Full of love this afternoon, pupils came early. As soon as they came here, they chattered incessantly. I was worried that they would disturb the teachers’ sleep and told them not to make any noise. They nodded and consciously returned to the classroom to sit down and watch the movie quietly.. I am very pleased with this, because they are all very good and very conscious.. Before class, when I was getting PPT, a little girl brought me snacks and told me to eat them. Although she didn’t eat it, I thought she was very loving. When I was in the office, another little girl came over and handed me sugar. At this time, her heart was full of emotion.. After I finished the first math lesson in the second grade, a little girl came to give me a candy again, and I was moved again. At recess in the second quarter, a little girl told me that she wanted to dance for me, so I let her dance in the open space. At this moment, many children beat her up. She looked at the other children and then said no to me, saying that she only wanted to dance for me.. Because there are too many people around, she decided to show me next time. Although she didn’t jump this time, my heart was full of joy. Today, I really got a lot of love from the children and felt extremely happy. From these small things, I deeply realized that my heart will get unexpected surprises, and I will have different experiences every day.. At the same time, playing with children will also make your mind younger and younger. Therefore, I think that if you treat others with love, you may get full love from others..