Standing at the port at the end of the year, looking forward to the years I have passed, walking all the way and losing all the way! The past, the past and the past are gone forever. Now, in the future, it is still going on. Life is long, I have passed through 30 years, and the stories happened in these 30 years are still treasured in my memory. The hurt and pain in love, the happiness and sadness in life, the happiness and hesitation in marriage, and the happiness and confusion in work have emerged in front of my eyes one by one, making me begin to understand, and letting go is the most beautiful.! The 18 – year – old flower season was defeated by a bitter unrequited love, and the 19 – year – old is still clouded with bitterness. My flower season is no longer bright, and I think again of the good heart!     The pen remains the same, the paper remains the same, and the environment remains the same as before. Love is not the same, people are not the same, pen – writing, time has flooded past footprints, the wind has dispersed yesterday’s tears, future avenue, who can walk with me?     Life is also like an illusion, drifting off at a loss. Although I hung myself on a big tree that did not stand for me, I could not open flowers and bear fruit, but so what?     I love this man who doesn’t belong to me, and I reject all the boys who love me with all my heart.. He was obsessed with this man and refused all the roses held by admirers, even though he was dejected and scarred, he was still so addicted and unable to sustain himself.!     Is he my fate or am I the fate of the boys? I am stupid for this man, and the boy is mad for me! How helpless life is, the person I love so hard, dare not say love to me, stick to the person waiting for me, and I hurt constantly.!     Love is a kind of self-emotion from deep inside, an unreserved self – devotion, and a natural and real feeling. He who knows love will make his love become a moving poem whether it is a success or a failure.. Those who don’t know love don’t know how to cherish it when they have it and how to end it when they lose it, thus failing to live up to God’s gift to them.!     This sentence is collected by me in Jesuit love sayings. It always makes me cry. Do I belong to the second category? I don’t know how to cherish the real love around me. I will hold my stubborn heart on the illusory love red rope that doesn’t exist.!     Countless nights I have no words to myself, tears to the stars, and cries to the sky: I will give up my bitter love.! After struggling, he picked it up again. Love with bitterness, want to give up, but can’t give up! Juan son’s life is really sad!     In a brilliant winter when rape flowers bloom, I finally made up my mind to put down the good things that were coming, holding the red azalea in my hand, opened my heart, washed away the pain in my unrequited love, erased my heart injury and set foot on the path of Juan son without regret.!     I began to understand that bitter love has only endless sadness for me, and it is the most beautiful thing to let go of it.!     Happiness and Sorrow in Life There are always inexplicable unhappiness and annoyance in life, although I follow the rules every day and live a regular life. After work, I went home and went out in the office. It has become a two-point line. The days seem calm and normal..     However, the heart is always insufficient. Every time I look at myself living a life of plain water in a hurry, my heart begins to rise and fall, some stirring, some self – pity, some sighing! Some extravagant hopes!     Always feel that my life is too ordinary, always feel that my life should be more brilliant, so inexplicable troubles fill my heart and sadness begins to appear on the face that once loved laughing..     In fact, I shouldn’t be happy because there are no cheating fights at work, no complicated daily necessities, and no hard-earned money gap.?     The inexplicable sadness is not self – seeking? Life is long, walking in a transparent and simple way, I began to understand how Juan son can still be sad because of his health, family harmony, smooth work and happy baby growth.?     Happiness and Hesitation in Marriage Jia is a very careful husband who will only devote himself to the family and obtain needs and wealth for me and my baby. He will never stay away from home because of social parties or for no reason at all.. I will always appear in the sight of my baby and me before I go home. I will always be busy in the kitchen silently and will always watch happily. My baby and I will sweep away the food on the dining table and then pack up the chopsticks very contentedly..     However, Jia likes silence.     I am a little woman who loves to laugh, sing, dance and talk, always leaving hearty laughter and cheerful singing around me.. However, every time I go home, I always answer with silence in the face of my warm inquiry and laughter.. Therefore, I was annoyed, and gradually fell in love with silence and beauty in the silent world under the influence of silent world.!     Once very confused, thought that we had no love, once very hesitating, thought that we had no yearning, but, the marriage change of friends around me and the appearance of the pink male face caused me some panic..     Go home and face this 11 – year – old silent effort. Quietly speaking, my heart is warm.. In this chaotic emotional world, in this red-hot society, I began to understand that love is not words, marriage is not love, there is only affection in marriage, only day after day, year after year silently giving, Juan son is not happy?     The year when I left home was NINIETY – NINE, and I chose’ Meng Jie’. A little girl who first entered the society set foot on the journey of round dreams with dreams and hopes..     There, I devoted nine years of time and energy. In the past nine years, I have laughed, cried, hesitated and experienced the joys and sorrows of life. Finally, I chose to leave because I didn’t get what I wanted and didn’t realize my original dream. Although I worked very hard and hard, I was very depressed. I spent the best nine years of my life and still got nothing in the end.. I left without what I wanted!    The first time I saw this company, I stopped for the simple reason that my husband had a good name. I walked into this company for the first time and saw red signs and red decorations. My eyes lit up for the simple reason that I loved’ red’ so I chose this company.!     Although I am geographically blind, I work in the logistics industry and deal with various urban areas all day long.. Although I am mathematically blind, I work in finance and deal with numbers all day long.     Once I was also very confused. I like words, but I can only plunge into the numbers every day, allowing countless Arabic numbers to jump in front of my eyes and see the pages of people, but I can’t taste them at all.!     Many times I always stop my calculator and run into the pile of words to seek happiness, inevitably causing me damage at work.. Slowly, life and reality were distinguished in my mind, and I figured out the real account book in my mind. I learned that words can only be my spiritual accomplishment, and numbers are the way I get wealth and the foundation of living in real life.!     As the new year approaches, Juan son looks back again on the past, the wounds and pains in love, the happiness and sadness in life, the happiness and hesitation in marriage, and the happiness and confusion in work, all of which appear in front of my eyes so that I can begin to understand and put down is the most beautiful.!