For so many years, I always thought that it was raining and I would say ” hello”. In other words, the weather forecast has made us dependent. It said the weather was fine and I was brilliant. It said thunderstorm, I will take an umbrella; It said ice and snow, we will guard against it.     However, on that day, the weather forecast said it was fine, but we all turned into drowned rats..     That night, we still relaxed outside. In Little Square, adults are dancing and children are kicking and running. The sky is grey. The weather forecast said there was no rain. As a result, all of a sudden, the sky was like a gray cloth, and I don’t know who pulled it down. The torrential rain came to the square in an instant. Without a pause or hesitation, all the people were immediately exposed to the rain forest. ” Hua”, the dance lineup is scattered, and most people don’t even think about it. He fled in the direction of his home. The rain is too heavy. You are not allowed to run home at all for this moment. ‘ children, go there. ‘ I pointed to the nearest glass room and motioned for my daughter to follow me. There are a few didn’t escape together.     Said it was a glass house, just because it was surrounded by glass. The east-west direction has a large eaves. The door is locked. We can only hide under the eaves facing east. At the moment, the wind was blowing towards the east with heavy rain, but our side was spared the death, too good. We all laughed. What did I turn to the inside? I saw a man still hiding on the other side of the glass house. I didn’t have time to run away when I was dancing just now.. She is now in a very bad situation. Under the coercion of the cold wind, the heavy rain is pulling all the way to her, and the wind direction has made her the end of the rain..     I patted the glass hard and motioned her to come here. Finally, she came running when she saw it. At this moment, the front of her body was already wet.. ‘ this is a good side, less than. Thank you! She said to me. It doesn’t matter. ‘ I replied. At this time, we have three children and three adults on our side.     The rain still spouted underground. If business as usual, we should be safe. Who knows, oblique wind this spy finally found us and reported heavy rain. They fought together, reoriented their attack, and targeted six of us. The rain shot at us like bullets. A mother immediately stepped forward and blocked the fierce rain with her back.. How clever! I also became a wall for the other two children in the same way. One is my daughter and the other is my partner’s child. My partner, who knows where to hide to flee now?? Even the children can’t take care of it.     As soon as the brain is distracted, the back has been drenched with water. Although the three children have received a little protection, the whole dry area has become very small after a short period of stormy weather.. Our wall still stands there until the rain becomes gentler from ferocity.     The rain was falling, falling, and we laughed too..Looked at each other, chest and back, there is nothing to do. ‘ Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha”, that’s very interesting. The scattered people came from all over the place, and my friends also appeared. We were like dwarfs: these people, from head to foot, had no intention of doing anything, and they were showered with gifts from heaven from top to bottom.. Originally, they hid under the billboard, where there was only a small upper eave. I patted my chest and was very thankful for my original choice. Visible, in life, with the comparison, will feel how happy they are!     With this happiness, my daughter and I went home! Goodbye, the sudden rainstorm! Because of your presence, today’s story is only available. Thank you. Go all the way!