Acceptance and down, to go further and learn to accept I have been put down, although the more the better school, but sometimes still feel is not in place.Because, I ask: Why?Why do such a thing to happen?Why things like this?Why can not things, as I hope?I found that when I asked why, in fact, with a kind of victim mentality, you want to seek justice.I have a friend, her husband less than four years old.One day, when the husband and children playing on the carpet and fell to the ground again is not up, so go on, no time to say a word of goodbye.During the conversation, she asked why vaguely.I looked at her eyes filled with tears, and try as much as possible without didactic tone told her that there is a very important principle spirituality, just do not ask why.Ask this question, will only make around a little deeper, it is difficult to sell off.In fact, she already knew the answer intelligent.She said that, one day, a friend just before the visit of Mr. walked, talked about movie “Bucket List” (TheBucketList).The story is told of a very rich whites and poor blacks live in a death ward, two people have almost hung up, suddenly it comes to their own unfinished wish.So, the rich blacks whites funding to accompany him around the world, to try something I had always wanted to do, to complete some unfulfilled aspirations.Friends say, her husband would say he did not wish any unfinished, he was very satisfied with their present life.The next day, she saw Mr. fell to the ground the moment, there is not even any sense of surprise, but there is a feeling finally happened, as if she already knew would come when coming like, although she did advance in the level of consciousness children did not feel anything.She sighed and said: It seems everything is doomed!I am certainly not an absolute fatalist, but denied that this world there are many things that can not find the answer, can only say that life, especially the life and death of this off, really hard to be in control of their own.Whether there is no such thing as predestined thing as children, we have to respect the fact that this is very important.Since the occurrence of the facts, we have to respect it, do not resist, tired or angry heart.Master Sheng Yen, I think very well, when confronted with things they do not like, we have to accept it, face it, deal with it, put it, learned the wisdom of these words, each of us can live the days of comfortable ease.Also, I found, in the belief that each of us has three shadows: First, I am not good enough.Second, I am insignificant, unimportant.Third, I must have went wrong.Due to the influence of these three shadows, in life we will create a lot of stories to cater to our beliefs.Only a decision to love with our own stories, rather than fight with their own stories, in order to use it freely, to play when we design the story really meant.I often encounter such a reader, there are a lot of story to tell, each a very lengthy and tragic exceptionally strong.I do not know how to tell them, stopping only to change the story, stop modify, convert your story, willing to let them go into the state with no hope, no longer want to know who I really am, how could my future, that we can once again find hope.In this process, all spiritual self-cultivation are likely to be used to repair us, or even a tool to strengthen the story.Put down the story, is the most fundamental solution, however, how can we put down our living out of stories to tell?First of all, we have to give up the role of victim.The first step is to assume full responsibility for their own stories.Many spiritual people for a long time, but it is still walking around in their own stories inside, collected a bunch of nice words, deep inside the pain still did not heal.This situation in the spiritual teachers (including myself) who is most common.So really put down, meaning for their lives take full responsibility, that is to say, to admit that we are co-creators of their own destiny.At the same time, we can see, at the same time creating shadows belief in turn derived from a variety of stories, we actually have a gift to bring to the world.Some people because of their painful experience, and help people in the industry, or become a person can bring change to the lives of others, and some even write, draw, create beautiful pieces to share with the world.Secondly, we need to do observer, listen to your inner voice that talked a lot about the story.The second step to getting us out of their own story, and it is the most basic effort.Or you can stand on a spectator’s point of view to repeat their story, we can even access other people that year to see their perspective to your point of view what is the same.You will find that some of the views themselves over the years believed in the truth, in the eyes of others is so not worth mentioning.In addition, you can repeat the identity of an optimistic person holding tightly to write your story for many years, to see what would be different.Of course, if this story is born before you write it down, then you can try to understand, why they have to help their own arrangements for this story, what topics and gifts in which it?I have here a Henzhao ago, is standing in the mirror repeatedly telling myself over and over again in my mind is always the story, when it comes to their own boredom so far.You can also write a letter to their stories, praise it, because it teaches you what the subject, at the same time to show it, you decide to get out restrictions, change the relationship between saying you.In the end, we still need to face their emotions.Because I always suspected that our emotions are the culprit can make the story.As for how to deal with emotions, then you have to learn to better live together with their emotions.And emotional way to get along with anyone else, and things along the way, like, is to accept it at all, the experience of it, do not want to run away from it.This is a trick I put down recently discovered: do not ask why.So, when you ask why, when we should realize himself in with reality, God or other rivalry, admission is not required to ask why.Deal with it, put it at ease!Wen Zhang Defen