Said in my heart, when I wrote this topic, my heart was a little sad. Because there are so many things I really didn’t do well. Once I also had many dreams, and I still have many dreams until now, but I really didn’t have any dreams.   But I really admire those who have dreams, who can give everything for their dreams and who have always insisted on it..   In the afternoon, I chatted with my old classmates. I said, where is it now? She said she is also in Fuzhou now, but now she is going back to school. Next time she is free, she will come out to play with you. I said where to work now. She said, Twenty Universities..   This is the person I said last time, who is the same as me, who took the self-examination but she went to graduate school..   It was very early in the day. In college, I often went to self-study and she also often went there..   I went to study in order to write articles, because at that time I wrote articles on the literature network. What about her, she went to study and take the exam. Because she was really not smart, but he worked hard. He was born in the liberal arts, so a lot of mathematics can’t be done. It’s simple for me..   At that time, she asked me what to do in the future. I said, to be a reporter, she said, she would be a university teacher..   The above sentence, maybe we all used it as a joke, but her dream came true and I don’t know where to go. In the afternoon, we talked on the phone again. I said, your dream has come true and my dream is gone.   She said that it is not enough, and she will continue to take the exam and get to a better school. She said that although it is a little difficult, it is ok, the difficulty is temporary, and the dream is life – long.. I said, don’t think about it, hurry to find someone to marry, she said, not to marry.   Compared with her, I think I am a little small. She really gave everything for her dream.   As for me, it is my dream to give everything for me, and I often change it.   I have a special liking for reading, and I don’t know why, and it seems that I am also the kind of person who likes stability, so more than once, I said, I wish I could get into a civil service.. But it must be impossible.   At the beginning, I accidentally registered my current pseudonym, perhaps in order to avoid a small meeting.   Of course, maybe it really has something to do with personality. I found that the brain is more active and there are really few persistent ones..   My brain is stupid, thinking seven times a day and eight times a day, so I certainly don’t have to say anything about it.   Because when we look at the past, we will surely find that once those big beauties were married to very honest ones.. But now, what is done well is also those who are very honest, because they are doing one thing and insist on doing it.   In fact, from the results, this principle can be explained clearly.   Because we are smart, we always think about this today and that tomorrow, but they don’t think about it, they always do it, and the result is really made by them.. They will also encounter difficulties, but they will always be solved.   However, we turned when we met big difficulties, and as a result, we met small difficulties one by one and turned every day..   Gradually, we all lost our way.   Think of this, I think of, have a good friend, he said, he must not work after graduation, must set up his own shop. Everyone who has just graduated has no money. What kind of store does he open? Right? At least he has to work for a few years and save some capital or something..   But he just didn’t go to work, so he borrowed money from us every day because he had to use it as a capital. Said shares can also be.   When I graduated, I didn’t have any money, so everyone can help me a little.   Just a few years after graduation, he now has more than 10 stores.   Because he is also busy, we talk less, but sometimes we talk. I often say that opening an online shop is also a shop, and it is in line with your dream.. No, he said, he wants to open a physical store.   However, he is now on the route of joining, and he said that he will be able to see his stores in all parts of the country in the future..   Speaking from the bottom of my heart, I really admire people like this all the time. As for them, they never aim at making money but at realizing their dreams, but in the process of realizing their dreams, they earn a lot of money..   Like my cousin, he used to travel to China on a broken bike and was half-dead by his hometown, but his painting was 10,000.   Several people are like this. One of my friends likes photography. Later said to be a photographer. When I was in college, I played DSR every day, saved money every day, and sometimes ate instant noodles. At that time, we often invited him to dinner..   He always felt that his brain was burning and poisoned. He could even study photography. Who wouldn’t press the shutter.   But after all these years, it seems that he made the most money and was also the happiest.   Because he is doing his favorite things every day, and if any of us need photography, we must be looking for him.But now it is also not good to find. Because he is very busy, he can’t do his business at present. He is also not oriented towards making money.   But in the process of playing, as Ma Yun said, he really made money.   In fact, it is also the blundering of the whole society. We are really looking at money all the time.. We always think that we want to make money, but few people really want to realize their dreams. However, the money was really earned by those who were studying dreams.   Because they can dream for nothing. They are all desperate. Difficulties mean little to them.   In fact, in the process of doing one thing, everyone will encounter difficulties, but we often bow down in front of difficulties or are often tempted by flowers on the side of the road.. However, some people really stick to their dreams all the time.   People with dreams will never get lost and will always know where they are going.   A friend of mine, who has been studying in senior three for four years, really feels that he is not the fast reader and wants to marry a rich wife. We just think, don’t think, this is life. It was fated that you could not marry a beautiful wife.   As a result, he has really been taking the exam all the time. Now in Jinjiang, his two girlfriends are rich and married a few days ago..   Originally, we thought we all walked tens of thousands of kilometers ahead of him. Unexpectedly, he graduated for one year, more than six or eight years of our struggle.. If he is also engaged in seven or eight activities, it will certainly not work. He would rather be single than rich.   I used to be the same next door, with a salary of 8000, also resigned, and then studied there. As a result, he was admitted as a certified public accountant, then went to do auditing, then married a doctor, and then became super happy..   I also asked him why he didn’t get married at the age of 34, and he said he would go and find it after he had passed..   In order to dream, they really give up a lot, but it is also true that dreams have achieved them..   The former Ma Yun started to have no money, but he also had a lot of money and opened many branches, but he never got any income behind him. He adjusted his strategy no longer from the interests of shareholders, but from the perspective of customers, so things are very popular..   So in the back, he also made a lot of money. I believe he is still doing the guest’s favorite thing up to now..   Dream this thing is really empty, but with him, you really won’t get lost.   Maybe we will encounter difficulties and get stuck for a while, but in the back, dreams will really achieve them and surpass those without dreams..   Therefore, we can’t laugh at those who walk slowly. As long as he has direction and dreams, they deserve our admiration..   My question: 838504315, welcome to add.