Confused living, just thinking about what you can see, a lot of confusion is living around, waiting for people to step on it. The figure is ample. At this time, there should be a person who stays where he is, observing silently and feeling dejected. The expression of heavy water looks at the back of the person in a hurry with indifference, as if someone else’s frustrated trip had already been seen through by him – there is no longer any poetry at all.. He is the shadow, with the sun shining, following people or quiet or stop. The fashionable and gorgeous clothes bid farewell to the light and the bright ceremony and chose to decorate the ground in confusion.. If you are surprised by the passing of light, you will be surprised if you are flying in the sky.. Maybe fast-paced music is the master of smile, and he will stir up the heartstrings. But in fact, mines are everywhere, and if they are not careful, they are easy to step on. So thinking was called, and naturally. I wish I hadn’t thought about it, and there wouldn’t be so much pain. ” —” This is undoubtedly the common idea of all existence, including those perceptual shadows. But the problem is that if a mine is stepped on, it can only think about it. So the question came. The drama is just beginning. The bell rang six times. May everything be fine and wait for the beauty of the beginning of the day. Phoenix, singing the sunrise; You, Jing Hong’s Dragon Rider. From the free and easy, one by one through the shadow of the spring flowers; If you are infatuated and drunk, you will always sigh where you are going. ‘ Willow Yiyi, sentimentally attached to the heart, condensed into drops of water in the lotus pond, so regretless. However, the lotus leaf did not hold the delicate and charming and adorable, just allowing the insects in the water to pass by little by little.. ‘ Is it worth it? The world, floating so much resistance. This resistance can even cut off the fragrance of flowers. ‘ such as drinking water, cold and warm self – knowledge. Feeling and feeling, since ancient times, it was dew in late autumn and early morning that could not hide for a long time.. Spring is full, Yingge butterfly, Bi Cheng red makeup, all simple happiness seems to come from not thinking about it. However, the drinker will still be aware of the cold water. Thinkers are still on a hard journey. Sad people also drink snow water in winter. The truth has not been changed. Some of them are just flying over the past and burying their emotions in the future. It takes courage to think. Yes, it is not a breath, a throbbing look. Because in the face of life, no one is easy. Flat light, who looks flat? Those songs and songs that leave are slowly immersed in the sea of imagination and the picture is fixed. When all sounds are silent, if we reverse the discontinuous scenes one by one, whose panic and regret will the honest shadow bring?? Where memories overlap, how can a lone aromatic appreciate himself? Up and down, left and right, front and back, between heaven and earth, how many whispers did lips move to turn calm into a transparent breath of God? It is easy to forget the scene at that time, but because of silence and reserve, I left the imagined emperor Zhang to the corner – solitary fragrance self – appreciation! Only to find that a wisp of dust under the sponsor is blooming in the air. Qinghuan, pestering with sorrow and resentment, shunned the night-long Shan Yu and ushered in another floating day with a world-shaking dance.. The heart depends on, where is the feeling. Just wait until the spring breeze finally sends a blessing. Drinking water to quench thirst, ice and snow, only dusk bleaks the hair, and the ancient brake bell rings … Who ever knew that the charm of wine is so great. Let all sober indulgence condense into inner weightlessness. I couldn’t help asking them: How long will it take you to get drunk before you wake up?