Weihai Tian He Street Office: Lin Peizhong mentioned gyroscopes, but now children don’t know much about gyroscopes, and fewer children have made gyroscopes themselves and experienced their own fun, but for our generation born in the 1.970s, spinning gyroscopes was once a boy’s favorite. To this day, the scenes of childhood friends pulling the top together are still vivid in my mind..     There are many kinds of gyroscopes, different sizes, different styles and different playing methods.. According to the type, it can be divided into traditional gyro and modern gyro, and according to the material, it can be divided into paper gyro, plastic gyro, wood gyro and iron gyro, and modern gyro can be divided into ultra-small gyro, small gyro, medium gyro and large gyro, etc. In those days, we mainly played with wooden gyroscopes, which were played with whips.. Most of the gyroscopes are self – made, and there are also a lot of stresses when small partners gather together to play the gyroscopes. The process of playing is not only the appraisal of works, but also the display of competition skills.. No matter on the level of ice, on the spacious road or on the bumpy slope, draw a few laps down, without comparison, and naturally distinguish the competition from the competition..     Playing with gyroscopes also had skills at that time, which were reflected in the making of gyroscopes and whips and the grasping of beating positions.. The gyro made is relatively simple in material selection, and poplar, apple wood or elm wood which can be seen everywhere are mostly selected according to the weight and hardness requirements. During production, logs about 5cm thick are sawed into 7 – 8cm long columns with a saw blade, and then 3 – 4cm long inverted cones are cut out with a knife axe. In order to ensure the wear resistance of the cone tip, iron nails or steel balls are also embedded in the cone tip.. A few buddies who are willing to work in the machinery factory begged their relatives to mechanically cut out exquisite walnut tops, because the fine workmanship and fine and symmetrical stripes are excellent products that we envy.. Because only a few people own it, most of the small partners can only be envious, hoping that the host can occasionally borrow it for a few strokes. There were also some small partners who made gyroscopes of loose wood and light weight tung wood. As a result, they flew away without a trace with a whip, causing numerous small partners to burst into laughter.. As for those of us who are not qualified to make walnut wood gyroscopes, we will try our best to dye the gyroscopes into various colors to make them spin more brightly.. The key to making a whip is to select the line. The cotton thread is not durable and will not last for a few times. Nylon thread is too light to be pulled up. The pimp is too hard and inappropriate. My friends like to make whips out of the thread drawn from the old tires of cars. The whips made are strong, wear-resistant and moderately hard and soft. The whips are made of 4 – 8 strands of thin thread and made into pencil – thick ones. It makes people particularly comfortable to play with a crisp sound.. If the top is pulled too low, the top will be suspended. If the top is pulled too high, it will fall down due to excessive tilt. Only beating it in the middle can make the top rotate smoothly.. The spinning top is divided into horizontal spinning and vertical spinning. The horizontal pumping method is to bend over and throw the gyro forward from the side. When the gyro is separated from the hand, it winds around the tail of the rope on the hand and quickly pumps backward, the gyro will move forward horizontally along the ground.. The vertical drawing method is to lift the top high and draw it from top to bottom while hitting it. If the top lands from the air, it will continue to rotate smoothly, indicating that the player is a superior player. On the contrary, the top dropped will roll randomly and become a dead top as soon as it lands.. The top competition field is a comprehensive arena for small partners. Besides entertainment, it is also a display of personal achievements. Together, whoever has exquisite whip, exquisite gyro, stable gyro rotation and long time will be the winner.. Who can make the gyro rotate smoothly and at a high speed looks like it is fixed there, and who is the master in the hearts of the small partners. Who can keep the gyro rotating in a fixed position all the time and finally grind the flat ice or ground into a small pit? He is the master among the masters.. Those who win the competition usually feel happy and confident and are respected and worshipped by their partners, and on the contrary, they are willing to admit defeat..     After many years, our generation has already entered the middle age of life, and ordinary life has made us increasingly numb, lacking the joy and excitement that life deserves.. During the holiday, I chatted with my childhood playmates about the time when I was playing top, and my happiness filled my heart unconsciously.. I am glad to see that today’s children, like gyroscopes, have been traveling between various special classes and cram schools since kindergarten, and I am really sorry for them.. Because I don’t know whether they will be as happy as we are when they recall their childhood in the future..     – Childhood 2014.1. 22