Big snow ah, flying in the sky, I dream alone in the vast snow, snow flying in addition to the whole world, can not see the shadow of any animal, even a touch of the sun also hide in the clouds, just north wind whistling singing off rough wind, sing the white world, there is no trace of dust, I am like a wolf from the north, alone in the snow-covered plains roar, not just for that not to think of snow enemy emotional tangle.The older the more vulnerable feelings, deposited years too long, alone burst in mid-roar, buried once the memory.Young we always together in the snow with knew them understand, carefree, do not hold hands, I never had a hug, as if afraid that destroyed the holy snowy.Leaving no word song you write me two lines of footprints, even on their own cold, do not want to lose their dignity, in fact, was the dignity of how naive, how ignorant, with a lifetime of regret, written to a false oath.    Not who held your hand in hand, did not say a loving word, the last part is not too sweet, but it went very far away, twenty years.Mountain heavy water complex thought had been forgotten, may return home every year to visit relatives saw the mountain that way that snow that sunset, finds you still can not erase my memory, even if life can not see you again, and yet so clear.I know you did not forget the past, regarded it written in the diary, there are sad sad to say no, say no regret and regret.Only by allowing the hearts of sorrow and grief complex, as the years old and can not forget, because that is memorable miss, I miss so bear the torment.Even without hand, we are still guarding the share of affection, perhaps love has no return date wandering, wandering feeling that perhaps can not be relative to expectations, because there is a feeling leave after that loss, because after that there is a feeling insomnia Acacia Liku than raw.Cycads have flowering time, can look forward to no end, ma’am memorable but, as long as this life and death do not have to meet the expectations of paradise.Forget the cold and darkness, you feel the warmth in every possible way, and you never overdraw a paper promise.    Now middle-aged, life is like a cup of coffee, bitter Qingchou, but also the joy of your existence, until tasted Barilla, hold your hands again, let joy and happiness back to life.Otherwise, a big crowd does not meet, feel.Really let us kneel before the Buddha?With our whole lives in exchange, we love!True to that.What words day?Since the fall flowering, grass hay from glory, I still miss, let those deep or shallow or language, bearing in mind that because of love, care and due return, Sleeping with my words, in the final swallow nests know, old people see the new calendar tomorrow, tomorrow is forever.    Everything in the snow, could see the thoughts that freeze to death, waiting for spring return Yanming.