Sunset, such as dust, light falls on the brow of the season, startled patches of clouds passing sky.And I, carrying a lapel weathered the years, marching well-being interwoven Red Road, from blossom to fall dew cream, then from the wing into the green vegetation are.Love Lane mottled broken shadow glide eyes, inexplicable surge of emotion among the hustle and bustle of the floating world, into a curtain of rhyme in Song.    Recently, the news is the most listened to, snow.While in the snow, a kind of unspeakable love, but this is someone else’s landscape.I can just put the shuttle in the new makeup of the South yellow, feel the late autumn.So, I can not wait to indulge in its arms, its gaze wander.    In this bustling city, always felt the lack of a broad and magnanimous, always felt the lack of familiarity and warmth.People walking on the street, away from the branches like leaves, lost vigor and vitality.    Gazing afar, right into every high-rise buildings standing quietly in the sky.As if by me, looking up at the sky, yet also seemed to miss on the horizon.From its peaceful attitude, the feel of his desolation.Perhaps a soft spot for the sake of autumn, saw the appearance at this time, the heart will naturally Dangqi shred of gentle feelings.And, in its pulse, the finder can meet those good old days.    Fingertips flipping through a word since we met, when sharing the joy, there is comfort when sad, when told there is cold, but also promising efforts cry dream.From friend to this day, we traveled together for three hundred forty-six days, watching these humble figures together it is so Jiaoren heart.    Often wonder, time is relentless, it will face a lot of things and things change completely, we can also wisp of smoke into the past, and yet it is affectionate, when sails had to do, always thought to have a close friend is a very difficult thing, often at this time, came from the ancient fate like a stream, with memories of past lives, agreed with this life flowing slowly approached, nourish our life, bearing in mind the fragrance of those who lost.    Suddenly they begin the moment you meet the beginning, crescent-like eyebrows, close the TV drama sweet smile, trotted toward me from the other station, then transfer palm temperature, melted into winter ray of sunshine, embellishment that our time together in a hurry.Even if, by that city for the first time into, but no trace of strange feeling, I’m like a child wandered off, back to the long-lost homeland.    Perhaps waiting for a colorful bloom, happiness; in plain simplicity and love of people grow old, is happy; guarding a feeling of regret, be happy; but in a small town flavor released into the atmosphere of the ancient city together with the dream of people are also happy.It is this happy, so there is no strangeness.    You say, we will become old woman, all teeth fall out.    So, we will have grandchildren, sitting in a small courtyard, tells the story of those years we.    Things time, the passage of time, we are under the same sky, but was trivial things into a different journey, and not hesitate to rush towards their direction, only to find that all of the early meet both the good and shake as in a dream.Consider that, from the second phase have been many days.    Moment of sorrow and grief, covering happy memories when met at this time.Life really is like a drama, is a social arena, and we are the actors, in order to survive, it is necessary to cater to the environment in which plays a variety of roles in the play, just waiting for one day, we have black hair become white hair, Phantom had become the face in the mirror, it can be completely free in the secular.    Nalanxingde say, the Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan?Long life, a youthful Wang has faded a gorgeous Canhong, the path leading to the winter will be covered with snow and frost, season and if so, who and as is.Originally, life is composed by the encounter and parting.    Its Spring and Autumn, it is better go with the flow, revel be, even if you and I will not meet again, and even bloom season, but you will share the warmth of friendship in my life.