Always smile is offering a morning out of time, Juyi Peng cool water, the tired face washed clean, then wipe the skin like a cream coated with a thick layer of the same smile on his face Italy, refreshing cool underground stairs, go to work.This time the road has been a lot of people just like you and belated.Do not be concerned, they are doing something to.Winter morning, the heaviest chill is this eight or nine.Never mind who generally do not choose this time to hang out.Look at everyone greet tone demeanor, the latest racing movies are so simple in a hurry.Yes, another day begins, time to go home last night, have encountered over the surface, met today, and today’s fate.Sound simple greeting, a friendly smile, people will feel very warm and very comfortable.We are very pleased to once again face encounter today.Came to the unit, something all right, something less eventful, are followed.This is our second home, so we liked, his face will smile still hanging from a string.Looking at the dirty floor, picked up the mop broom, cleaning up side, the side also said with a smile, looked very relaxed very happy.There did not have to organize files on the desk, no matter that should not get their own, anyway idle, their first clean up, while we have come, and then step by step being to armed.If multiple official, we favor some more tired, but can not complain grievances.Always a smile on his face.Pick up the money you have to work, nothing, reap, this reason is very simple, not too ignorant.Earnest finish trouble, everyone would join in the fun, listening to talk about watching the fun children, who loose tongue, who say.This time it is no principle, no young and old men and women do not even have, we all have a part joking, prime meat, whatever the.How much can you say how much say.Only one principle, that is, people do not say how long, do not say undermine the unity amicable words.Harmony unit, we also feel that time flies.Should they unconsciously pick up their kids home cook.Time to go home, do not forget easily buy a la carte, a la carte at noon today, even if this do not need, you should also get some hands.This is not a big deal, it is not mandatory action, the key is to show your attitude, you have to know to go home for dinner with vegetables, but also know that made money to buy things for the home.Hand hides fruits and vegetables, and my heart felt at ease.Think of the children met with fruit coveted look, we just pleased as early as possible.So, I smile a layer of heavy layer.Met husband or wife, this smile has not dared to fall, definitely not.But the respite home treasure in this world of confusion, we will wear for their body charge increase nutrition, by regulation, to make their best condition entered into the world community.So the mood is very important, no one can not easily give up a little this time smile.Two or three people has always been a collective, if a person pulling a face, a kind complained, would certainly spread to other people, warm and harmonious atmosphere in the room, it will thus undermine.Good environment, what is nutritious to eat, drink water also lungs.Whenever normal, as long as not too selfish to the limit, go home to eat the moment, the more it will hang the brighter smile, straight to the light we are surrounded by a warm.In the process of communication with children, this smile is love props.Back home, he always has a smiling face.There are smiling faces of family love is home, adults and children with love, also like.Sometimes, I stuck on my heart, a cry that children should back off.After all, they are still very small, do not know the big people’s emotions and, in fact, did not need to know.So adults do not publicize their emotions to them.Afraid to let them know tired alive.Sometimes a smile is deceptive props, is a lie, but it also requires.His face filled with a smile, it will certainly bred, very optimistic, know how to respect others and know how to protect themselves.Thus days are certainly impressive colorful.At night, the smile becomes more important.Tired all day and needed a rest, have to fully relax.Smile mood reflections.A smile to sleep, even dreams are sweet.And Hearty and sweet dreams, summarize the quality of life of people day and mood content.People will continue with music and fun during the day in a dream, tomorrow is cast a brighter and more beautiful smile.Often hung on a smile on his face, sweet with others, but also the health of their own, and even make their own sunny day, warm and moist, there is a beneficial rather than harmful things.Friends can often willing to endorse a smile.