Last night westerly withered Bishu chilly winds and sort out my thoughts numerous dripping miss my pull was so long and swaying through the deepening gloom over the mountains to inquire about your message if you have forgotten, but I forgot and they did not forget What is the difference forget unwilling to remember is inviting just a sad matter what kind of outcome is in deep sorrow lingering sadness is the prerogative of the literati but also how my keyboard not beat your face in this life no chance to talk about the afterlife sky lost the bright colors of the sky falling black freezing rain wet my thoughts soaked my lonely soul night is a net take my breath on your endless miss heartache I love myself are thinking of getting thin to thicker helpless sad ending regret who I hack this helpless and tangled state of mind I love heart is dead silent I go from here fate silent parting has left a mark silence engulfed my silent tears trace my sad folded up soaring and the darkness did not rub into the light and temperature I can not promise anything you say what is wrong silence is a sin to put themselves so embarrassed that I do and how How do Changfeng silent night silent learn to forget but I remember more truly learned but even more chic fetters wind letterhead is not always send out miss it drift swaying sink to eliminate the emotional dead drift drifting miss you every second you appeared in every corner of the geese looking forward to bringing you the Valley of footsteps Or even if only a glimmer cent thought the break was clean, but they no care to miss leavened burnt to ashes had known why did why did