10 Advice sentence biting Click above under a more exciting one, men do not work hard only two results, low smoke endless cigarettes and much to do manual labor; women do not work hard only two results, wear finish to spread the goods and visiting the finish of the markets!(Learn struggle) 2, do not expect someone to give you any financial help, money for anyone not enough, there are a million or two million people want to do things, there are 10 million people wanted 20 million things.(Learn self-reliance) 3, friend to help you is good, it is moral; friends do not help you is understandable, should not harbor grudge.(Learn to understand) 4, to know that no one must help you in your time of need, only you, so make yourself independent, strong, happy, happy, you need to do is, after all, only you and you need a common destiny is closely linked.(Learn to be strong) 5, do not look rich and poor friends, he had hundreds of millions of family wealth with you do not have a dime, do not self-inflicted pug.He may have had nothing but can only give you bread.(Learn to distinguish) 6, not for economic wealthy friends alienated spirit of wealthy friends, and slowly you will understand, economically affluent friends can take you to eat, drink, or you can bring complex chaotic worldly troubles, full of spirit friends may only take you to the fields, to the banks of streams, no food and wine, no champagne, coffee, no dance floor, but she can accompany you run together, laugh together like a fool.(Learn weight) 7, it is believed that a better world is really faithful love, not so romantic vision of what will happen to you, it only belongs to the cowherd, Butterfly Lovers, as well as foreign Romeo and Juliet.Because they did not live long.And we have to live for a long time.(Learn to cherish) 8, no matter what because you get married, as long as you have children, you will love this home, no matter how cold it ever so humble, you have an obligation to let it warm up, because you are a parent!(Learn to take) 9, among our youth, there is no blink of an eye, wrinkles one by one climbed eyes, we can not prevent the destruction of the years we face, but we can make heart slowly honed in the years to come, such as mussels in the sand, slowly smooth up until the last trip we made Cang teeth shaking, faltering, they can also make pearl luster flushed, is not it?(Learn to grow) 10, do not persistent, there are a lot of disappointments in life, the world will not cater to you, the earth is not your turn, so do not cling to possess, even we are just passing the Red, born to be naked, but dead What it away?(Learn to let go) this article from the network, belongs to original author.  Xiaobian something to say following is a selection of small series for everyone in 2016 the hottest micro-channel, different types, different content, want to give your life to add different kind of style!  ★ Press and two-dimensional code, choose the two-dimensional code to identify the figure concerned ★ girls night itching chest, was shocked to see a cut underwear!  Press the two-dimensional picture identification code reply [itching] View post Spring eat this “grass”, also soft breasts actually change into detox!  Press picture identification when the two-dimensional code reply [breasts] View post lust exuberant men and women how to do?  Press the two-dimensional picture identification code reply [lust] view article details what man, that he just want to roll sheets Press picture identification code is a two-dimensional sheets roll reply [View article] How old libido strongest man?You absolutely can not think of!  Press the two-dimensional picture identification code strongest reply [View article] Lynx Taobao immediately receive a coupon!!!  Press the two-dimensional code picture identification with you to save money shopping