After the death of a boss, business came to heaven, God have collapsed long press picture identification study two-dimensional code to follow   ?   Gate (a) broken heaven, God will rebuild tender.      Indians say: to make things right 3000, 1000 on the grounds that the cost of materials, labor costs 1,000, I earn 1000.      German said: To 6000, 2000 cost of materials, labor 2000, earning his own 2000.      Chinese people calm and said: This should give you 9000,3000, 3000 my remaining 3000 to the Indian dry.      God to stand up: Chinese people bid!   (Ii) later the gates of hell were destroyed, Hades learned the lessons of God, develop control prices 3000.   German glanced away.      Indians offer 3000.      Chinese people to the evaluation of the kid 500, quote 3000, and won the bid.      German, Indian wondered.After that, the Chinese people spent 500 materials, 500 labor, repair half of the announced shutdown.Dragged on for six months, forced Hades additional investment 3000, completed.   (C) then later connecting heaven hell elevator is broken, but also rebuilt.After two previous lessons, control pricing 3000 and provides for a one-time fix.      German again, I looked away.      Indians offer 3000.      Chinese people also quotes 3000, Maotai sent after the completion of saying, it won the bid.      After getting the money Chinese people started.Material 500, 500 artificial.Upon completion, the acceptance of God as people.China previously received a red envelope the inspector 500 people claiming eligibility.      Soon broken, safety supervision, quality control (all our money) and other departments said that overloading caused to rebuild.God forced additional funding reconstruction 9000!   (D) More points later, the door to the world is also broken, dead able to come up, Xiabu Qu reincarnation of God and Hades are anxious.It is a serious problem.      After previous lessons, the kingdom of heaven strict pricing 3000, supervision, audit tracking site!And 100 million years free warranty.      Germans were scared off.      Indians offer 3000.      The Chinese are coming, newspaper free repair and warranty 200 million years, but the management of a billion years, and God Hades all agreed.      After the Chinese people repaired the door, at the door set up toll stations, dead to heaven income 500 500 go reborn every time, two-way charging and is not capped per person, invested in Europe to 500, to be reborn 1000 to the United States, evasion of all invested in China.      God Hades and silent, the complete collapse like a friendship to share the wisdom of passing a political and business circles boss business forum editor micro-channel poly millions veins: ceo5568a Long added two-dimensional code recognition concerned about political and business forums to help you achieve business performance soared, self-motivated employees , owner of the liberation of body and mind!