Maple, how are you in the distance? Since you left, I don’t remember how many times this was the first time a person walked in this lonely street. The dim street lamp stubbornly pulled the shadow of the pedestrian for a long time.. On both sides of the road there are still huge cold billboards with low sighs from the wind. On the side of the road, sometimes sweet couples walk hand in hand. I dare not stop or stare because I am afraid to think of our past again. The passing wind fills my sleeves again and again, the fallen leaves from the season are scattered in the field of vision, the fallen leaves climb up my instep again and again, but I only have the indifferent direction to lose..     The long street seems to be stubbornly extended to the endless dark end. Maple, without your company, I can only wander in such streets again and again, looking for the light in my heart. Not far away, a cake shop was full of warm light. I walked in, carried a cup of coffee, sat in front of a huge French window, and looked up at the starlight like a rising flower in the night sky through it.. This is our first date place, maple, do you remember? Here, you used to spoil the smile and gently wipe away the cake crumbs from the corners of your mouth for me. Here, you waited in line for me for a few hours for a plate of cake, just because it was my favorite taste. Here, you once held my stubborn stars and waited for me to sleep and gently put on my coat. Maple, you know what? There are too many memories of us here. Here, I can give up and cry without scruples.. Looking at the empty seats you have sat in before, I often wonder if we were too happy and too sweet before, so that we all ignored the trace of time..     Until an angel sends a good but cruel reminder that everyone has a part in the happy track and you can’t stay away!     On the eve of valentine’s day, you took my hand to see the fireworks show. It was very cold, but your hand oozed thin sweat. I noticed something strange, but I was silly and didn’t know what went wrong. Countless fireworks scattered all over the sky, like enchanting flowers, filling the whole field of vision. She blossomed as a decaying flower and spread rapidly, burning in despair and anger in the sky, burning with light, dying with cold, and disappearing into the dust.. At last, only the boundless wind and the long and desolate night were fixed..     At that moment, I saw the panic in your eyes, but I couldn’t guess what you were thinking. The eerie night seems to take you away. In your eyes, fate churns up and down in a samsara posture, flipping in my dark and misty pupil.     Heart, suddenly began to panic . Ah, seen fireworks, you suddenly said you wanted to drink, I said yes. Sitting in front of the table, you drink one cup after another, looking pale and distressing. I stretched out my hand to grab your glass, but you took my hand and kept saying sorry. I was surprised and comforted to say, maple, you have never done anything sorry to me, don’t say that, ok. You don’t care, keep whispering, why is this so, why can’t you treat it well . Ah, I don’t understand what you’re talking about, but the heart suddenly blank makes people afraid. You’ve been saying it over and over again, and I cried with you until you were drunk and unconscious..     After a sleepless night, the ticking of the clock seemed to pass through the heart, and then disappeared into the darkness without any trace, as euphemistic as if it had never existed.     Three days later, you went to Japan, a country full of cherry blossoms. You didn’t say anything, leaving only an envelope, only a big smiling face on Nuoda’s letter paper, and the signature of your beautiful mess at the drop of money.. I learned about your illness from the teacher. I called to rebuke you for hiding it. You just said gently that you didn’t want to worry about it. I’ll go back to see you when the illness is over.. I keep your promise and count the days stubbornly, gradually our call time is getting shorter and shorter, your voice begins to blur in the air, and finally only the distant and empty sounds remain.. I yelled your name at the top of the phone, and tears began to fall off the big ones, but I couldn’t hear your reply any more.. You have been forcibly taken away from my life, and everything seems like a lifetime away. Heart, pain is beyond repair. At that moment, the heart overflowed with cold, all thoughts and pains stagnated, blocking all hopes.     Maple, you reneged on your promise. You brutally took away the beautiful future we once outlined together and all the sunshine in my life.. Your life was frozen in the cherry blossom season, but you left me forever and entered the cycle of time. As you said, you became a shining star in the sky.. But, maple, do you know? You have left me a big problem. There are thousands of stars in the sky. I’m afraid I can’t find you any more..     In the middle of the night, your shadow is in your mind, your gentle eyes, your gentle corners of the mouth, and your cool posture of always putting your hand in your trousers pocket.. Mood began to churn, eyes light moment messy, I shook my head hard, wearing pajamas to walk alone in The Upper Terrace. In the dark sky, the pure elves blinked without any trace, like small gardenia blooming in the inky sky, like the most gorgeous fireworks, streaming with colorful light.. Maple, is that the brightest one you have?     Flying stars like the most fluttering snow in the mountains, let me suddenly forget all the language. In this way, I sat on the balcony with my hands clasped to my knees, looking at the distant starlight, remembering all the past events about us and all the unpredictable endings..     The turbulent passage of time and years is irretrievable, but no matter how broken and disappeared it is, it is always blocked and the essence of life is actually fragile..    Maple, in the absence of you, I like to be alone in the library, sitting at the table we once sat on and watching the books we once turned together.. I held my breath and tried my best to remember until the blood-like sun set the transparent glass window with a faint reddish tint, which reflected on the ground and left a glance of sadness.. It was discovered that the eyes were already burning with pain, and the mood was also lost in the twilight reflected by orange and blue and green.. It is not that I don’t know what I’m stubborn and ridiculous, but that I’m more afraid. Once I let go, the past will burst into fragments. Even if I hold on to the bits and pieces of memory, I can’t find the past I once owned..     It doesn’t matter. Forget it. Give up.     It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter to miss. It doesn’t matter to leave.     Our trajectory is like a beautiful opportunity.     Once, just once. But the years and time cannot be reproduced.     I looked at the big smiling face in your letter, turned on the sound, and the familiar melody flowed slowly: I was suddenly afraid to think about the silence of the past and the regret of trying to collect it. I don’t want to be brave now, don’t want to be too strong, look at the old appearance of loving it, feel too lonely to live in a place without you, although the sky is blue, the heart is very cold. I am too lonely. You are happy in other places and not as simple as you think … Ah Feng, how are you doing in the distance?? I don’t know if the sunshine over there is as soft and affectionate as it is, and whether the laurel trees over there are as fragrant.. It’s getting cold, remember to take good care of yourself.     I think it’s time to sort out the tumultuous thoughts. Because there are too many things to cherish in this world, too many past events to settle down and too many stories to tell to others. Let them live in a warm and humid heart and gradually bloom blurred flowers. They need to be recorded in time and space, floating and floating, with traces of water flowing through them. Don’t try to convince me to forget, let’s keep this feeling, warm, good … ah