Maternal love of the greatest I really like to watch “Man and Nature”, which has a set of talking about a small female, in love with a beautiful plumage and because robust small males.They like each other a.However, the reality is very small female.Because it likes the male, can not give it a home, can not have children.It had to choose a favorite it does not, not all aspects of an ordinary male-dominated.And only a very ordinary male, just like the simple-minded wealthy people, best climate, with an artificial nest, a big house, and children live together in the future, no problems.Small female residence for children to have a decent future, only wronged themselves.    So small female and male it does not like a combination of.Afterward small females, and males living together so mediocre, and certainly the children born to mediocrity.Small females to give birth to the next generation of healthy and smart, defiance, while it does not like males out of food, and it would have been like the little males Touhuan.Touhuan not, but to be able to give birth to the next generation of promise.Despite ridicule, despite accusations.Female small for its purpose, no regrets.    Due to the excellent gene, a small female child, the various buoyant health, premature flew into the sky.    Penguin and skua penguin family is very special, female students finished, most of the time by men hatch, hatched and children, but also to bring almost by men.Antarctic Arctic relatively speaking, very cold.Penguin is precisely the winter egg.Male penguin standing in the howling cold winter, carefully hatching the beloved baby.Finally hatched baby penguins, penguin parents in the care, slowly able to stand, to walk again.The sheer number of penguins, as long as the slightest negligence, it is difficult to find parents their children.At this point, skuas will suddenly fall from the sky, quickly attack the penguin children.Although penguins child just learned to walk hobbled, but the volume is much greater than the weight of adult skuas.Skua kept his mouth jabbed Penguins child, the child did not fight back the power of penguins, the only non-stop call his mother.Neighbor’s aunt, aunt, uncle, aunt, in that just keep watching, they showed no emotion, as if everything in sight, no association with them.But they forget, tomorrow, tomorrow, perhaps, is their children at home.If they want to save the little penguins, do not charge any effort at all, just go forth leg kick, putting kicked looked small skuas.What a simple action ah!We may not have a busybody.Tragedy continued to play, little penguins were skuas while chaos stamp, slowly fell to the ground, killed.For a while, no corpse.    Look after your own, tomorrow might turn to disaster has.    Dove over the magpie’s nest of the world’s most irresponsible mother, is the turtle.Turtles on the beach, picking a good pit, producing eggs will survive, burying, it is gone..Remaining, everything depends on small turtles with a day of life.    Rhododendron, that want to be a good mother, do not want to contribute, so whim, lay their eggs in a bird nest.    It is foolish bird, nest suddenly two large eggs, actually unaware.After a while, the birds hatch out of their children, bird couple, very happy, in turn kept feeding.Then, cuckoo eggs hatch students also will come out.Cuckoo child, just hatched, had been older than my mother bird head.Because of a big head, big appetite naturally.The couple kept the birds foraging, cuckoo children have enough to eat.Cuckoo child how small, ah, they give birth to the idea of vicious.These two little guys, squeeze the body claw kicking, kick out the bird’s nest baby outside, falling to his death.Foolish bird, feeding back, as if they did not find their child was missing, still dedicated to feed the two murderers.Murderer grew bigger and bigger, appetite for the birds, the big amazing.Birds couple had to open all the stops to make, exhausted tired, but I could not see their own well-fed, not only their children, but also killing their child murderer.What a pity, what a sad bird ah.Cuckoo child has to toil, grow wings and fly away.The couple tired of limp in bed, you look at me, I look at you, I have found what seems to understand nothing.    Ignorance, not only in vain to pay hard work, but also by people kill ah.