Part One: bloom buds friend, are you okay?Also remember, you and I side by side live a happy life learning, we play together, learn together, have a happy success, there are plain practical, there are infinite passion.  But one day you quietly left, leaving me, this left us a collective.I do not know why, but I am sure you have your difficulties of last resort, perhaps you leave, you will bring greater opportunities for development in the future, perhaps you are forced to leave.Whatever the reason, will not block the friendship between you and me.Because it had been planted bud bloom.  In the first day we met, it was the first day of the new semester.I hurried from your side, thought it would be like two strangers, without any communication with each other.But you called me.From that moment our friendship began.Perhaps some of acquaintance really want to rely on fate, perhaps from between the first time we look for that moment of view, we have found each other, make each other become friends for life.Friends, this is a big fate will implicate us from the big crowd together, not why, because we have planted the seeds of the tree buds about to bloom.  Remember what that thing?We were really too naive, for one thing and had an argument.But the cause of the fault is all about me, all about my own uncontrollable curiosity.I was in when you leave ,, secretly look at your photo folder in your notebook.That the above is your mother has passed away, at that moment I knew that you are a poor orphan left behind, your mother at a very young age because your car accident tragic death, your father working outside year round.You are a poor man, God will cannibalize your life.And I, in the already black and blue on your body, mercilessly reveal a scar.Ask me angry, abusive to me, but when I complain, because that is your weakest moment, because I want to take responsibility for their mistakes.From that moment, I really wanted to go as a make friend to give you a hug.Friends, you know, we have already laid the flower buds bloom.  Later, the test close.It was forced by the pressure of learning, we significantly less between the previous communication.Gradually, we are further and further away, to a point where strangers.At that time I wonder if our friendship has been so far.Suddenly one day, you inexplicably sent a text message, said: “We will always be friends!”At that moment, I found myself wrong again, wrongly suspected of friendship between us, wrongly suspected that once planted now blooming bud.  What is friendship?If friendship is the moment evergreen tree, then it must be watered from the heart of the springs; if the friendship is blooming undefeated flowers, then shine it must be the sun rising from the heart.  Treasure it, friends!Living thousands of miles away you have to take good care of your body.Every day over the full, comfortable.Available remember, come back to see if we have planted beautiful flowers bloom now!    Part II: bloom buds lovely daughter, today is your birthday, to wish you a happy birthday, good health, learning progress!  Ten years ago a winter morning, you take rain, with several more crying pierced the sky, come in this beautiful world.Since then, more than a fragrance and warmth in this world, and look forward to more of a dream.You like buds waiting for an open, enjoy the sun bears the aura, the glory of the moon, perhaps unnoticed in which a person in the morning, your flowers will bloom, blossom into the early morning warm atmosphere, blooming into a charming smile, moved by the wind, moved by this world.  You are a beautiful spirit, you have a gorgeous dazzling dream, you will sow the innocence and purity in the world on a windy and rainy, your smile is blooming beautiful song is you sow hope.Tease you with a smile light wind through the curtain, you knocking atrium rain with song, your smile is the warmth of the sun, so the sun bathed the flowers charm; your voice is warm and let the time hang around lightly Splendor.You flower, flowers like you; you like sunshine, sunshine miss your Mo Yang.  Your mom and dad are the hearts of the rising sun, he is entrusted with our share of heavy hope lonely look like flowers, like winter, like the glow of hope.Your obedient we are very happy, you make us feel lively, if Mu spring, you have a small and compassionate heart make us happy, you’re a wind chime, the Department of the title page in our hearts, in deep chimes voiceless, you little figure, is looking forward to the moment where our hearts hope.Sauna net you are the father of a pool of deep water eyes, I hope you read deep mind, I would like to be a ray of sunshine on the way you grew up, warm your way, with you grow up happy, always.You are the eyes of a lily mother, her swaying in the depths of autumn rain guard you, destroy you worry that white flowers will encounter wind, rain beating, I like to gently touch your forehead , that was my care for you deeply love, I do not want you that delicate flowers by too much damage.  You are that one night the moon hanging in the sky, you stare with quiet and serene brilliance of the night, waiting for me in your world, just waiting for you for the bright moonlight that round.I’m happy to put you on the chest, feeling your silence grew, my heart is beating for you, my affection for you is flowing, my blood is boiling for you, behind you the rest footprints, is my way forward, I look at you and robust growth, grow up.  Children, your home is a warm haven Bay, is the cradle you grow, your mind can Mama Dad, sad and happy, we can share with you, with shared.We hope you do not understand the sad phase of repression in the heart thing, you must be happy happy life and grow up, happy to spend this happy childhood.You will have a happy mood to share with us, your happiness is the greatest happiness of every concern you love your people.  Child, you have to go to school, to the school and the students get along, learn to be courteous, kind to others is to treat yourself because.To modestly upward in the study, do not bow in the face of difficulties, to know learning is endless suffering for the boat.In fact, learning is a very happy thing, master the methods and techniques must be good, if realized, your mind will naturally become clear and will not feel confused and annoyed to learn where things.Of course also eager to learn good question, the teacher is your guide to the advancement of knowledge.  My child, you are still very small, is still a long road of life, can not avoid knock knock Pan Pan, ups and downs, we must learn to accept and learn to resolve, learn to be strong on the road of your life, learn to adapt.I just want to tell you that there is life to the world has always been a troubled world, to learn survival of the fittest to survive, windy rain is not necessarily a good thing, saying the lyrics you may have heard, see after the storm rainbow, presumably after the storm is a sunny day, still sunny.  Lovely daughter, today is your birthday, you are very happy, and I was deeply moved by the emotions written on this big, I do not know how?Today’s weather is not the sun, is sometimes inundated with rain the day, recalling the tragic reason birthday wish language at the end of perhaps slightly with a trace of a smile of sadness.But later you will experience, understand, you can not ignore these, too good for your birthday, happy birthday blow out your candles, and then close your eyes, slight and a wish.  May your wishes come true, peace on future road, happy to spend your happy childhood, because you are in our hearts budding flower.  Again I wish you a happy birthday, good health, learning progress!