Sometimes I think that those sad stories may be a memory imposed on me. I don’t know how to walk through the living past, but I always feel sad and overwhelmed in the later years.. Perhaps this is self-righteous mood and subversion of inner hesitation.   I haven’t written any words for a long time. I am always busy with all kinds of cares or cares in my life.. Most of the time, I don’t have time to sort out my finely divided mood and occasional thoughts. I may just be afraid that my words are too obscure. I don’t want to express those cold words in front of my friends. No friend can always agree with your uneasiness.. Those obscure and uneasy years can only be a transition and cannot last for a certain period of time in each period of time.. And my heart was always in a state of panic during this period, with a calm surface and a quiet heart..     Everyone has a story engraved on his heart, a song with lingering sadness, and a period of mottled and clear time marks.. All those things that have gone away can’t be ignored. They are always deeply engraved in the heart, but occasionally appear in the most obscure and plain manner..   Believe that all the good things will come at a price. Whether it’s compensation at that time or later, as long as we have good things, we will always pay the price before we get them or after we lose them.. This is a definite rule, like a fixed number in the dark. So we have, smile, miss, abandon, cry, walk, cool and quiet. This is the most common walk, but it is the experience and devotion of all feelings, happiness and heartache.     I remember that young man, with firm waiting and repressed crying, persistent commitment and unbridled friendship.. How many years have passed, but still remember. However, the passage of time can take away all firmness and unreliability and eliminate all vows and lies. So those who touched him were still standing in that particular time, and the firm end of the year was staying in that time.. Today, in the bustling city and the impetuous time, there is no longer his smile and wait. Therefore, it is clear that things are people who don’t have everything to rest, and everything that knows how to be firm will remain in those fragile and young times, and no one can take it away, nor can it be taken away..   In fact, everyone is keen to miss, how can those past not be missed? Those are all walks of life with blood and tears, all walks of life with deep feelings, all walks of life with determination and seriousness step by step, all moments of smiles and tears filling up and then supporting the past years.. So we passed, missed, forgotten, and were silent.     Many times, seeing other people’s stories and listening to other people’s words will remind us of the past, when all these stories are their own past, they all remember light and shadow.. So I always like to watch those favorite movies and look through them in the past with a feeling that no one can thoroughly understand..   I don’t know why they are always in such a hurry that people can’t help feeling tired and sad.. I always want to write down warm words, but those warm words always have a slight coolness, and these wisps of coolness exist silently, but they are always very humble and hidden. I don’t know how to warm them, just as I don’t know how to warm myself.     I seldom go to nostalgia for the past that I once cared about, but I always think of the past, a certain scene, a certain person and a certain story in a trance at the most casual moment.. These have no any meaning, but they are always like a bird hiding in a corner, taking off instantly and falling down again.   Occasionally, a certain period of time will feel that one’s life is spent trembling, without past, future or present. Just struggling with the most careful attitude and surviving. And my heart is also very eager to live and live. For me, this may be a place in my heart.   When my tears are so sad and helpless, can I stop smiling and being strong for a while and wait until all this is over before setting sail again. However, every time I buried those transparent tears with the most silent coolness, then smiled and insisted on moving in the established direction.. Over time, I began to like the first ray of sunshine in the morning, which can heal all the sadness in the dark.     Occasional moments always feel unreal about those beautiful things and good mood, and the hazy threads will make the heart appear nihilistic. So the days are long, I no longer face the good with a smile, but pass by with a faint smile when every good moment comes.. Forgive me for being timid and humble. I just want to be so plain and not sad, and I don’t want to be happy and disappointed..   Sometimes think about it, those sad stories that people can’t help but feel may be a memory imposed on them. I don’t know how to walk through the living past, but I always feel sad and overwhelmed in the later years.. Perhaps this is self-righteous mood and subversion of inner hesitation.   I always see many people laugh when I am sad, then my loneliness and sadness will rise indefinitely and disappear when I am quiet at some moment.. Perhaps everyone’s mood is so unexpected and contrary. This is the emotion given to us by different life, and I can only use it in silence.     A Chinese petticoats, can you cover my sadness? Can the distant time return to the past?  A Chinese dress, can warm my heart? Can the wrong years regain their glory?   A Chinese petticoats, can cover my hesitation? Can the thick rings of the year penetrate through the same year’s fate and hopelessness?   A Chinese dress, can you hide my vicissitudes of life? Can the era of panic again calm the forbearance and vagrancy of that year?   A Chinese dress, can you bury my heart? Can the desolate year warm the happiness and desolation of the year?     Whose Chinese petticoats cover my sadness? Whose dress warms my heart? Who’s Chinese petticoats covering my wanderings? Whose Chinese petticoats conceal my vicissitudes of life? Whose Hua Chang buried my heart? And whose warmth and smile spread the thread and prosperity of the attack on Hua Chang? Persistence and Watch?[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]