[ Editor’s Note ]” Dust Settles”. Life is like this floating dust, flying hopelessly in the sun, and then encountering this rain will eventually become the mud of reality.. ‘ The Dust Settles’. Life is like this mud, and mud also has its own happiness, such as listening to the smile of a flower, kissing the tears rolling down the hay tip, and breeding a good dream of a seed..    The accumulation of night, the city hazy. The tall building, the vigorous tree and the green lawn all turned pale. I couldn’t help sighing that yesterday’s sunshine could not become today’s expectation after all..     In this endless fog, I always try my best to find the light and shade, ridge and angle, emerald and emerald that belong to nature itself. However, the endless fog and the endless dust merged into a surging ” fog tide”, relentlessly hitting my mind. It seemed that I was wet with hair tips, skirts and trouser legs by the boundless sea of fog, and my whole body was wet and almost submerged … Ah.     I used to like sunshine too much. She is warm, tender and warm, she is all – inclusive, she pours all the heat, she pours out the eternal love.     When I was a child, I always dreamed of having sunshine so that my favorite dewdrop could be crystal clear, so that my happy river could sparkle, or my lovely bird could sing aloud.. Because the beautiful dewdrop will replace my sad tears, the flowing water of the river will take away my painful memories, and the song of the bird can convey my good wishes! I really love the sun so much that I often enjoy the’ hands’ touch of the sun in my dreams, the incomparable tenderness and tenderness.     Of course, I can’t help thinking that the sun is too hot. Because I watched my lovely grass wither and the river dried up, listening to the husky scream of the beautiful bird.. The grass shriveled moans and the riverbed cracked often echoed in the ears, and the bird’s pitiful tears rolled over the feathers in front of her eyes … ah. I can’t bear everything they bear. I often beg for’ sunshine’ in my heart, for fear of leaving a little shade, though it is short – lived, it is enough.!     Even so, I didn’t blame the sun’s ruthlessness at all. I always think it has the most magical power in the universe. It can always awaken life and always replant it.!     I always thought that my enthusiasm for the sun would never change, but today I have been enjoying the’ fog tide’ coming from early in the morning until late in the evening, and the fog in the sky is still with me and I don’t want to leave.. This makes me irresistibly admit its existence. Although I still can’t find the light in my sight all day with shade, edges and corners, emeralds and emeralds, let me tolerate the’ little drops’ that are integrated with dust’s relentless attacks on my skin, my thoughts, my soul, and my dreams.. In this floating fog, I almost forgot myself, forgetting that this is a kind of illusory feeling. I got enlightenment and consolation from this fog sea, and found a long-sought feeling, that is, to embrace heaven and earth vegetation like fog, to accept’ dust’ like fog, whether it be vulgar, elegant, pink, yellow or those unknown, to let it’ settle’, or to be on the ground or in the air..     At this time, it seems that I have really found the end result. I really feel that I have locked in my thoughts floating for many years, that is, when I found’ the dust settles’![ Responsibility Editor: Get along with[ Original ]