It seems particularly enchanting and affectionate to women, and is often referred to as ” green silk” or ” love silk”. Why do you keep green silk for beauty and discard it?? Is it another kind of free and easy, or do you want to abandon the pain once upon a time? Regardless of ancient and modern times, women are extremely precious to their hair. It is a very proud thing to have long black and beautiful hair..     In ancient times, women cut off a strand of hair and gave it to the right man to show their wish for a hundred years, which was the most solemn and sincere pledge.. In martial arts novels, women’s infatuation will often be betrayed and their hair will be white overnight. It is a cold and decadent ending..     In all the troubles of the world of mortals, there is no lack of women who have escaped into the void for the sake of giving up their love and affection.. I think that every woman who has lost her hair has been hurt in her heart by love, and then everything in her life has collapsed.. Otherwise, who will be malicious to listen to the cold click and then fall to the ground, except for the 3,000 annoying wires, is the cold silence of the dying heart that has taken root and sprouted since then. It was real despair, a stagnant pool of soul, willing to turn cold into ice and forget on the cliff for a lifetime..     So between all events, the three thousand moss is the most entwine that can’t be given up without cutting, a wisp of it is really full of ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings.. Buddhists often refer to hair as 3,000 annoyance threads, which can be seen as easily provoking troubles and breeding all kinds of knot in one’s heart..     From a very young age, I was extremely envious of those princesses with long hair in fairy tale books. Later, I watched the theatre and watched the film and television works. All women with long hair always have to see a few more eyes, and then draw them down with imagination. The ancient ones were hairpin pearls and jade with long sleeves, while the modern ones were long skirts hanging down, and a pair of stilettos showed their charm. However, no matter what kind of women, long hair is indispensable.. It seems, from the bottom of my heart, that only long hair is the most pure and beautiful symbol for women..     I have been longing for the posture of long hair fluttering all the time, but my natural hair is sparse. I always have short hair before graduating from junior high school, and then I finally have long hair, but it always feels like the branches of trees in winter, and it is too depressed. Later, I took part in the work and my hair fell off a lot..     By the time I was nearly 30 years old, my hair was already countless, and I finally made up my mind to cut my hair a few days ago and watched the barber’s scissors fly up and down, clicking incessantly. My heart was sinking a little bit, feeling that something in my body had been siphoned off and empty..     All of a sudden I think of those women who have lost their hair to Nepal. How much courage do they have to have? It is a kind of determination, a kind of oblivion to extinction. I’d rather hide all the elegance in the silence and bitterness of the Qingdeng ancient Buddha, with Sanskrit sounds and smoke, but there are still a few people who can really put down all the sadness and bitterness in their hearts.?     Green silk, like a cloud, is often used to depict the flourishing beauty of a woman’s hair. It is an inky flower that blooms beautifully and enchanting. It is always the most appropriate way to release the gentleness and gentleness of a woman’s life..     No matter who participates in the fox and obsequious ghosts in the Liaozhai regulations, the hairpin ring gold show in the red chamber, or the goddess of the moon and the weaver in the sky, which is not a long hair bun? Whenever a woman likes beauty, she is infatuated with the three thousand moss.     In order to win a look back from my sweetheart, the women who are happy with themselves have made great contributions to their troubles.. As a result, the red stroke met the bearded guest when the window was used to manage the clouds and temples. Su Shi still remembered the appearance of her dressing ten years after her wife died, because this was the most beautiful posture of the woman, like a flower that was blooming at the beginning, with a little dew in the morning and a weak willow rising in the wind. How could it not be loved by all people??     The best way to retaliate against the right man by giving his hair to him and the woman who hates his bones is to destroy the other person’s hair by all means. This is absolutely enough and vicious enough.. Those who have been betrayed by their sweetheart will lose their heads overnight, or even more definitely lose their hair to Nepal. These women must be some stupid women, so awe-inspiring that they will either blossom to the most beautiful or be completely destroyed..     They are too eager for perfection. Their love is to love with all their lives, like moths to catch fire. Such strong love is doomed to destruction.. And this profuse hair, which once won them countless elegant demeanour and looking back at the hair, has become the biggest surplus at the moment, so there can only be a most sparse end.     It is because of these beautiful, beautiful and lovely hair that they are falling like flying flowers under a pair of cold scissors, falling all over the floor in an instant, so cool and so quiet that no one will ever ask them again..     Most of the time, I always think that these beautiful hair lines are really like the title of a text of Xuexiaochan, so beautiful and so sinful? Cut the vexed silk, can you really put everything down from now on?     In any case, no matter how much life the hair carries, I still like it and respect it, just like I do to everything in nature. I think, in a few years, my short hair will grow into a flowing long hair again, and my dream of long hair will come true if my mind doesn’t dry up..