——– To commemorate the first anniversary of the death of his father as a “ferry” can?I borrow a leaf boat inn in years.My father, who came here in the autumn slightly cold weather, he dressed so thin I could not afford for him to send a Qiuyi If the wind can lead the way, but I’m willing to let it all thoughts engraved lines my name inserted in the drawing board memory, hold high in conspicuous places dear father, you have seen the possibility of?    If the clouds know, please tell my father is not his whereabouts could not find his way home, which station is being looked If so, I would like to do ride your horse, this world of top flight in every corner of the vast firmament dear father, please let me see if!    Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, I do not want you to make a person alone meter flag of moon cake is my wish, I do not know how, you can taste the?  Tonight I’m going to the heart of hemp organized into Acacia belt, you are asked to carry a private message to Chang-e full moon day, you have to go home early ah pair of chopsticks that have been set!    I know that all in vain, but I still wait wait wait wait Tieshukaihua met that day..    ”Father of Love” as a child, his father’s love in my heart joy, hope he grew older his father’s love, holding my hand in that large palm, a run that stretches a story in the way of life ah , forever fixed in my memory let me know the true meaning of life, a man who knows?I spoke to old walked on the lost love of his father’s eyes ah became the biggest regret in this life!    ”Bird of Paradise” is heavier father, or my pen is too weak, no matter how good his father could not have sketched the image of me is how good the ripples sea is passed Xinyu I am the wind which side you how good it is where if I blow my head sunflower is always toward heaven because I lived there most pro-ah closest person but I still would like to do every day around the feelings of a bird of paradise beside whisper in your life to tell unchanged.