Asking for help and asking for help Qin people to visit guiyuan buddhist temple, a famous tourist attraction in Wuhan, on the 5th of the year of Chuge ( it is said that this day is the day to pick up the God of Wealth ).     The air was dirty, smoke-filled and dimly lit in the Hall of Great Hero. The Buddha Sakyamuni, who appeared in the sky, looked at devout believers with smiling eyes and plump hands like ” orchid fingers” reaching out to sentient beings like giving you money and good luck.. , jostling, crowded, each with a dream to squeeze into the big male temple. Suits, shoes and rimless glasses are like civil servants. This is definitely a promotion for the official career.. Big head, thick neck and paunchy belly must be businessmen, begging Buddha to give them money. Under the influence of adults, students are blessed with excellent grades in high schools, universities and schools.. People are asking for a year-round peace, and more people are watching the scene of bustle.. People’s travel is to see more than one person. Hurriedly rushed to the scenic spot and posed in a popular posture, ” Kaka” took a few photos, even if ” to visit here.”. People in the streets are different and human nature is weird.     The Buddha is tall, glossy and gorgeous in appearance.. According to the data, the Buddha did not use steel or cement at all, but made of raw materials such as silk and palm hemp.. This mud image without any thinking can satisfy the wishes of many people?     I also learned to look like others and lit three incense sticks to the Buddha. I hope I’ll be safe, healthy and happy all the year round!     Suddenly I remembered a story. Said that a person had encountered difficulties and wanted to worship the Bodhisattva and ask for help from the gods when there was no way out.. He came to the temple, lit incense, knelt devoutly at the feet of ” Bodhisattva” and told his own difficulties after three knees and nine knocks. Suddenly he turned around and looked at the man around him and looked up at the Bodhisattva in the hall. ” Aren’t you a Bodhisattva?”? Why do you still beg to worship yourself? Bodhisattva said with a slight smile that it is better to beg for anyone than yourself! ‘ yes! What good can this seemingly good-looking and motionless mud image do for itself? Ask who is better than ask yourself!     Civil servants serve the people wholeheartedly, and you will be recommended and reused by the people on your own steadfast work.. Businessmen who swim diligently in the sea of markets with an agile mind will surely be able to seize the money that belongs to you.. Students study hard and diligently, and by their own intelligence and intelligence, they will reach the ideal high point.     All one’s life, one will encounter bumps, taste bitterness and helplessness, and experience setbacks and frustrations.. Rather than relying on other people’s alms and help, it is better to be angry and strong, because only oneself can really be trusted. When you set foot on the journey of life, the road has already stretched under your feet. As long as I seize the opportunity, I can go forward bravely..     Everyone needs to develop more or less with the help of external forces. This is the time when the external causes give a life creation.. However, often internal changes and creations have to play a definite role, which is an obvious problem. Perhaps it is because the reason is too simple, so it is so difficult to do it. The so-called external cause is to ask for people, and the internal cause is to ask for oneself.. It is a simple truth to ask for others rather than yourself. ‘ the gentleman for the oneself, SIMS for the people. I saved myself by my own efforts when no one offered a helping hand. I still stood fearlessly in the music hall in Vienna and, as usual, led people into a pure and beautiful world with my baton.. And people will always remember my name, Beethoven, because of my immortal movement.     2016. 02. 18..