Accidentally, I saw an article about Cangyang Jiacuo on Sina’s fox demon blog, and was deeply moved by its sad and beautiful words. I was not able to help but have a strong curiosity about that – Cangyang Jiacuo..     So I began to read a lot of information about Cangyang Jiacuo.     Cangyang Jiacuo, born in the 22nd year of Kangxi, was tonsured into the Potala Palace at the age of 14 and became the leader of the Yellow Religion. Ten years later, he was deposed by the Qing government and sent north. He went through Qinghai Lake in the middle of the night and did not know his final destination..     Cangyang Jiacuo, a well-known and controversial figure in Tibetan history. He has a noble identity and is the king of Tibet, but he has a heart that does not shun the secular world and yearns for freedom, love and the joy of the world.. In the world of Buddha, he is a’ alien’ who dares to break through the world. In the human world, he is called ” the most beautiful lover in the world” and dares to pursue true love. In the world of art, he is a wonderful flower and has written many poems and love songs that have spread to this day..     Who caresses my face and comforts me for the rest of my life? Who, with my heart, melts my half-life frost; Who abandoned me and left me alone for the rest of my life? Who can bury my sorrow, laugh at the vanity of heaven and earth, and my heart is mad.     In the miserable, soft and sad world of Cangyang, the lonely poem lines are full of lonely sadness, vivid, delicate and beautiful emotions that agitate the hearts of lovers.. How many infatuated people in the world are moved and obsessed with it.     But once we met, we knew each other. When we met, we could not see each other.. Andrew and Jun are unique and avoid teaching life and death as lovesickness.     Buddha said that there are eight hardships in life: life, old age, illness, death, love and separation, long-term resentment, no hope, no rest. There are three stages for a person to realize the Tao: ” to explore, to lay down and to be at ease.”. ‘ a person must put down to get at ease.     Can a wise man afford it and put it down? Is it possible to be at ease only if you reach the realm of Buddha??     ‘ Love to the thick speech, may grow as a jade branch. Unless you disperse after death, you will not leave before death. I want to follow the heart of Iraq, Buddhism is difficult to take into account, I want to break my love and live up to Iraq’s emptiness. It’s best not to meet each other and avoid me falling in love with each other. It’s best not to know each other and avoid me falling in love with each other..     Cangyang Jiacuo, the reincarnated child, is so wise and affectionate that he still has to pay the price for his contradiction and choice..     At night, my poems lying in the middle of the warehouse gradually fell into a daze. In the mist, a thin shadow appeared in a trance, turning the sutra tube gently, knocking on my long head and singing Sanskrit sound across the mountains…     If love is a practice, I am the monk who has escaped into the empty gate, your arms are mysterious and quiet temples, and your heartbeat is the sutra I chant day and night, so every word is your eye, and every word I pronounce is your first name.     Moving feeling, moving voice, gradually came but gradually left.     Awakening from the sky, cold window candle tears horizontal. Seems to be my past, seems to be very strange.     I am still immersed in the illusion of passing eyes and smoke clouds, and I do not want to wake up for a long time..     ‘ shame sentimental Sanskrit line, into the mountains and fear of the whole city. Where in the world is there a double law that does not live up to the Buddha’s duty? ‘ Contradictory words describe the helplessness and sadness in the bottom of my heart. At this time, the bottom of my heart, the weakest loud voice, was surging up, tears began to slip silently, and my weak heart was shattered by the beating of the granary..     It was a kind of sorrow, a sorrow for getting to know each other late and not meeting each other. It is a cry of waiting for nothing and missing persons, a cry of parting for a long time, a cry of difficulty for a long time, a cry of not being able to let go..     The floating life passed away like electricity, and the painting building failed to live up to the beauty.. I don’t know whether to meet each other in the next life? Strangers meet young again.     After Cangyang left, a generation of God King, a lover and a first-class poet quietly passed away in Qinghai Lake. He stayed in the world for only 25 years, leaving behind a ” symbol of distant and mysterious artistic conception” and a song of endless regret and true feelings..     Hopeless infatuation is accompanied by endless lovesickness. Innocence and romance are intertwined in reality and dream.     If there is a reincarnation of life, I would have met him more than 300 years ago – Cangyang Jiacuo.     I would rather close my eyes in the incense mist of the temple on that day and listen to the true words in his eulogy. I would rather turn all the sutras and touch his fingerprints in that January. I would rather hug the dust and stick to his warmth in that year. I would rather go through hundreds of mountains and hope to meet him in the road. If there is a reincarnation in life, I would like to meet him 300 years ago, wait for him in the yellow house on Balang Street, do his ” Maggie Ami” once, touch his face and comfort his grief for the rest of his life. Bring him a lonely heart and melt his half-life frost.