1 year old baby nutrition recipe What?Diet is the most important for your baby, you know that 1 year old baby nutrition recipe has what it?Following small to talk with you exactly 1 year old baby nutrition recipe。
1 year old baby nutrition recipe ham soup Nutrition Tip: ham can provide the human body needs protein。 Ingredients: ham,。
Practice: 1.Take standby cooked ham cut into small pieces; 2.Washing clean the rice, first in boiling water for 10 minutes, after the addition of ham small fire brewed soft rot, add diced green onion stir well Serve。
Cai Yu Nutrition Tip: Add bread pieces in porridge can exercise your baby learn to chew swallow。 Rice with a more comprehensive nutrition。 Ingredients: bread, vegetables, rice, broth a little。
Practice: 1.Vegetables and a large amount of water Mega small fire boiled vegetables and porridge; 1 year old baby nutrition recipe 2.The bread break it into small pieces; 3.Pot, add a small amount of water and broth to boil, add bread pieces, mashed with a spoon Shaozhu moment; 4.Pour the cooked vegetable porridge stirred Serve。
Cabbage soup Nutrition Tip: cornmeal contains more calcium, iron, dietary fiber content helps to increase bowel movements and promote defecation。
Ingredients: cabbage, cornmeal。