Acacia Acacia guitar I was a guitar playing and singing in love with him and her hope they do not like this guitar only singing songs Acacia me day and night but did not see her<日落之后>Horizon after sunset is inevitable if a sparrow can become self-immolation Phoenix after the inevitable parting love if love will inevitably sad sunset all flames are extinguished because of darkness and warmth are all due to the passage of the cold and bleak because of all the green are you and I are two withered stars distant and lonely night sky star gazing weak<约>Moon in the sky tonight you dream as ever from the slopes of lily flowers thank all over the floor tonight I’m lonely as stone<已别离>It has parting…    Qin E West Lake House Wen Wan flute for Love rhododendron old ferry mt purple dragonfly flying dress dripping blood when I look back behind the crescent mysterious month come to know the best of which taste<对比>A glass of wine fascinated me drunk a glass of wine makes me worry about this life but also drunk a glass of wine a few times saying a word my heart broke my heart this sentence can listen to a few times a lifetime eyes sparkling with a flame eyes Tears in the surging this pair of eye can see life from birth several times for her life and death for her death, life and death life without regret [editor: leaf]