Biscuits, in fact, a special kind of bread.But the water component is very low, and crisp roasted and focus only.Biscuits are made with water or milk and flour, climbing, sailing, can be used as food, biscuits force is very old, back in ancient Egypt, there is a similar biscuit food and become the grave of the ancient Egyptians buried.About cookies origin, we have interesting stories to tell!    Biscay is a gulf of France, 150 years ago, a British cargo ship sailing in the waters near Biscay, the weather is unpredictable, but, caught in a storm, the boat hit a rock and hit a big hole, sea water coming down the boat, like flour, ah, ah sugar, butter, ah, and seawater mixed together.People on board boats moored to the Biscay with food, because the food and the water mix, people put them bunched up into dough, roasted on the fire, did not think good to eat.These people rescued after returning to commemorate the victims, they use the same method to make many small cake, called it “Biscay”.It was roughly based on pronunciation, translation to China, today became familiar biscuits.    Now take a look around to large supermarkets, biscuit varieties that can really untold, lost count.Simply become a huge family.China and foreign countries; sandwich, crackers; milk, chocolate; sugar, and lipid-lowering ? numerous, fight fight Yan Yan, and so forth.Shoppers picked selection of the election, a time dazzled, to elect its suit taste, really do have to spend a lot of thought!Overall, this snack biscuits, long history.Delicious not expensive, buy a very public.It should be better adapted to the fast pace of life today as it.For busy office workers, especially.In times of war, the role of biscuits have been exceedingly terrible, hard tack, which was essential goods servicemen.In addition, it is said the Europeans in the church wedding, a number of friends and family, will use cookies to bless the couple.    Looking back a few decades ago, few can eat delicious cookies, not like today was a commonplace thing.Not just to pocket money, but also food stamps or non-staple food of this.Catch important holidays, or to the guests with a child, the parents will buy a pound of half a catty, naturally, the children at home also can eat a few feed the belly of Chan Chong.Then biscuit, little variety.Big people because “tight money” seldom entrance.Eat the cookies, mostly children, the store can buy, but also mainly “animal crackers”, a packet of biscuits, every biscuit is a kind of animal graphic, horses and sheep, pig graphics Jigou is the most common, but also graphics lions, tigers and elephants.This may be especially creative producer at that time, because kids love animals, they eat delicious cookies, you can still see good-looking animal prints, full of delicious food, but also eat a treat, they will find it very interesting, in cheerful laughter, leaving a string of precious childhood memories.    Decades later, biscuits small food also occupied the mainstream, and it is indeed increasingly large family.I have a wide variety, taste different.Really is dazzling, beautiful.And this is it and other foods than it does have its own unique advantages.Someone to summarize a few, I think it makes sense: First, the good, the second is good-looking, third is good to carry.From the taste that different species, different brands can contain different tastes, different nutrients, which is most of the food, hard to do.From the appearance of view, it should be of small volume, may inventiveness, any decorative.Said pattern on each biscuit, can be designed to originality.Give people the joy of beauty, which is difficult to match the other food.From the point of view portable, small size, beautifully packaged, it will naturally get the family to go to school, office workers, families of all ages snacks.This has also allowed other convenience foods far behind.The above three points, perhaps thousands of years, the family biscuit endless.And now it is growing cause of development.    In the era of famine, thirst and biscuits just the children a rare holiday foods, to this day, it has swept into the homes of ordinary people people.Weekdays work tired, hungry, eat a few biscuits, very convenient and very chic, it seems to be a fashion mood.Some brand-name varieties of biscuits, gift shop called cookies, clearly has boarded humble holiday gift, this gift is really good, cheap, and novel and unique, because biscuits resistant storage, the recipient who can also enjoy a leisurely slowly to the precious friendship and sweet.This is probably a very creative color bar.    Delicious biscuits, eating and convenient, but just do not eat more, eat more, you have to pay attention to put on weight!I remember someone wrote a poem: “biscuit varieties.Nutritional self-selection; although the taste words beauty, remember to lose weight.”This is probably a few good reminder, greedy cookies, you have to work too hard children.In particular those concerned slim girls, and be extra vigilant.Once the body fat, and you will regret, Jiaokubudie.Deliberately lose weight, you should carefully choose, Eat better.    Thriving biscuit family, their quality, reflecting the rapid development of science and technology of the times, sweet biscuits, sweet life is not correct beckons today people do ordinary people?