It’s been six or seven years since I met the barber. At that time, he was still working in the old unit and was considered an old neighbor.. Hairdressers look like they were in their early sixties this year. They worked in a grease factory in their early years. Since the closure of the unit 20 years ago, they have started a hairdressing business.. I heard that I am going through the retirement formalities now. He is not tall, thin, black and black, with flat head and small squinting eyes. He laughs first and enjoys himself all day long..     In fact, his studio is leaning against the door of the unit and walking down the road to the south of the county pharmaceutical company is like a dozen meters.. At his gate, turning inward is the gate of our unit. His house has two doors, Simon is newly opened, and there is also a door facing south, which was originally designed. So, in and out of the unit, must pass his door first. The barber shop is not big. It comes in from Simon and has two big mirrors on the front wall. It seems that it hasn’t been wiped for a long time. There is a broken calendar next to it.. Under the mirror is a long table with hair-cutting tools such as hair dryers, hair clippers and shavers.. There are two chairs in front of the mirror. The chair on the left can be laid down to facilitate shaving for customers. Under the window of the south gate, there is a chair for customers to rest. On the west gate wall is a coal stove for burning hot water. Next to it was a large water tank, always containing a tank of water. On the wall inside, a self-made water shower was hung, which was modified with an iron bucket, that is, a faucet was added to the bottom of the bucket near the bucket to wash the customer’s hair.. A string was pulled under the bucket and a string of disposable shampoo was hung on it. Under the window of the north wall, there is also a chair, but few people sit down. A string was also pulled over the chair for the barber’s overalls and smocks. As he often goes to his barber shop to have his hair cut, he is still familiar with the environment of this barber shop.. Impression, the room is not too bright, as long as the light is visible, the host is not willing to turn on the light.     Because he is a neighbor, he also often goes around the unit. of course, he usually stands at the gate of the unit when he comes off work.. I’m far from home and live in the unit. I seldom go back at ordinary times, so I know him very well and say ” hello” when I meet him.. Once, I ran a blackboard newspaper in the office, as if on Friday afternoon, he came over and watched me write and draw, praising a few words. Although, his level is limited, but the in the mind also very happy. When I’m finished, he didn’t mean to say a word. I’ll write a word on the wall battlements at the door another day. What words do you write? I’m afraid I can’t get my words. Where did you say? I think you’ve written quite well. It’s very simple. Just write two words for a haircut.. Well, as long as you’re not too ugly. The next day, Saturday, the unit rested. I found some red paint, took my large brush and passed. He has just opened the door and has no business yet. Seeing me, he came out of a small bench in panic, fearing that I was not tall enough to write with difficulty. I came to the front of the wall crib at the door, stood on the stool, picked up the pen, dipped it in paint, and wrote two large characters: a haircut. After writing it, he traced it again, that is, it took more than ten minutes to finish. The barber was very happy to see it, and his wife just came and said it was good to see it.. Before long, I went to him to have my hair cut, finished, said nothing and dragged along for half a day before accepting it.. At present, the two’ haircut’ words are still there, although they are a bit vague and not very well written..     Three years ago, the unit moved. To be honest, it was a bit reluctant to leave after being in one place for a long time.. As the unit air conditioner was not unloaded at the moment, I was the last to move out and stayed alone for more than 20 days. After the unit moved away, the busy yard was quiet all at once, but every office was a mess.. One afternoon, as soon as I got back to my old unit, I met him at the door. After chatting in the yard, he saw an abandoned coal stove thrown in the corner and asked me if I wanted more. I said, the new unit is no longer needed. If you are useful, move out. So I helped him lift the coal stove. After I finally moved out, I rarely went to the old unit and met the barber less often.     Once on the way, it was time to have a haircut and then turned to him. He and his wife are both busy. They are very enthusiastic to see me and are busy making me sit down.I found a small stool to sit on and watch them busy. His wife didn’t have a haircut, but she often laid hands on him and learned to do so slowly.. His wife is not tall, curly hair, a friendly face, and heard that she believes in Christ. Due to high blood pressure and diabetes, she doesn’t feel very well and hasn’t broken any medicine on weekdays.. Especially in the past two years, it seems more serious. In her words, we can’t stand for a long time.. It’s all right to sit and talk to them. I said, why didn’t you hear your dog barking today? Don’t mention it, the dog was stolen, and others didn’t give up selling it for money. Oh, I said, I heard the dog barking under the north window as soon as I entered the door.. The dog was raised by its owner from an early age. I’ve seen it before. It’s very strong and powerful. At ordinary times, they always tie it under the window.. A customer also interjected, ” Alas, nowadays people are really good grandchildren and steal everything.”. No, everyone is learning badly. The old man was talking and was lying there shaving his face.. In fact, most of the people who come here to have their hair cut are elderly, not many like me, not many young people, especially girls, and it is estimated that they do not value the environment here.. Perhaps, is despises the barber or does not match his craft. In fact, the barber’s skill is still good. He is good at shaving, cutting, blowing, ironing and dyeing.. According to him, in his early years he had given a county magistrate a haircut, and he talked about it with a flying air.. To me, it doesn’t matter. I’m not very particular. A haircut is just a hair cut short. As the saying goes, ” The bath doesn’t have to be jianghai, it needs to be cleansed”. I’ll go to him and make a bargain.. When someone else goes up to 5 yuan, he has 2 yuan here. When someone else goes up to 10 yuan, he has 5 yuan here. Cheap is the absolute principle, not cheap. To be honest, hairdressers are very good and popular. Most of the people who come here are repeat visitors, some of them come all the way here.. I heard that for customers with mobility problems, he often serves at home and never asks for more money.. Perhaps, in his opinion, he is eating this bowl of rice, which is convenient and doesn’t care about many pieces of octagonal food..     When I arrived at the new unit, there was a barbershop in the riverside village just across the wall. ” I got a month first near the balcony”, so for a long time, I went to riverside village for a haircut, and the old unit seldom went there, and seldom saw a barber.. At the end of last year, the hostess of the barber shop in Jiangbinzhuang closed because she returned to her husband’s family to have children.. No way, I had to run to the old unit again. Maybe, I like to go back to the old days, or maybe it’s because I know them well. The other day, I went to him to have a haircut. He was alone and his wife was not there.. He was chatting with the customer, who seemed to be familiar with him. Somehow, he talked about his part-time job.. In fact, I know something about it. I remember one afternoon last month, when I came to have a haircut, I heard that he had just found a part-time job, as if to show a nearby hotel the gate and burn the boiler.. In general, the night shift will take place at 6: 7 p.m. and work at 8.: 00 a.m. in the morning without delay. The barber said as he was busy with his work, ” I just quit and went to work for more than a month. I don’t like it.”. ‘ At me, he said, with a face of seriousness, ” I’m an honest man who keeps his own peace, a lady in a hotel or something, and I really don’t like messy things.”. The customer added: ” This is not always the case in the service industry at present.”? Alas, the social atmosphere has changed and it is impossible to return to chairman Mao’s time. I think the barber is really, this is mostly his principle and bottom line. In his words, ” I eat according to my own ability, do not engage in crooked ways or engage in cheating, and the gentleman likes to take advantage of wealth and let others say nothing about it”. I think of this, not because he lost his part-time job..     I am ashamed to say that I have known him for several years, but I really don’t know what the barber’s name is. I only know that his wife called him ” xiaobie” or ” xiaobian”, perhaps because of my negligence. I must ask his name next time I go to have a haircut..     2014.8. 31