“Different Albizia julibrissin, Acacia empty lean” as if through a thousand years of time, hazy saw, under the bright moon, empty stands a denuded of leaves minor rocky withered, dressed Pathetic, on February pain drink.  That would be a kind of scene?When the pale moon that will stretch already thin figure, and then stretched so thin, so no reason to give birth to a little distressed hearts; that would be kind of a hideous?Thinner figure, confused memories, can be even a month are Wang Chuan, beloved people could not come it will!  And whether happy but remember that period of short days?Overflow the day of laughter, there is often about beauty.”Try flutter fireflies, startled double butterfly habitat.”I can see how she was pretty impressive, but you then, is not imagined he could make a pair and her Shuangsushuangfei butterfly, if it happens, it is very good, right!  Came a burst ear seems to insects, suddenly a kind of comfortable body relaxed, eyes are a glow worm grass crooning singing, a little green Ying flowing in the grass, and you will in what it?You should be with her!Mouth feel float trace of smile, so I saw the grass in the middle of her dressed in white, and that Wang Autumn is not far to invest in.I saw the most concentrated point you toward that fluorescent crept in, it seems that even breathless, so that his hands to drive the TV drama plain long-sleeved, startled a panic, should be very pleased.I see you excited to run in front of him.Spread out his hands, was actually not see anything, a little frustrated right!In front of her, you will always be a child grow.And suddenly she stood on tiptoe, hug your long-necked yes, then you see that the flying fluorescence from her eyes.  Time, slowly bar!If you let stay together for more than a moment longer, that’s enough, but my heart is how I wish this moment stuck in time.  Fate fate ah, can not multi laughter, less sorrow?  When you see her lying in bed,.Balderdash your name when your heart how much pain there.I see that you stood by her bedside day and night, constantly calling her.Messy black hair, even his eyes were full of red-; I hear over and over again you take the trouble to respond to her, I’m here, I’m here when she slowly opened his eyes the moment, you can see it are you tired bear, when you see leaning on the couch to rest, she should be very distressed it!And when you see she woke up after, how happy Yes ah!So smile climbing on the face.  Turn around, tear slipped into the floor and hit a little dust from floating.So why bother fate of people get?Finally I became disappointed and so on hope, will not stay still, went straight to despair.  So I can only escape.  The most miserable life, is none other than a life to death.  Farewell goodbye already, that they’re coming.So I see you almost roaring shouting her name.  Black hair scattered, the roots of death.  ”If most cuckoo sings, frequent reminders do not Hu, win a Lanna cry,” Now, how can you be such a situation some?How dare they have the heart to conceive?  Should you what cuckoo sings, it should attend to all of crow bar!That scarlet camellias, and whether contaminated blood and tears on your?  Get good luck, that sort of thing, why would happen to you?”Went to look back at heartbroken, tears steal zero”, the moment when she closed her eyes, should be heart broken in one place, right!That scene should be the people looked sour Italy has a kind of uncomfortable, right!  I like to do a long dream, wake up, but still missing in.”Tears do, from the ashes,” three years laughter still vivid in my mind, can actually in that moment, with all the memories that ashes scattered by the wind getting messy.  Let’s go back!If time could turn the clock back; go back!Stop at the most beautiful moments; go back!  The Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan.  Afterlife, you should meet it!If only.  Semi drifting message, Acacia dash tonight.