Circus murder Sergeant Gurney is a master homicide investigation.In his jurisdiction, almost no case can not be broken.  That day, I’m 15 years old and Gurney is exploring the story of the elephant, a call from a colleague Matt said, finishing the camp in winter Harbinson Wilson found the body of the circus circus, and was shot to death of.Case a little strange, so Matt and Jeff is very confused, so I want to ask Gurney past immediately.  Gurney while wearing a coat, said to me: with the past, how?  Ten minutes later, we arrive by car circus.Jeff at the entrance of the circus awaits us.Jeff followed us into the circular circus.That’s barn closed a dozen horses, a little dirty elephant, there are two cages off most of the hair of the tiger.  Elephant foot on the concrete floor, just to be coming toward us, that figure was thin, gray-haired little man with a hook as carefully back in situ.  Curiosities report to Jeff Gurney: the deceased was a hit and died of blanks.Such ‘point diameter 32’ of blank ammunition gun is designed for use in a circus.  This could be it suicide?I interrupted and asked.  possible.Jeff said, because the pistol in the hand of the deceased.But it may be arranged site has a good murderer.There is also a possibility that the deceased to try new pistol, fired a blank cartridge magazine, turn after the magazine is filled with.  Jeff went on to say: strange case indeed.When the murder, pistol bullets were emitted over three.After hard to imagine why a man shot two rounds of blank ammunition into the air, followed by a third hair bullet to his temple.Even more incredible is that each gunshots occurred within ten seconds.  Who heard the gunshots?Gurney asked, frowning.  Two men heard shots.Jeff said, folks An Posi care of circus animals in the circus about fifty feet away heard gunshots.At that time he was asleep, she was awakened by gunfire.There is also a watchman, he heard the gunshots upstairs.Another accountant working in the building, working in the office late into the night, said he had not heard the gunshots, probably because the scene a bit far from the office.  Pause, Jeff added: Oh, yes.Just the man to catch the elephant is An Posi.  Where the bodies?Gurney asked.  Where.Jeff finger with a pair of leads outside the double doors from the main circus.Door open, close to the wall.Through this door, we saw a dead body lying on the ground, backed by the deceased in the other end of the room a door.  Homicide motive say that you understand the situation.  Jeff said: deceased circus, called Thorpe.Each of his men are very hate him because he’s a mean ghost, sadism.Perhaps everyone has the idea to kill him, even with blanks is also OK.In other words, when the three men in the building, who are likely to be the murderer.An Posi is responsible for the care of that particular animal, animal love.Whenever Thorpe treatment of animals is cruel heartless, An Posi Thorpe wanted to kill.But in the end hold back, did not put into action.In his hands, did not find traces of gunpowder and so on, you just said Thorpe like animal abuse it?Gurney interrupted by Jeff.  Yes, the circus people are saying.Sheriff, what do you think?Jeff somewhat strange to ask.Gurney waved his hand and let him continue to talk about other people’s situations.  Watchman named Karl.He is the father Thorpe.Although Thorpe gave him the job, but he is still motivated crime.Also, that were accounting is called Gold.  Pause for a moment, Jeff went on to say: circus trainer and Gold have had a disagreement on accounting matters.He holds a small stake in the circus, feeling behind the financial statements they saw ghosts.  Good guys.I broke in.  At this time, I saw Matt.Matt is a look dignified against the wall, staring Thorpe’s body.He did not greet us, just to introduce them straight to the point: This case really tricky.I did not move over something, Sergeant, in addition to carry the corpse’s arm carry.A total of three shots.We also questioned the three men in the building at the time of their testimony sounds perfect, but they are far away, no one could provide an alibi for the other two.  Suicide reason Gurney said: You said on the phone, this can not be suicide.There is no credible basis?  Based on very strong.Matt said that the deceased had just handed in the Grand Canal.Gold accountant who told me that the original owner Walter died last year, the largest circus owner Harbinson Wilson offer to sell shares to Thorpe.This means that when the tour season start, Thorpe will get all the equity circus.Circus is in a profitable, if Thorpe season tour to seize this opportunity to earn earn more than the second half of his money.Moreover, his body is very healthy, just yesterday passed a medical life insurance.Everyone I spoke with had said, he was very happy the last few days.  Gurney looked around the room.Not much room furnishings: on one side stood a large wardrobe, doors locked; there are two closed suitcases and two folding chairs down beside the suitcase.  Chairs have been falling to the ground it?Gurney asked..Matt nodded and said: I move stuff all over the place back into the.I have just been asking circus people, did not go somewhere else.  Who found the body?Gurney asked..An Posi.He said he heard three gunshots, I thought Thorpe again test the gun, did not think.But he could not sleep after being awakened.After about twenty minutes, he reached the circus stroll, see what happens.I did not expect, just across the pair of double doors, they saw the bodies of Thorpe.  Gurney continue to ask: What does the name of Carl watchman?  An Posi and he, like, at first thought it was a gun in the trial Thorpe.After about half an hour, An Posi find him, let him call the police.They can close the testimony.Until the police get here, still unaware of the accounting Gold.An Posi or Carl did not think back to the office to let him know.  What are their thoughts?  They are convinced that since the murder not suicide.For a people who fear death itself, how it could come in the Grand Canal, then choose to commit suicide?  Gurney’s fingers locked door Moxiang open another door in addition to the double doors of the room and asked: This door was also locked it, as now?  Yes, Matt said locked from this side, is also very tight lock.I had a very hard time to open, leading to a corridor is found.Afterwards the door was locked again.  Matt Gurney no longer ask questions.Him for a moment to see the corpse, for a while to see the door locked door, while the elephant look outside, and then lost in thought.We are afraid to disturb him.A few minutes later, Matt Gurney walked around in his ear, said a few words.Matt nodded and walked out of the house.Jeff and I looked suspiciously Sheriff.Gurney waved his hand, let us quietly wait.  About ten minutes later, Matt came into the room, his face with a quizzical look, nodded directed at Gurney.  Gurney said: Well, you can close the line and Jeff.Then he turned to me and said: Fred, we go.  Case broke?I asked him.  Yes.Let’s go have a beer, I’ll tell you again.  After two glasses of beers but unfortunately the truth, I’m the first to say: Tell me.  Gurney said: From the beginning, we got it all wrong key points of the case.  Is it?What are the key points?I ask.  Elephant.Gurney took a sip of beer went on to say: In fact, the elephant is not circled, came in just when you saw.It just paced to the door, see Thorpe work in the room, suddenly I recalled it all the abuse Thorpe.But this time, Thorpe did not like the hands of a hook, An Posi or trainer is also not near.  Elephants from the door into the double, towards Thorpe rush, after the things lasted only 10 seconds.Thorpe tried to resist, he directed the elephant’s face and fired a shot blanks, it aims to scare.But the elephant is step by step approach.At this point, I do not know who knocked over a chair and then, Thorpe fired a shot, but when he went to the front of another door, only to find the door was locked, the lock also very tight, no time to open the door escape.  I guess, was killed by an elephant is not happy: It may be the body’s bones are broken, perhaps from ivory will go through your body, you might be tortured 30 seconds, maybe three minutes it must be a very Thorpe painful moments to let themselves from this torment.At the last moment an elephant’s trunk walk at his side, he will at gunpoint temple and pulled the trigger after a fall at the door, and soon gave up the ghost.And the elephant sniffed taste, knowing he was dead, then let the matter rest, returned to his old place.  It may be so.I said, this argument makes sense.But it did not.Gurney said, when it comes to Jeff Thorpe cruelty to animals, I am reminded of an elephant see when the door before we happened to talk about the elephant in the story.Therefore, after roughly ruled out homicide and suicide may be due to the negative, and I sent Matt to do under the paraffin test to see if there is no gunpowder on an elephant’s face and trunk traces.For a while, he came back test, nodded toward me, the case will get to the bottom.