Stool bleeding are things in life happen Central Standing Committee, the baby will have such a phenomenon, that is exactly how it happened?Here we give reason to talk about the baby stool bleeding, and bleeding stool diet should be careful!During the reason baby stool bleeding of a mother breastfeeding nipple bleeding ulceration, especially in the beginning, the mother's nipple is easy to rupture, if a child swallowed a mother's nipple ulceration at the blood, stool will be with a little pink or red substance stool detect finding out red blood cells, able to detect occult blood。
Children usually eat normally this case, the growth of normal, parents need to fear。 The reason baby stool bleeding bowel bleeding 2 diet should be careful, taking iron iron food preparations If your child is taking a variety of formulations of iron or iron-containing drugs, which can not all be absorbed iron, a small amount of enteral Road discharge。 Then stool may contain dark brown spot which was positive for fecal occult blood will。
This case has nothing to do with the kids or intestinal development, as long as the children grow normally, you do not have to worry about。
3, if the damaged intestinal mucosa of the small intestine mucosa damage, also with a red substance stool, fecal occult blood positive detection。 Oral intake of drugs or foreign objects can cause damage to the intestinal mucosa, but for the baby, this is unlikely。 Most causes of intestinal injury is the food, which is the most common。 The reason baby stool stool bleeding intestinal bleeding diet should be careful not tolerate certain foods, the intestinal mucosal damage, blood into the intestine, blood in the intestine since these will remain for some time with stool, here are intestinal fluid destruction, and therefore can only be found in fecal occult blood detection, and no red blood cells。 However, this damage will persist in the small intestine without changing diet, resulting in growth retardation children。 4, disinfectant intestinal damage some chemicals, especially disinfectants, can also cause damage to the intestinal mucosa。 Parents think that children can sterilize germs away from the attack, but virtually in contact with the child the opportunity to disinfectants also increased significantly, over time they become chronic ingestion of disinfectant intestinal injury culprit。
Parents use water instead of disinfectant wipes to scrub, the child's stool will soon return to normal。