[Editor’s note] Mountain not far from the top of the hill, came the song “Acacia cited”: I do not ask where is the return date, love life live Acacia Italy, waiting for the flowers can open sky occasion, only wish your life were not forgotten, MO Looking back thousands of landscape laugh.First, cited Old Wei in the end is dead?Or converted?Yangzi never not talking about Yinger.Yinger know, ask, ask also white, had to wait.    Second, the flowers are not open year is autumn, thin clouds day.    Battlefield: knife to a gun, kicking horse fly, arrows, such as locusts shoop, shoop, shoop ear across, people shouting, Guikulanghao a sudden, people under its feet, into the cake, into the mud.Blood, setting sun is not dyed, dyeing body.    White horse white boy, cold and Yinhen eyes gaze projection out of hatred.In the hands of the spear to the momentum badly trapped within ten feet of the fighting, calm, calm, do not see a trace of panic.Bayonet, the people, such as candied fruit.    Lengjian politicians on the battlefield still amazing lethality, white man crashed arrow, and fell on horseback.    Horse Changsi to put the block who would be played to a eunuch who domineering deter the entire battlefield.Under Ma died, all cover their crotch, all fear.escape.     Lin Zuo, smoke-filled thatched wooden door ajar; I’m right and cross the river gurgling stream before Lianzhao homes; the forest, lush alpine birds beast scream, Corinthians, white mottled with blood staggered struggling; the forest, the Yangtze, Yinger, take the needle , sword, going on.    What a small forest homes, but unfortunately falls between the war years.    who are you?    I Laowei!who are you?    I am the Yangtze, she is Yinger.    Oh, Xie Engong saving grace.Clouds long hair, red lips and white teeth, Su Yu-limb arms, waist child bends, hip children round, with a commoner conceal micrometer charming, pretty eyes sparkling, clever like that autumn basket and a basket of spinach; this bitch , 8 wrong!Old Wei quietly think.    Such as hair lacquer, high PUNCH; erect Jian Mei, Hu Mu eagle eyes, exceptionally spirit; wide bladder children, child round the waist, a warrior dress, hands the sword, swimming dragon-like high turn and continued to drop, like that strange sword Jian Qi bursts of cold pressing, but suddenly without a trace before; this man, the master.Old Wei continued to quietly think.    Tiger Balm wolves in the mountains of its own, but also as a foregone conclusion, wrote to fetch, the forest of its own fruits and vegetables, should be Yinger carefully cultivated to supply support; and smell the chicken dance, two men dance a Shangaoshuidi Daoqiangjianji goes a Unarmed combat; rising less than about Gordon, poetry and painting competition about.    Yangzi said: empty-handed wins blade knives white blade assignee of the Old Wei wins.    Old Wei said: good faith tricky sword Jian Jian spit a letter Yangtze.    Baby said: morning twilight bell naturally bells and drums knock another day.    Cursive, warrior Natural Beauty.    Only under the fence, rose, unopened.    Third, Acacia cited Old Wei said: Yinger it’s beautiful.    Yangzi say; she is my.    Baby said: When thy sight never married, Old Wei, brother.    .White Horse Changsi to a red sun.    Old Wei to the sun, saying loudly: “Day”!    Laowei against Yinger said: afterlife, man to marry you.    Yangzi said: this go, what day to meet?    Old Wei said: If the opportunity, since when the Mid-Autumn Festival in Huashan.    Jingkang shame, not snow, I hate warrior.    Gao mud horse crossing Jiajiang, both established in Hangzhou.Within the flat rebellion, foreign enemies Kinbyo Wushu, after the death of Yue Fei Qu storm Pavilion.Old Wei whereabouts unknown.    Mid-Autumn Festival every year, Huashan, Yinger will lay the Yangtze arms, etc., Old Wei.    Baby said: He will come to you?    Yangzi said: I do not know.    Baby says: He still alive.?    Yangzi said: I do not know.    Baby says: do we have to wait?    Yangzi said: so, his heart had a dream, is your next life.So have to wait, even if the next life, I have with him the next life than a game to see who loves you in the end.    Baby said: This is why?    Yangzi said: only disheartened, is really dead.    .Fourth, the laughter of thousands of scenic Old Wei in the end is dead?Or converted?    Yangzi never not talking about babies.    Yinger know, ask also asked White.    th.    Remember, the last time to see Old Wei, we talked happily.But, Yinger always inexplicable think of this sentence: Moment of truth are blooming, the vast road, feeling Hekan?Changxiangyi this life only willing to be the top of the crane, accompanied by Hua Mountain.    Yinger nestled in the arms of the Yangtze, in Huashan, watching the sun climbs up and down around them.Mountain not far from the top of the hill, came the song “Acacia cited”: do not ask where is the return date, love life live Acacia Italy, waiting for the flowers can open sky occasion, only wish your life were not forgotten, Mo back laugh Wan one thousand landscape.Hefa Come, species rose, thousands of landscape laugh, cry tea.    Fifth, turned into memories.    History, the early Southern Song Dynasty.The gut Road, Ji Jian residues lying.Hengjiang warrior overturned laugh.    Huoshaoshan, Mantianhong do, crescent rising.Hanging trees.    Yinger dance, Yangzi book.    And the tenderness stone, remember the ages.[Editor: Butterflies]