Son, tomorrow is your birthday fourteen years of age.Last night you called back and said, you do not go home at night, to live with a cousin in Uncle home.Cousin of a full one year younger than you, do the same birthday, the two discuss how too, have a good plan yet?Tomorrow the two of you are not happy to be tickled.Son, you grow up day by day, day by day and wiser.You are the pride of Mom and Dad.We never spoil you, pamper you, though, you sometimes do not understand everything your father and I did for you, but these are not the most important, so you really grow up, you will slowly appreciate the.When you are still limp limp toddler, your father and I saw the whole life journey full of hope; when you are still babbling, your father and I began to see that in your young mind there is a magical world; when you take up that tender little small shoulder bag with its mother, it is you begin to enjoy drawing on a piece of pure white paper.Son, you are always outstanding and unique.If they work hard, everything will gradually get better.Do not be discouraged, we must have confidence in anything.When Duankao, you do not get good grades yet?Your name on the honor roll it.Last week’s English Orsay You do not get it the third grade?When your father ran home after informed of the situation from the English teacher there to tell me, I am also pleased to see your father than you ah.Son, you get up early every day to go to morning exercise, even at night under study up lesson to the playground to warm up, and your tender shoulders gradually firm up, these are very conscious that you do want the body was trained Bang Bang of.Your father is now behind you can only run.Remember there are different time on your bedroom door marked change your height, you want to quickly grow up, Mom and Dad why not think so.Once you see a mother just head out of a long white hair, I can not wait to help his mother white hair Chequ.Son, white hair is a natural law, Chequ will grow again.Hair white, her mother can not or do very happy every day?Old mother was faster, you will grow up quickly ah.You see five weekly school library noon special aunt busy, sacrifice lunch break, students take the initiative to do about a few books mail clerk obligations, so that we can borrow books as soon as possible.On Wednesday night, when you learn of the students live on campus Liao did not eat dinner, asking him to come to our house for dinner.The most interesting is that the first two weeks you teacher birthday, you and three students out of their usual accumulation of pocket money, bought a cake and flowers to the teacher.When we learned this, you ask, but you faint smile, said something: Tonight’s teacher was very happy, always smiling the whole night on the teacher class.Oh, son, that you are alone blase!Can you anxious urgency of others, want others are thinking.Mom and Dad a little bit of progress you happy.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) son, you’re a year older.Your father and I are happy for you to grow.I hope you remember: school to learn through practical, it is a lot of fun to play.Strive to: learning to learn; learning to do; learning to be; learning to live together; every little thing from the start; start now; from ourselves.This is the ardent hope mom and dad for you.Finally, Mom and Dad Happy birthday to you, learn and progress, happily lives every day.