You and I do not know how long there have been isolated, you just have to stand still to wait, in the water side of you if you worry, if they would often raise a glass cup red wine, drunk himself to stand Acacia ferry hard waiting for you to come so that they no longer lonely and sad, your company just in a dream, countless dreary night made me tear Flows.    Back to square one you will not have to wait for me, I agreed to ferry you also have the wind reduced to ashes, I still hovering still in situ, but less oath Why you promise, if you will still be back in March peach open, do you remember me tender, whether you sensed my prayers, if you still want to be at my side as I do to stay.    Humid afternoon air, whether we can wait until your greeting, you’re like a boat drifting in the sea of confusion, if you see me in waving pro-whether for me, no longer allow yourself to stray, no longer allow themselves to rafting, whether pro for me, do stay, do not furrowed brow, not so troubled.    Falling autumn leaves wanton, not your shadow, without your greetings, I also perseverance to stay in Acacia ferry, good to drink a cup Forget Love Potion you forget, no drop of ink into the wound v. write my sorrow.