In this world, you have many friends.New friends or old, ways of the world, sometimes total Mian Bude scruples, also slightly helpless.  I wonder if you ever noticed, that often you inadvertently come into your life is not a friend of a friend in.They have never been what you demanding, but also to interfere in your life, they are just silent to your boring life to add a different kind of color.Whether you like, whether you worry, every moment they infect you, inspires you, face them, I wonder if you would try and contact them about it?  For example, a tree, a grass or a cow, a bird.  I like them, I like them approached.Although vegetation have thought a bit heavy and too silent, and cattle and sheep have it?The idea so simple that people may feel pity, but I still like to be friends with them and.  I prefer the bird, the bird is ideal.You see it, as one obsessed with longing for the blue sky, God gave it a pair of wings, it will fly high, chickens and ducks are completely ignoring the surprised eyes of envy.  It is not easy to get close to the birds.A group of hanging in the branches of a bird, you must be in any case close not occasionally fall to the ground, you thought that the opportunity comes, then, crept to go around from behind them, they can be clever way to go, before you just explore not two step, they “coax” to cry, and the whole hanging in the branches, leaving you no choice but to stand still stunned.In fact, if you really want to make friends and they do, it would not be anxious, can not behave overly affectionate.”From the United States.” This sentence can not remember who said it, and do not ignore it who said, in short, you have to maintain an appropriate distance from them and so that they will feel safe, you will feel this one is credible, will be careful, not far from them ready to enjoy your children or ears of corn kernels children in front of you.  My first close contact with a bird, is a yellow candied green parrot back, the father came back from outside the Strip.Father likes aviculture, for the parrot if he loves treasure, I sometimes want to reach out and touch, he will yelled.To guard against me, and the family cat, he put the bird cage hanging under the eaves, and with a small lock the cage door child lock, no one even think about the bird out of the cage neighborhood.  Children in the hospital people like this beautiful parrot, the parrot though not very talkative, but occasionally a stranger came to it, it will “wow!Wow!Look!Look!”And called on both sound.Most of the time it is quietly squatting on thin bamboo cage, head shrink at the neck depressed nap, sometimes it planted the first carding carding brightly colored feathers, sometimes looking out of the cage with rapture World daze.I often attracts its colorful feathers, up the window craned his neck to look around the cage, parrot always surprised “wow” sound, shook its wings, crooked his head to stare at me.I am friendly to it beckoned, “Come!”It also” wow!”Is heard, it is also considered hello.Cats sometimes jumped onto the windowsill, and looked every move eyed parrot, should this time coincides with his father back, that day is not better than his father would stick to a copy cat was dragging its tail thrust gallop.Cat ran without a trace, his father will return to training my head, put your cat optimistic, careful someday I chop it up.Then I came to understand why so my father did not like cats.  Later, parrot inexplicably disappeared, even the cages are gone.Father angrily asked all over the yard owner, says not seen.After a long interval of time, when his father went to visit my aunt, my aunt was surprised to find the kiln head hanging in cages.It turned out that the parrot is the second cousin secretly to take back home, but also cheated aunt said the uncle gave him, aunt skeptical, after a few days, will forget this thing.Which two cousin kept a bird, just a whim, he did not have a meal meal feeding, parrot died not too long.Father looked at the empty cages, furious with himself, but for his nephew, what do?  There is a town in the mountains after the bird looks like a sparrow, but smaller than sparrows chirping sounds sweet, very pleasant, people call it “Four says children”.After his father lost his beloved parrot, back from the mountains to catch a “four children said,” is still in the cage hanging under the eaves.  Only “four children said,” and not the same as the previous parrot, it left jump right jump in a cage, “chirp chirp” so many times.Especially when that arrow fired two sparrows under the eaves of the old apricot, it sounds more bearings, hastily from head bounced on the other end of the thin bamboo cages, and from the other end of the spring With this in head, I do not know tired.Daily dark enough, it will gradually stop voice, the pecking some of the grain.  That is when two sparrows live under the eaves, no one note that I only vaguely remember that they seem to have lived for a long time under the eaves.They gray coat color, sounds not nice, flying in and out all day in the busy, noisy droves also on apricot, prompting doctors yard sons often took up stones to throw.The doctor’s two sons better than me, younger son as quiet girl, do not often go, yard people only see the way he sat in front reading.Son busy noisy sparrows, affect his younger brother to learn, take a look at the opportunity, the two sparrows stuck in bed as a result, a fly, catch up a.He proudly caught the sparrow father locked up in a disused old birdcage, show off to me.The poor sparrows flutter in the cage over, hit in the past, the whine, thump tired, in the corner of the cage in the shivering, chest heaving shortness.I too harsh, to fetch millet, sprinkle in a cage, indifferent to it, not look.  Every day, sparrows still eat or drink, still flopping in a cage.The doctor’s son handed me the cage, you chant it possessor!It is also noisy at night, real trouble.I took the bird cage, sparrow roll their eyes, very unfriendly in my hand holding the cage peck.  Grandpa said, sparrow gas is great, can not feed the.I do not believe that parrots and “four children, said” it can keep for years!  Sparrow himself probably did not think it would become a caged bird, which has been living under this roof for a long time that it had inadvertently disturb people’s lives, it has also been confident that I can live in harmony with people, and people as they are after all generations to get along with, so it will naturally under the Internal security around the house can shelter in the eaves.  Sparrow started the ball rolling, and it petite body hitting the cage, there were numerous messy feathers.All day, water and rice is at hand, it did not mean to eat.The next morning, it is no longer a thump, quietly crouched in a cage, I attempt to feed it, it is not life and death mouth, I refuse alms.My heart burst tightening, if it continues this way, it will not take long to die.How can I watch it die it?I had no reason to deprive it of liberty, and even its life it?From the bottom of my heart filled with a thought: I want to put it.  When I opened the cage of the moment, seems a little sparrow can not believe it hesitated for a moment, carefully out of the kennel, turning a small head and looked around the circle, “bass” about the wings flew up into the tree, still shudder at me.  It is free, I looked at a few green leaves whispering sparrows old apricot lush, listening to them, “twittering” the tits, just blink of an eye, I just can not tell what it, it is so subtle.It is no bright eye-catching feathers, not mildly sweet voice; it does not have the majesty of the mighty falcon bold, no swan elegant feminine body.It’s just a tiny, ordinary can no longer ordinary sparrow.However, it uses its struggle with weak body, it would rather killed, starved to death, and would not use their freedom in exchange for comfortable enough to live comfortably, it is small but broad heart belongs only to the blue sky.  I was deeply moved by it, when I slipped the trap a “four children said,” that the cage door open, bird watching birds fly freely in the sky, I found that I not only open is a small door, but a road leading to the sun of freedom.I can not because of his so-called love, try to hurt another lovely life, since like it, why not make it fun?Since you like it, why should the shackles of its freedom of flying wings it?  Over the years, I never forgot that moment sparrow desperately struggle, it clearly tell me it’s behavior, in any case do not do a bird trapped in a cage in.No dignity, no freedom alive, how is living death.And as a dignified people, more should know how to choose their own life, and how to fight fate!  October 17, 2014