A autumn, Hunan, where it became the United States of heaven if you miss the warm and lively summer, do not miss the gorgeous autumn and joy, Hunan autumn is so colorful, you can do not miss.      Shuangpai County Yongzhou —– —– jatropha curcas Au Au Village is located in Yongzhou Shuangpai County, due to the large ginkgo grow here, every autumn attracted a large number of photographers go, it has become a Yongzhou beautiful landscape name.            Late autumn occasion, ginkgo Huang Ju, Yi Keke tall ginkgo tree stretched golden leaves, like a canopy, like care of this quiet and old village.         Ginkgo into this piece of forest, people seem to have entered a golden dream.Refraction of sunlight down from among the leaves, golden ginkgo, golden leaves, it is away.      —– —– Zhuzhou Yanling multicolored Valley Zhuzhou Yanling colorful valley, Jiangnan dam is known, is a deserted paradise, but also a place to make your eyebrows.         There are no roads, almost no village, full of original mystery, its scale, the color is gorgeous, rare in the South.         Autumn in the valley leaves have started to change color, storied dye, like God spilled palette, gorgeous scene, naturally chic.      Changsha County Lake —– —– Kanai Kanai lake with the clearest water in Changsha County, has the most beautiful mountain in Changsha County, Changsha County has the most beautiful country road.         Each year to late autumn, Kanai Lake will change the color green, yellow-green gradually becoming red, mottled colors fall on the lake, like a landscape painting.         Occasionally egret perched on the shore of a tree or hovering on the water fishing, leisure fishing people on the shore, a good picture of a harmonious and peaceful.      —– —– Huaihua Yuanling borrow mother creek here is Shen Wen said achingly beautiful place here is called Hunan Jiuzhaigou.         This is at the child an undeveloped land, lush forests, gurgling streams, clear blue sky, like a pure land.         By the mother in the river, in addition to the Maple Leaf, there is a national protected plants, called Shuepichi, from the roots to the leaves, full of blood-like red.         Mother walked by the river, you went into the colorful fairy tale, streams reflecting the mountains, misty color forest reflection in the water, fantasy actual situation, like God if cents.   —– —– Shaoyang Sunning Lang Mountain Lang Mountain is located in the new County of Shaoyang City, here beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful scenery, autumn is just to see the autumn leaves season Lang Mountain Lang Mountain may fall to Mishina, a view of clouds, two tour leaves, vegetables Mishina Township, Lang mountain clouds throughout the year in the case of the most refreshing autumn.         Reach the summit, looking view, cliffs, clear water, mountains, farmhouse clever fusion, shine into a fun, bring out a complete natural landscape volumes.      Xinhua County of Loudi —– —– village Zhenglong Zhenglong village is located west of Xinhua County town waterwheel, this historic, honest, beautiful and pleasant weather.            Well-preserved village Zhenglong all-rod-column Itaya called a must, more than 200 residential buildings focused on the terraces below, layer upon layer, patchwork, antique, do not have charm.         Autumn, when the sun sets, the terraces towards the next village walked along the ridge trail, very tranquil and beautiful!.      —– —– Huayuan County, Hunan Huayuan County, Hunan, Guizhou and Chongqing provinces bordering located at the western border of Hunan, the territory of endlessly rising Emerald, vertical and horizontal streams, charming scenery.         Huayuan County, Hunan Huan County of autumn flowers bright and shining, the air was filled with the smell of straw and mud, looking ahead idyllic setting like a paradise on earth, a kind of trance feeling of being in a dream.         Given enough time, you must go to the border town of tea dong.Shen Wen to think of tea dong background, write “Border Town”, maybe you will be in the scenery there is also a sort of talent sprout.      —– —– Changsha Yuelushan parking Fenglin love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February is a great poet Du Mu came Yuelushan, due to revel in the beautiful red maple in here, just write down the verse through the ages.         In autumn the leaves have begun to change color, but this is not the million Eagles storied dye of red, orange, yellow, competing bucket Yan but colorful.         Here are a few maple trees, coupled with Ai Wan Ting of red tile roofs, white walls and gray tiles as well as Yuelu Academy, beautiful scenery!      —– —– Changsha Railway Institute in the Railway Institute of Central South University, fall colors here so dazzling Banlan.         A long avenue of plane trees, plane trees along the road leaves glowing golden light under the autumn sun, like a beautiful painting, nostalgic and romantic.         The beauty of autumn only once a year, go see it.            Currently 100,000 + people are using pig piggy expression package carefree expression package welcome to download?Please like a reward?Press [two-dimensional code to download content from the network, belongs to original author] Click below to read the original, exciting read more!   ↓↓↓