Acacia ferry waiting for you to stand Oriental Picasso – close tired eyes I will see all of the crossing opened his eyes open yearning (prose reading: WWW.sanwen. Net) I was still standing on the ferry closed eyes confusion stepped on the foot of the pain of the loss of soil to climb the top of Acacia ferry Yang Yang Shou swinging direction of the wind whistles will miss the curtain opened the night drifting your pain I willing to do a touch of the stars in your eyes permanently blinking – that’s yearning tears drop light I do Acacia ferry it if my life really so stand in this Acacia ferry wait for you I would forget everything when the road to be We will forget the foot of subsidence shoe marks if subsidence is a paradise waiting for you I would also like this in the afterlife – drop by drop of water droplets being converging streams diffuse transition port on my face, but I was Man of heartache diffuse through the heartache, but they all Man time tunnel miss you if I can reproduce the devious thinking to go through the time when you are old I will wait for you at the foot of heaven to let the ferry side dendrite fry decorate our new house now you are the only master of my room – because you that I have always believed that if there is a flower withered leaves must wait too long if there is a sea of sand invasion must be done quickly if I cry is certainly waiting for you in bitter false I hope you will go in the afterlife as I wait for you, like me, etc.