REVIEW: black came of their own, and once in his father’s scrap metal recycling company, came a very small black dog, emaciated, and even stand unstable.Some food to feed everyone, gradually, the familiar black and up.    Guanghui, I could not find shelter in black.  Sometimes, really do not believe that black has been buried, I feel it is just to run the fields, or go on a mountain road goofed.  Slipped winter hair, thin hair look positive new neat, glossy black sun.gorgeous!  In addition to the lower neck circle hair is khaki, the other is a black, so I call it black.  It is said that black is their own came in, and once in his father’s scrap metal recycling company, came a very small black dog, emaciated, and even stand unstable.Some food to feed everyone, gradually, the familiar black and up.It belongs to the black.Only later, Chai Wan goods, it seems less useful the black.Some people say the black kill and eat.Mom and Dad can not bear to put it back to the house.    That day, I just work units to come back, it began to rain down outside the.Mom said, going back to that paper plastic cover, or the dog is to be poured into the.  I heard very excited, my family has a dog.  Washed down, the back door of the kumquat tree, iron plates built a kennel, a large black dog ran out from the inside, ears pricked up high, I see, it did not bark for me, but Chong I wags its tail.  Mom said, it is called a small black.Because there are too many black small black dog barking, my sister and I call it black.  In many cases, we shouted the name of black in the back upstairs balcony, hiding its black room, with his head did not lift.In fact, it is more customary to call Mom and Dad small black.  Black skinny, concave stomach, but it’s positive to see a little frightening, especially for tall ears that it looks like a very ferocious.    In contrast, black very docile, and fight other dogs, always accounted for under the wind.Alone, it can not tolerate cat.I particularly back home stray cats, cats are now very few families, the cat may now not worth the.Lazy cat, nor how will catch the mouse up.Tools let alone now rat poison, rat folders, etc. abound.I think mainly because the cat as a dog is more loyal to it.  Before my mother planted a lot in the back wall of lentils benevolence, large tracts of the leaves on the vines cover the entire corner, so there has become a cat’s natural paradise.The big cat had kittens, do not know how many cats settled here.  Jen lentils vines can shelter as kittens, the depths of the vine maybe there were rats sojourn.Each time on the back of the balcony, can always see a lot of kittens lying in the sun on the balcony, fight.In fact, some really beautiful kitten.  If that time comes, then black, cat’s life may not be so comfortable now.  Later, lentils withered vine, the kittens have moved, but also from time to time over.But the total was sent packing in the black.  Ye sent packing, to save something in the kitchen do not worry, be afraid of the cat ate the.There are black, and do not shut the back door.  Every afternoon, like black and parents teach together vegetable garden.My family is black garden paradise.Each time, we are ready to visit this garden, and will bring black.Black is always running in front of us, as if to inquire about the terrain.We followed behind.Black ran back and see us.If we turn directions, also turn black direction follow us.  Many times, we are concentrating on the vegetable garden to enjoy the garden, black often cold may wish to drill out from the side, then in the case of most of the sweep did not prepare its black bushy tails, while fauna, not pressing Cry settle down, go quietly scold black, black it, and continue to drill to drill in the grass, East Sniff, sniff West.  Weekdays are tied to its black kumquat tree next to the nest, I think black will not be lonely, because there are orange trees accompanied by gold; gold and orange trees would surely be very happy, alone and has been planted here fifteen years, then suddenly he came to accompany it black.  But we will put a black in a certain time, it to relax.It is always to the fields to run around, look easy, there will always come back obediently squatted under a tree.    Black’s arrival, brought home to me a lot of joy and vitality.  Today, more than just a back door can not speak of green plants, there is a fresh black in.I have always been timid, afraid to come back in the kitchen at night a person, always afraid that they will see things should not be seen outside the kitchen window, maybe this class does not exist in the world, but I always restrain the fear, from small to large.Ever since the black in the back, I had nothing to fear, I heard a dog is the patron saint of light and justice, the human eye can not see that we have something very afraid of dogs.  After the black come to my house, we felt as if Duoliaoyifen care, especially at home, we did not, that they will think of black alone at home, how to solve its food.  We eat anything that they will share some to black.Once I took a pack of students from the school said it was good to eat spicy strips.We took a few black on the front, one side in black do not worry about eating, waste; side will not worry eat spicy black bear.  In fact, black like eating bones as the finished hot strip, also with a long tongue licking the side of his mouth while wagging its tail at us, it seemed to see no discomfort.We admire the powerful black, young girl said her classmates once put something spicy to eat her family’s dog, the result of body hair are spicy erected, and later her father slowly with cold water to rush back to the dog hair.  It seems our family can eat black ups and downs, as our family’s taste, what can adapt.  Unlike other black dog squeamish, but smarter than other dogs, more tolerant.    My uncle dog often disowned, and once I went to his house looking cousin, it turned out to be a bite.Of course, I also long absence, and less contact with puppy, but my family at his house next door, the puppy is too who do not recognize the.Today, I still can not enter the door of his house.  And I do black family, it seems particularly hospitable.My friends and colleagues come to my house to play, went to the back door, black does not even watching them roar, but very friendly and rushed They shook their tails.I was wondering, black may have never seen them.  But black is not tolerant to the principle of not.On one occasion, the person in charge of tariff collection come, the front door is also home to see my meter say how much electricity, tied to the black door even after the big bark at him, lost its former tame.  In fact, dogs are smarter than the people who know the friendly against whoever the refusal.  And many times do not quite understand why that dog and my uncle’s house Tigers can not live in harmony.But they also each area for the king, the Tigers tied to the front door, the front door is a tiger territory.Every black to the front door, Tigers roar to it desperately, but it quietly walked up and down; and tigers to the back door is completely different now, barking black on the front of it, it will look at the small black, quietly have stayed at the place to be.Later, two dogs did not seem so hostile a.    In fact, as long as they are each other’s territory nonaggression enough, not so much ambition, who must obtain a territory.Many times, I even think it is their wisdom, alive happy, no need for the things they do not own fight to the bitter end; live as long as defending their own territory enough.  Perhaps that they have not been influenced by civilization; in fact, civilization is not necessarily the truth.  Black slowly growing, but it also began the lost and lonely.Since there is a small piece of white bitch met, we will never be very happy to be tied to the door, screaming all day to liberate.As we put it, it ran squatted around little bitch.But also not so good as before, and to the fields lap on the back.Now grab it, it ran away.    We frustration, maybe love is more important for black than for the owner loyalty.  We let it go, but I’m always a little vague unease, as if what was going to happen, unfortunately.  Every morning, before squatting to see the black nest, and I relax a little.My heart always fit.  I remember the last time and accompanied by black.That night, I wash clothes in the back door, I walked around in black, from time to time to lick my legs.I say it does not help me catch mosquitoes, there are still random walk, lick my legs so dirty.  But it did not understand, always in trouble.I quickly washing clothes, black liberation, but it is always the liberation.  The next morning, the lady downstairs shouting the name of father.I ignored to sleep.  Soon, the mother, the black man has been given poisoned.  I heard, immediately startled awake.I asked my mother now black, mother said had carried to the mountain and buried.    Because of mixed population, has always been particularly thief, thief very jealous dog undermine their “good thing”, so often the dog off with poison, see dog poisoning.Although the dog is very smart, but you can not identify the food or poison.Maybe that let humans proud to think they are superior.  I do not know how much of the black experience pain last night, my mother said that the lady found it lying beside Tang Shu family, already stiff.  If last night and hold it, maybe it will not leave.  I lay staring, her boyfriend is the first time that day, I wanted to see how his attitude toward black.Unfortunately, he missed so black and.  I fear for this coincidence, he would come such a thing happened, but my mother said in the sink of broken glass.Particularly in rural areas where stress.  Black has been away from me, I do not want to lose this feeling.This year, we go very hard, it has been hovering under various pressures.  Came downstairs, took the iron kumquat tree, the place had to be black before, have long been flushed with water.  I looked at all the empty open desert, the heart is the same empty open desert.Before thinking about those puppies away from me, I domesticated, tears flowed quietly, but I endured, do not want to be seen by others.  Father and grandmother comforted me forget it, and do more today and it does not matter.Our family is destined to have a dog of.  Grandmother and my mother said, but today he first came, but not engaged.And black people are being poisoned, not to mention that other people also died in.  I did not say anything.He came, I strong name of the spirit, but always felt a trance.  Black is gone, the bones looked at every meal, I could not help throwing in a kumquat tree it had to be before, expect it to be the soul.  Every day after dinner, my sister and I habitually go mountain walking piece of cement, each time, we invariably think of black.    I gather online Buddhist legend in person and was about to kill a dog a bad end, the dog is the most intelligent animals, is a symbol of light and justice.It is said that those who kill a dog in the dying moments, there will be a lot of dogs DEATH, he would die a very painful.See this one, my heart got a little comfort.  Time passed, and my heart’s wounds have been eased.  Sometimes I think, although that night if we put black leash, it will not be the victims of.But black was not free, it will not accompany next to that small bitch.  ”Life is precious, and love even more; if it is free, both can throw.”Perhaps it is black martyrdom poem.It even little bitch are not, not to mention life.  Human love of freedom, thousands of years, how many poets eulogize freedom, how much freedom philosopher search for truth, how much more dedicated warriors for freedom.Animals, too, is said of these birds sparrow was arrested locked up, often can not overnight;’ve seen the room to be a sparrow, I was all doors and windows to catch sparrows, sparrows curious off from desperately to escape, may narrow space how can exit when, tired and stopped on the ground, I pick it up, it has long been badly beaten, breathing breathing heavily.I feel particularly cruel, and later put it.  Maybe God poor black, early closing it back and gave it free forever, no longer have to be tied down.  Although we gave it a lot of love, but a lot of time, love is a kind of fetters, a constraint.  Now buried in the mountains between the black, it must be free to run around in between that mountain; maybe next life, it can be reborn to the freest birds will never be tied down.    (Postscript) Now, I have to leave home, southbound school.  From time to time thinking about home, there are always inadvertently chatted black.I have it as part of a home.Black must also have known.  In front of all those who would like to be able wishful well-being, willing the dead can rest in peace.