Xigou is my home, with big and burly mountains on both sides, leaving only thin yellow highland barley grass and firewood due to the villagers’ continuous felling and climbing in the mountains.. The angle between the two mountains, a stream flowing for many years, seems to wash feet for the two tired mountains.     I can’t forget my mother’s nagging mouth. I can’t forget my father’s rough hand to give me a hand, a small hometown that can’t be small and can’t be small – creek ditch..     Xigou is my home, with big and burly mountains on both sides. As the villagers kept cutting down and climbing on the mountain, they only left some thin yellow highland barley grass and firewood.. The angle between the two mountains, a stream flowing for many years, seems to wash feet for the two tired mountains. The stream became the source of our fun and the starting point of the story..     We have to cross this small ditch every day and go across the stream to the opposite school. When I came back from school in the afternoon, a few neighbor’s children were huddled together, naked and naked, into the water that still had a slight coolness.. To take a bath is more to think about the fun of catching fish. We gently and quietly put our small hands into the rocks that we indulge in the bottom of the water, and then catch the little fish. Since it is not the time for fish breeding, we seldom catch crabs with iron arms more often, and let them severely hold or hold our hands, because the pain and bleeding caused by being caught are not painful.. Gradually, we groped for a lot of rules about the water. Because the water under the stone and in the hole is warm, crabs can hold their hands, and snakes can’t open their mouths to bite in the water, so we are more unbridled in the water.. Most of the time I came home feeling black and walked into the house, but the father who was sitting under a kerosene lamp and smoking a stuffy cigarette looked up at me for a few eyes, and I began to tremble all over, knowing what a terrible scene it would be.     Have you eaten yet? Have you studied abroad! ‘ Father pursed the lips and asked with great love. He continued to snap the tobacco rod made of bamboo rod, slowly huffing and puffing the white mist, very calm. ‘ eat, go and eat! ‘ mother at a side to persuade way.     I filled a bowl of plain boiled water with a soil bowl and ate the meal my parents left me stiffly.. According to the instructions, I wolfed down the cold and hard sweet potatoes, cleaned up the table and washed the bowls and chopsticks.. Without saying a word or saying a word, he sat down under the kerosene lamp with his schoolbag, took out the crumpled book and drew it on his exercise book with his pencil with a flat mouth.. One side of the father, is still so quiet, continue to smoke, mother sat there also did not say a word, the family who also ignored who, at the moment, the atmosphere in the home is quite serious. But my heart was always beating with a drum, and I was so bored that I didn’t have to glance at my father to see if there was any new movement..     About an hour later, my father stopped smoking and got up and came to me. Touched my head and said, ” Have you finished your homework today?”? Show me your role.     I timidly handed the ugly exercise book to my father. He frowned, narrowed his eyes, thoughtfully stood up, and I sat him down.. I seem to see the words dancing in the kerosene light, crooked in the trembling light, and beginning to become bare as if we were naked in the river playing with water, and my heart swelled and I was afraid my father would see our playing mood from the words and arithmetic.. The wind blew his father’s thin body into coughing. My heart seems to have been pulled up all the time and I dare not relax every moment. Father suddenly got up and said: Come on, sit down and look at your homework. Well done, just so – so! He gently removed his steps and walked into the bedroom. I thought my father praised me for what I had done, so my mood relaxed and I quickly put away my books and homework and put them in my schoolbag.     My father came out of the room without saying a word, and without saying a word, he whipped me with his special pointer. I felt very wronged. Isn’t it ok just now?. So he rebelled, and the more he rebelled, the more he waved the whip, my body? a href = ‘ http : / / sanwenzx. com / sanwenzhuanti / 2010 / 0123 / 15744. Html’ target =’ _ blank’ > likes to be a young lotus root school in the United States. ( U.S. ) Armed with weapons and weapons, the white rebellion ( U.S. ) – What’s the reason for this? It’s in this case that the badger is used to pay taxes.. I the word is cut and considered. U.S. source pi yin n has been used by U.S. workers to cover the canopy of the canopy and Huan ” I know” the antagonistic tour of the canopy.? Br / > my father bit his teeth, ” the incompetent guy, yes, so – so, you have made so many mistakes in arithmetic, and you also have a look, are your Chinese characters written by ants, winding like centipedes, come here, come here, don’t give me protection.. He said almost madly that I kept sniffling in my mother’s arms and did not dare to look at him. My mother lifted me up and comforted me by saying, ” Try hard, your family has been farmers for generations, and your father doesn’t want you to be a farmer, and he has been gnawing at that thin land all day.”. You see how promising Zhang Wazi next door is, he has gone to work in the city now.     I broke away from my mother’s arms like a wake-up call and said in a sob: Dad, Mom, I must work hard and work like Brother Zhang.. My father and mother were very pleased to see my ambitious answer. Father came up and handed me the wooden stick and said, ” Take it, Dad believes you, remember this wooden stick.”. I nodded my head gently.     Since the beating, I have been very sensible, hard-working and diligent in doing housework for my father and mother. In my sixth grade, our family was quite poor and had few meat to eat. The stream seemed to understand my thoughts and get something to nourish my father and mother. As a result, there were more fish in the river and my body was getting bigger and bigger. I went into the water naked like a few years ago to catch fish. I couldn’t live up to my expectations and caught dozens of fish, enough for the family to have a good meal..Only to find that I was bitten by a snake that was also waiting for me to catch fish in the cave. I quickly returned home with the caught fish and told my father that I was bitten by a snake, but I was busy destroying my father and looking for herbs everywhere to prevent poisoning..     I said: Dad, you haven’t eaten meat for a long time and your body is very weak. I want to cook soup for you by catching a few fish. I didn’t think of that. My words were interrupted by my father before they were finished: children, don’t worry about your father, your father is very good, as long as you study well. Say, your hand stroked my head again, I know you must be very grateful to me at that time, and I’m glad to have such a child..     Yes, I have already gone to work in the city. I can’t help but feel a little shabby when I think of these things. But you are still in the country watching the acres of land, planting potatoes, digging sweet potatoes, snapping corn, drenching rain and staring at the sun, still smoking your own cigarettes in the dim light, or breathing the smoke in such a leisurely manner.. Every time I go home, you always touch my head habitually. You said you could feel steadfast and warm by touching my head..     I have walked into the city for many years, and many things have gradually eroded over time, but the feeling of father’s rough hands touching my head has deepened.. The batten and the hands that have pushed me are always present in my life. I always watch out for me and encourage me to push me. I think it is because of the hands that I feel the great power to be helped..   2009 – 12 – 28[ Responsible Editor: Chloe[ Original ]