can not leap.Living together in laughter, it lopsided.In the future, for you, I only strange, in addition to trying to hunt down past beautiful moments, I have no alternative.Memories, just to make you my life is not old face.  I’m still happy, you still struggling.But after all happy and happiness is different, but unfortunately, few people understand, but few people will care about.  Live under the same sky, why do I feel like the distance between the galaxy us now.At twilight to dawn-to-day precipitation too strange marks that you face and that elusive lukewarm words of my passion exhausted.Occasional contact, unable to bear the hearts will still be thrown joy.But, I have learned to treat each other with jokes, I do not want to care too much.Sauna net Some people say that, unfortunately, can also take beautiful.Can, why do I feel so beautiful it hurts me a thorn.It really is that I will disturb you a lot to do?If not, why am I so hard to be you, but only to accompany you to go so short the road was merciless fate separated, and now, I really regret it, why did so decadent, and even now no matter how hard I also catch your stride, in the palm of your body temperature waste heat has not yet had cleared from the already blurred the line of sight of each other.Perhaps, we are doomed to passers-by, and only when passing near the heart of the moment, that moment may be because that gave me so much fantasy.  If the flowers do not open, no matter whether.Happens opened, he lost the battle, they fell, leaving empty a place regret.  Perhaps, after all, it is still small, perhaps really do not understand, in this beautiful season of sorrow we need is a can share the joy, severance lone companion, a friend who would understand the word of weight.  Friends can be said that once the switch, the feelings can be transferred at any time, in fact, as long as happiness is like.  Ultimately passing, happiness is like.  Everything is like fate, I can not go back.  Postscript: thinking that read, self-comfort, happiness is like.But why?Why heart still feel good acid, like the tears fall because the writing is blurred, even the air becomes good salty.    Part III: leisure listen blossom nature, all creatures of the air is life, water is the blood of all creatures, the sun is hope of survival of all living things.These three are all creatures need most, if someone wants to ask, in addition to these three, what you need most is?I would piously replied: “leisure listen blossom.”Spring is the season of flowers are most busy.Fields bloom earlier that shepherd’s purse.Spring a stand, that there is mustard grain size of the white flowers, very simple, you almost do not use it as a flower, but it is also not care about your assessment of it, just quietly amassed with its small white flowers.The next day you are facing the sun to see, they all ye whirring out of the umbrella inflorescence.  While it’s warm spring out of hand, pull a grass; while attached to the ear of those plants, and whispered: “Hey, give yourself dressing up a little longer.”So, is the new green grass cropped up in purple, red yellow flowers unknown.A beautiful sunny day, I, impatiens, Fenghua, dug flowers in a basket of mustard when lying on the grass listening to the voices of flowers.Hissing sound bud sepals cracking on the grass there gather the petals gradually separated subtle rattle.  Some of those unknown wildflowers scattered on the riverbank, some scattered in the fields, some scattered in the big tree behind the house, full of wild,.All right, I always like to sit and accompanied by flowers, listening to the sound of its opening, listen to sing it to life in the wind softly, then I would have a beautiful flowers, like the.  There are flowers, there are flowers.Late spring day on the bank, the fields around their houses always have that purple, yellow, red, white petals rustled fall.I want to reach out and catch those petals wandering, gently put them back on the receptacle, but they have left is so outrightly.  A rapeseed field in opening alone, in a green background, it is a delicate and charming.Oilseed rape can be tens of thousands of plants in the open field, that is a kind of bold, it is the field wantonly rendered into a beautiful painting, but it is also the painting of the most beautiful colors, the extremely beautiful.  Spring breeze blowing flick of canola flower child gradually crowded up.Crowded squeezed his arm was squeezed out of the foot, click, click, simply repeating the fall, there were numerous children spinning round and round in the fields, rotation…..Rotation…..Then pops to fall, to a yellow.Share of heroic as Sisha battlefield, as people’s hearts with the children that there were numerous yellow petal fright endless, extremely beautiful is the bleak!  Since then, canola petal easily die in the day, I was not in the fields, because the share of tragic afraid to see, and I was unable to bury them as like Daiyuzanghua.  Years later, he would understand: the petals fall off, because they have been bred as their parent fruit, have completed their mission, they need to give the fruits of the platform in a timely manner, so we do not need sad sad for them.  The voices of flowers is a joy, and the voice of flowers then why not a cheer!