The most feared thing in my life is to take a car. I will not forget the pain of carsickness even in my life. I have another characteristic of motion sickness. The smaller the car, the more severe the motion sickness. The bus ride is more dizzy, the bus ride is especially dizzy, and the car ride is quite dizzy.. If it is an air-conditioned car that can’t open the window, it will be even worse if it encounters a few smokers..     When I was a child, I especially liked the smell of petrol and did not hate the smell of cigarettes. Every time a small ship with a movie, generator and projector comes into the village, the strong and familiar smell of petrol makes people look forward to and ecstatic. In the evening, in the open-air movie theater, the villagers lit a cigarette gun and leisurely swallowed clouds and vomited fog while watching the movie.. I sat in a long-prepared chair, enjoying watching feature films in the wonderful smell of petrol and cigarettes, and in the smoke, dreaming as beautiful as ever.. However, when I first took a car, the strange smell of petrol mixed with the smell of hot cigarettes turned my dream into a nightmare, unforgettable and unforgettable.     I remember that the first time I took a car was when I went to the county seat for the examination in the third grade of junior high school. There were hundreds of men, women and children in the small trunk.. There were several people crowded in each row of seats, and dozens of people were still standing huddled on the sidewalk between the seats.. I was curious and excited to be caught in the sidewalk with my classmates. The whole body was stiff and there was no room for movement.. The car started to run, and I rocked left and right and leaned forward and back together with the turbulence of the car.. When the car went downhill, it suddenly felt that the heart was hanging in the air, as if someone was going to forcibly take it off. When a sudden brake was applied, the heart slammed into the atrium and seemed to be about to fly out. The feeling was torture, all the way, the curiosity and excitement of the first car ride had disappeared without a trace. The strange smell of petrol and hot cigarettes in the car made me sick and unable to stop. Before long, the head began to turn very dizzy, shining golden stars in front of him, turning the river into the sea in his stomach and sweating all over him. The taste had never been experienced before, perhaps even worse than death. I wish I could grab the window and jump out of the car at once.. Gradually, I almost couldn’t hold on. My classmates found something wrong with me and quickly asked me to lean on her back.. With the car bumping up and down and shaking up and down, I feel that the whole body seems to be a fallen leaf floating in the sea and is in danger of being swallowed up by the wind and waves at any time.. In the painful ordeal, there is only one strong idea that supports it, that is, to hope that the car will arrive at the station sooner and end the ordeal sooner rather than later. The long journey was really tough. I don’t know how long it took before the car finally stopped. When my classmates dragged me out of the car, I looked almost half dead, and the results of the next day’s exam were predictable.. From then on, I hated the smell of petrol and cigarettes, and even more afraid of taking a car.     Although I was afraid of taking a car, taking a car in real life is inevitable.. However, I had to do everything I could to prevent motion sickness before I rode in the car.. Taking carsick medicine, smelling orange peel, sticking ginger on acupoints, sticking instant stickers behind ears and so on, all tried, but all failed to work for me, and still did not miss the sight of fainting, without exception.. In the ordeal after ordeal, I also summed up the experience that I fasted the day before the bus, did not eat or drink, and waited until my stomach was empty before getting on the bus.. Although some cruel, but it is better than nausea and vomiting. So, every time I take a car, it’s like the last execution ground, having a nightmare. A few days before I was going to take a bus, a shadow was already pressing on my heart and became an unbearable pain in my life.. On the day of the bus ride, I always took a bit of ease in getting on the bus. After getting on the bus, always keep a posture, dare not speak, dare not look out of the window. It is not possible to close your eyes and repose, or to swim outside your mind, or to think about more interesting issues. I was distracted and disgusted by the sound of people in the car mixed with petrol and cigarettes.. Sitting in the car for a long time, all the discomfort must not be dispelled at all. The foolish and motionless figure is like a puppet.. If the car has been running smoothly, it feels better, but it is impossible at all. The car is fast and slow and stops when it is moving, the taste is just indescribable pain.. After getting out of the car, it was like having had a serious illness and was weakened, and it was only a few days before it could recover slowly.. Therefore, in my life, I would never dare to take the risk of taking a car without taking a car.. Every holiday, I always watched others travel in a drizzly bus, but I was annoyed in my heart and sighed that I was born without a blessing..     One year the school organized a trip to Nanjing. My husband and I had agreed to have a good trip with the family.. The seven-year-old son was as happy as New Year’s Day. He had an early appointment with his friends and could not wait to buy food on the road.. It was a school package tour bus. I heard it was a very luxurious air-conditioned car. I hesitated again. At ten o’clock in the evening, when the bus arrived, I looked at my sleeping son and thought about the pain of carsickness. I finally didn’t have the courage to wake up my son and gave up the chance to travel cruelly.. The next day, when his son woke up, he knew the car had left early and cried for half a day.. Looking at his sad and pitiful son, he was really guilty of being a mother, especially when his little partner came back to show off the fun of his trip to Nanjing, his son wept again.The experience made me feel sorry for myself for many days, and I always felt that I owed my children for my car sickness..     Because of this carsick problem, my family did not worry less about it. When I know I have to take a car, my family will be worried and even more nervous than I am. Remember this summer vacation, I’m going to the bride’s family. Although it is only about two hundred miles away, the road has to be emptied three times. By convention, the night before, I started not to eat or drink. The next morning, my husband anxiously sent me to the car and kept telling me what to pay attention to. I just told him impatiently not to call me because I couldn’t answer the phone when I was in the car.. My parents know my virtue. In order to let me empty the car once less, my father rode a battery car to pick me up at the station twenty miles away with a weak body, and bought food specially so that I could fill my stomach when I got off the bus without hurting my stomach with hunger.. In fact, when I got off the bus, I seemed to have just come out of purgatory and couldn’t eat anything at all.. Dad looked at me like I was ill and just shook his head and sighed heartily.. In the face of dad’s loving eyes, I felt very sad.     By the time I got to the bride’s family, my mother was already ready to eat. I still don’t have appetite. I’ll sit down and rest for a while before I get a good night’s sleep. Only after a few days can I recover slowly. In those days, my mother didn’t let me do anything. She thought of ways to make me a good meal. She treated me like a wife, making me feel uncomfortable.. Originally I went home to accompany the old man, but I let them worry about me instead. After I recovered my spirits for a few days, I will go back again. In order to take the bus, I had to fast ahead of schedule. My mother comforted me by saying it may not matter this time and advised me to eat less. How dare I make an exception and make myself sick and vomit in the car. When the old man sent me on the bus, he said piteously, ” Every time I go home, I have to go back and forth hungry, and I feel like I have suffered two serious illnesses for no reason.”. After the holiday is short, still don’t come back. ‘ Listen to my mother, my eyes are wet with sadness. Although I also want to go home often on holidays, I cannot bear to go back to my home without saying that my body suffers and makes my parents feel distressed and uneasy.. So, simply don’t go back.     Although I am suffering from carsickness, I am not totally wrong, but also a little bit of compensation.. A few years ago, colleagues were competing with each other to buy cars. The husband is eager to follow the trend and buy a car for a natural and unrestrained time.. My home is very close to my work unit and it is only a few minutes’ walk away, so I don’t have to waste a lot of money on buying and maintaining cars at all.. Because I feel carsick and hate the smell of petrol, I am extremely frightened when I think of taking a car, and I still have an extreme resistance and rejection mentality when I see a car, so buying a car is absolutely impossible for me.. The husband can only helplessly look at the car and sigh, and the family will naturally save a lot of expenses.     In addition, my family was used to it a long time ago. What’s the matter with relatives in the distance? It’s all my husband’s business, not my job at all.. Because I am carsick, I can refuse rightfully. When all my family members are gone, I can stay at home and do what I like and enjoy my own independent space. In fact, it also happens to be my characteristic of liking peace and not liking social parties..     Although I can compensate for the pain of carsickness, whenever I see other people’s leisure, I still feel envious of being able to ride out at will.. Alas, annoying carsickness! I have nothing to do. Continue to faint, it seems that I can’t get rid of annoying carsickness in my life. Life, more than one kind of deformity, more than one regret, may be more real and better.