Your self through the window, an open love fall.I turn to dust, so humble to Egypt.Because you are guilty of lust, so beyond redemption. – Inscription fleeting time in baptism, how many unforgettable love have become a thing of the past. A sum of desolation, not the long-cherished wish to write; a weak paper, letterhead endless regret. Should skinny yellow, autumn deserted destiny.Whose son do Lau?Iraqis empty tempting, wake up drunk are all unhappy.Will subside? Teenager decade away, ignorant feelings quiet.Jianghan wit to become.Who hazy memory thing, have to pay the water flows east.Empty encounter. The stone over the edge, go on athletic.NetEase left a book of poetry.Jun mingling with the text, blowing wrinkled Ryoka.Looking back on the dream. I picked the wrong pillars, once pulled, the world’s uproarious collapse; I rely on love, and once they leave, life lost its luster; I overestimated warm day cooling, air-cooled heart if ice. About love, too brightly too laughed and cried tears of joy had also been in pain; about love, beautiful very hurt very hazy very bitter sweet pain; about love, it really is very deep and very imaginary magic throbbing very very bright. The more grip, the more separated; the more approached, the more distant; the more dependent on, the more insecure. Love a person, is to listen to bloom; love a person, is waiting for a spring rain; love a person, is read to the same evening; love a person, is a total read “The West Chamber” romance; love a person, West Lake is a pleasant stroll; love a person, is the joy of athletic meet; love a person, is walking through the Tang in the bold rhythm; love a person, it is the graceful flow of feelings in the Song. Love a person, is a pain in the breath; love a person, is awake in anesthesia; love a person, is looking forward to the loss; love a person, there is despair in the Rye; love a person, is missing in the sinking ; love a person, is crying in the memory; love a person, is the collapse of the stick in; love a person, I am waiting for the old. Network in.past.Laoyanfenfei see other people, I also cry.End is Luohuayouyi, water ruthless. memory.memory.Mr. someone can think, watery tenderness.The end is the joy of spring, early spring twilight. Valentine’s robbery (1) robbery Valentine (2) robbery Valentine’s (3) Queqiao never built, never coming Cowherd. Love letter never change, never rose in full bloom. Joking refused blessing, refused to favor Dongjun. Son can not understand, the roots can not get.?Valentine’s Day robbery (1) Magpie Bridge, Cowboy.MMS, compensation.Love letters, in the past. Greeting cards, streamer.Underwear, truth.Blank, melancholy. Love, affection, friendship, family.?Robbery Valentine’s Day (2) does not love red, but there is a hint of rose read like; do not depend on a man, just a little sad loneliness; do not care about love, but there is little desire for romance; not modified face, but there is a trace of regret for youth ; not to commemorate the holiday, just a little time-sensitive.- Valentine’s Day robbery (3) Red Where is Home?Feeling confused, frustrated with care.For on the West Wing, with whom Acacia v.? A situation, a two-phase error, juniors in the world, loved the place, little thinking Fu.This feeling, no return, Miao Miao Red, Empty v..Distressed, the sentiment was heartbroken.