Part one: flowers, bits and pieces all over the floor a handful of subtle fragrance of insect voice, slowly fade out ears, the noise gradually eliminate, once stroked Caojian also spill the slightest hint of yellow, whether next year’s reincarnation I have a dream like that green memory?Are also like is so beautiful?  But also a season of sweet-scented osmanthus, full of the garden, you can faintly see the flowers blooming in the light, faint, hazy, like that beautiful smoke and mirrors.  Autumn brought it beaded with drops of water on a touch of subtle fragrance, branches a fragrance slowly disappearing in the water drops, the tongue can not help but taste a little taste of it, sweet, touched the tip of the nose fresh, mouth and slowly flows down the heart, full of full of atrial.Smile, this should take a good taste of it?  Fleeting memories of the atlas, constantly flipping in the autumn, captures a piece of maple record those memories, bears beautiful bits and pieces I did not forget; bears do not need to remember those moments belong but will think of; those fleeting bears Looking back in once smile.With the missing piece of Maple Leaf strung, make a chain of memories, hanging on his chest, let it go with me in the journey of life.  Thoughts always like to dance together with the wind, inadvertently I can not find it, and rings from the embrace, embrace the wind from the front, scooped ray, trying to find my thoughts, but I do not know what it is thread, the helpless, let it go flying it, it turned into autumn partner, it is messy fluttering leaves the stage, lithe, graceful.Leaning against the window guardrail, used in the night to find their own shadow, under the shadow of the moon is very long, very light, this seems to be wasting time, slowly washed the memories, memories began to get a little more beautiful, whether it it will dissipate?Once that wrapped fingertip tempting tenderness whether it will fade away as time together?  Should be, I wish that instead of kissing perfumed autumn dew; Should be, I would like to indulge in the wake fleeting; Should be, I would like to silence and listen to their own heartbeat.Part II: listen, that roadside piecemeal pace of the hustle and bustle of the street, scattered landscape trees, I looked down on a bench to sit idle, listen to those fragmentary footsteps left by passers-by.She umbrella, wearing dark glasses, see a face filled with charming, brisk pace, marching mottled spot, this afternoon, the inter everyone forehead are covered with glistening sweat.We pass by, do not know, strange you and I come from, where they whereabouts.Free eyes just lightly touch, busy nostalgia that we have time to pass landscapes, still head down, either hurried time of washing the windows of the soul numb, I’m sitting on the bench, not know that like me, it was another place quietly listening, on earth, this intricate footsteps?  Maybe I envy the pace of passers-by, but passers-by envy docked me, maybe I worry about things for a piece distress on the bench, but you pass a piece of concern for the thing to run around, unknown let us always guess a lot more confused thoughts, life is so multiply the unknown road every day, so we did not stop the walk.Your singing melodious tunes, across serene lakes, a moment of pause, the promise of a lifetime for you Miaomei promise, two staggered lines, no matter how involved is always to miss a sunset in this morning, in parallel life in a hurry to step yard, lopsided.No matter what it is, he has not stopped, and how to reason?Unfortunately, we have missed a lot of the road, sparse years, but the glare of the TV drama crowded living, narrow life how much you my mediocre, under that white sky, shrouded in fog anesthesia, open your footsteps zero falling maps, one side is the vast blank, one side is messy blur the traces.At that time, I was obsessed with the road warrior, sword and singing, Delightful rivers and lakes, unfettered heroic stride, but the pace of the years, the vision faded in the fragrance arena, bit by bit life, mixed with messy footsteps, you either frivolous pace how sad, or just sit and look at this it flashed.Gone our youth, after several ups and downs, rolling back the river shore, the beach under a pale moon was a dark, woke up the dream, Bliss is vaguely in passing.  We had gathered in that season, under the same roof flying over spilled tears of blood, we never abandons you and me, to face life, you and I scattered in different long sea, always never forget that every true Iris Chang smile.Life brothers do not need hypocritical language, dry bowl of spirits, drink excess miss.It carries through the dream we will regret in the middle of the night, smoke-filled throughput, presumably not without regret nor complain, when we are chasing too hasty youth but the embellishment of life, to see the same behind our continued overspending, either we changed, or has changed lives, and there is no reason to interfere, we do not indulge, but also look forward, past the smoke seemed bright at the moment!Today nightlife network evening sunset between the hills, burning flush the head of the curtain, you perhaps holding her hand, stay with their parents, walking in the late summer of this country road, of course, free and easy brisk pace again as in the past, or carefully helped, and carrying heavy or eyes emerge with frivolous time, but the nose is thick fields of fragrant, filling the ears bursts of laughter, drifting years may no longer regret at this moment.That piecemeal pace, this moment is clearly visible, complicated life quieted down, listen, song Homeward Bound!Awesome heartstrings.Part three: the idea of piecemeal happy, sad, sleep, lonely, wake up, forget, you came, she was gone.A a broken dreams, drop by drop injured tears, day by day Hune thoughts, days and dark, and the rain came again, you do not intend packed up to go home, go now?do not know.Like to leave, to leave enough.Carrying a light walk back will not see their own shadow is elongated, and in front of the shadow, I think of it as you, I’m not alone, because you always stay with me.  Do not remember a nightmare I, do not want to bear in mind the fear.Do not forget a dream it, do not want to lose the good.So, with their own future can weave a cradle to sleep, and then peace of mind to lie in it like a baby as I do not know what that fear.  Traveling alone for once, at least you can experience the feeling displaced, exiled himself to himself, imagining the people and events that may be encountered along the way fantasy about the stunning scenery.Any imagined in my mind gallop, and met all their own fictional, away from the earth, away from the hustle and bustle, there is no longer any nominal damage and no longer live for others, no longer depressed, sad face no more.  Find a safe place to sit, let all the emotions have dissipated with flowers.Find a tree can talk with no holes, so that all are uneasy with raindrops fell root watering a no clouds future.Find one of their own roses, let her see sunrise and sunset to accompany their.Only to find a moonlit forest, let the night is no longer monotonous.No sun, no clouds, no rainbow, no raindrop, no stars, no dawn, no insomnia, only the moon, forests and its own.In the largest forest in the tree put up a tree house, then stood at the window watching the leaves cover the faint moonlight, endlessly more than.  Some never-ending road, listening to a song never Changbu Wan, single cycle, an infinite loop.  Only one actor to watch a movie, go to one of their own appointments, there or be square, and never dispersed.  Pearl tears flow, bring it a distinct bones of the hand, fear, impunity.  Yeast wine brewed twice to open the flower, the end of the flowing river, grow to towering trees, sexy, flirtatious, run, run, no sweat, no tears, not tired, not fall, only the sound of a heartbeat, only running footsteps sound.  The moon, let me wait no longer.    Part Four: I cry, piecemeal melancholy mood of people, hate life horizon, Loneliness just Xinyu Fu Jun listen; lonely people, unfeeling fate, broken Qin Chi laugh write only for the loyalty Concert!Forget Looking back, I swear this life is no longer your pain Toru heart.Wind and rain, who would greet intertwined Heart “Rainbow”?  —Inscription.  [One] Wandering Road, heartbroken soul, heart, Where?Recalling the past, dream hard to find, the king shows no!  Today, I admit that I did not walk out that parting hand-made in the field.That had a fatal encounter, it became my heart the deepest sorrow.That sand flapping, fluttering leaves, pale moonlight, accompanied by two of impasse.It became my sole memory of a never-ending War!That poignant twilight, fishing boat Hunming, flashing stars, with my helpless tears two lines, became my addictive fondly!Knowing romantic can not last forever, but Gan Xincheng suffering with a heart to pay homage to the legacy of death funeral flowers snow hurt feelings.Habitual to you, I, and our related text, all with fingers croon series up on the keyboard, he became my most precious memories gathering dust.To remind myself that I still believe in love, but do not believe in love forever…  [II] Life is not a movie playback out of print, struggling in the nightmare of the past have become barren and lonely.  Not in love before the start, you never imagine that kind of love will not see a person; not in love before the end, you never imagine that kind of love will not disappear; forgotten in love before, you never can not imagine that unforgettable love will be leaving only faint traces; in love before the beginning again, you can not imagine never again find that kind of love [three] that acquaintance, but that is only a dream, leaving nothing but a fairy tale ending to me the heart is very small, not so much capacity in the past.Those who pay homage to the dead love writing, I can not look at.I painlessly, the kind of feeling of suffocation enough to make my heart feel overweight load.Began to reduce platelet, severe type of anemia in this season start Shuaqi its little temper.Stomach, always in the middle of the night habitual spin.Insomnia, before going to bed, and I just said to myself good night.You see, this is my life.Inexplicable panic, a serious lack of security.  I began to hate you, mercilessly, because those who are good to me, cheat on me.Today, creating a small wooden.Thank you for your hurt, so I began to camouflage strong.  The love world is really big, which can hold one hundred kinds of grievances.  The love world is small which is crowded even with three people can.  I put happiness back to you, along with my share, but that you do not come to disturb my life, whether I live or not good.  Maybe I just put on some extra characters not the result of a love scene.Phone, pull the black.  [Shop] No. It was March 12.Went to this city that day on that day, the first time away from home, in order to damn love, went to this thought would last forever, but I do not know more of the city is full of lies.Until the tea extravagant…  Another year on this day, a table, a cake, a few people?I forgot…  What have run out one day, the sun will run out, the air will run out of fuel will run out of energy will run out.Patience will run out, run out to fight, love and what does not run out.Once thought everlasting love, which is nothing more than you give me a fireworks show.Some of the most gentle wind, then it is a lie some very beautiful love beautiful but not real.  [Wu] No. This day is March 12.A man in the days of the year in different places today, a computer, a keyboard, a person.  I respect you, but field accident; you for me, but it is a love.A person thinks unforgettable memories, others already forgotten.Some people love, just fell in love with “love”.Specificity is not life just like a person, like when a person is single-minded.  Time to let things deep deeper and deeper, so that light stuff and more shallow.Look a little pale, injury will be less time over, love light, and also scattered.Do not wait should not like people, do not hurt should not hurt the heart.We really had a long, long time to be able to understand their true miss, in the end what kind of a person, what kind of things.  [Lu] There is a story, very long, very long, maybe my life never finish that year, that month, that day, that time, the land, the man.That King.That words.The scenes.  Withered memories, leaving only the mouth bitter taste of coffee.  You do not care about my heart a little pain a little, but a lot of tears fall.  First Love.Then a perfect text but also those who could not put together or happy or sad past…The story, very long, pain pain, so I could not finish…  I will forget you, first forget what you look like, then forget your voice.Finally, along with those forgotten memories together, not now, later will.Love so short, forgetting is so long but.  [Qi] is still a child, but more mind just kids, more aggrieved mind.    Part Five: fragmented travel smoke, wind, wind faint trace trace strands hanging in the air, day, not the slightest color pigment.I am the Red wisp of smoke, ethereal, wandering in the world.  - Inscription smoke, there is no memory.I do not know come from, do not know where to turn to.Wind wandering aimlessly has always been my habit, chaotic mind just remember flying in the sky sand scene, and I arises.Wind, is my life partner.Wind went, will certainly have my shadow.  When I first entered the world of mortals, then, is the winter.Snow, under the overwhelming.I was fragmented into scattered light floc smoke soul, floating in mid-air.  Spring, after the following winter, the arrival of the first season.Smoke, not suitable for winter, and are not suitable for spring.Bustling colorful, graceful shoots, to me too frivolous, too blatantly.Maybe spring is the messenger of hope, but unfortunately, she’s beautiful, too beautiful Qing Qian.And I, when there is only suitable for the arrival of the spring.Misty rain, is a beautiful mood, and the south, who seemed to be the exclusive misty rain.I in late spring, the wind wandered to the south, the wind, remained shallow traces.In the south of Yangtze River lake Yang mentioned, I spent a sweltering summer, autumn ushered indifferent.  Wind, unintentional brought me on a lake Autumn.Wind only, Lake Placid.Look youthful, lake ethereal eye indistinct, contraction of the pupil is no prelude.I saw the lake eyes, youthful, shone a vague shadow, so I did not see the wind, they took away my.  I was silent gone with the wind, and that shadow, but the mind Qinru.  ”Smoke is no memory of.”I murmured when it comes to.A few days have passed, the shadow is still there.Autumn, I began to carry out the.Lingshi, born in the smoke, the wind will be put into the smoke began the center of his life with smoke.Lingshi, glowing light silver-white crystal, but this time drunk red glowing charm of this, it is the memory?  Lingshi suddenly left my body, the wind.  ”Lingshi reddish light, that is, with the memories, you never have allowed memory.”The wind began throwing sky.  Lingshi in front of me, across the wind, falling into the Red.  I know why the wind is so, past smoke are women, and smoke, must forget all the memories again before the next World Adult.And I, there is a memory.  I seal the wind in a bottle, seal seven years.  Seven years, no matter what memory does not exceed seven years.Seven years later, the wind will also set me free, I quietly sleeping in the bottle.Seven years is not a long time, not short.  When the first rays of the bottle with the wind, I have no concerns out of the bottle, my purpose, is that the lake, in seven years, only I did not forget, I will recall all the past life.Piece Autumn, hidden in his soul, he was waiting for me.I will be bound by the wind, I am forced to break open the wind, the wind, scattered.  I am pleased to drift toward the lake, but found himself half a step not move – I will break the wind, I fragmented residual smoke floating in the air, not in Lingshi, I was unable to form the body of.I despair at the distant, tears, condense in the air, fall down, as if the whole world began to fall.The wind blew, turned on the tears piece of the lake, I felt the warmth.So, I laughed.  Even another seven centuries, carved into the soul memory, I still will not forget.  On the desert sand in a dome empty chaos, smoke fans recalling umpire melancholy.