After hearing the news of my brother’s layoff, my heart suddenly became heavy, as if I had hanged a stone in my heart. The younger brother never expected to lose his job in the late forties.. He always believed that the unit he worked for was career establishment. In this small town, there was no precedent for workers laid off from public institutions, so he did nothing in his spare time except work all day.. I once advised him to go to a skill school to see if he has a suitable job when he is free, and to learn a skill when there is less work in the winter.. In case of future depression of the unit, leave the job without pay and make good use of the skills learned to support the family.. Besides, in recent years, workers in enterprises who have not achieved good results have resigned and worked alone, and he has ignored my suggestions.. This is not, how to say, how to come, now laid off, he didn’t know that institutions also have no iron rice bowl. Some time ago, I went back to my hometown to visit relatives and saw that he was in a state of helplessness. I wanted to say a few words to him, but I was angry with him because I was worried about speaking out. I argued with him again and the words stopped at the mouth of my mouth.. Compared with my introverted, calm, younger brother is more extroverted, optimistic and straightforward. I grew up in the care of my brothers and sisters, and grew up in the shelter of my parents.. He didn’t work hard at school and his academic results were so sloppy that he was doomed to have no hope of taking an examination of the university. His father suggested taking an examination of the technical school. He abandoned being a worker and refused to take the examination. As a result, he was unemployed after failing the entrance exam and idled around all day.. Later, a ferroalloy factory in Ningbei recruited workers from the county seat. Parents saw him idle all day and let him sign up for the job.. Relying on their parents since childhood, they have not experienced hardships and setbacks. When they arrived in Ningbei, the water and soil refused to say anything and diseases followed. His unruly character is bound to offend people and provoke right and wrong.. Soon after entering the factory, he often wrangled and even fought with his workmates for various reasons.. One year later, his father asked him what happened to the four-inch scar on his hand. He kept telling his father that he was injured on duty.. In fact, as far as I know, it was a fight with a workmate and was cut with a knife. Seeing him in this situation, the elderly father worried that more work injuries would happen to his younger son, so he asked for a relationship and transferred him from the ferroalloy factory in Ningbei to the county highway bureau.. At the highway bureau, I finally got a fixed job and getting married has become a pressing matter of the moment.. Mother also said during her lifetime that she could help him to see the children while she was at home early.. However, his younger brother’s marriage has gone through a lot of trouble. It is not that he despises others, but that they dislike his older age and his unseemly work.. Those who have a job and look good do not value him, while those who have a job generally do not, tossing and turning, and getting married only when they are several years old.. Daughter – in – law is a worker in a county-run enterprise. The enterprise closed down two years after marriage, and the daughter-in-law became a laid-off worker.. After their marriage, the two often quarreled and divorced in three days. Once their sister-in-law went to work in Zhejiang’s sister’s office for three months, and their brother did not go to find her.. When parents see this, they ask their younger brother for advice. They see that they can’t live together, and they have two fights in three days. A noisy family can’t live in peace. It’s better to call people back to the two families to discuss the matter and see if they can live or not. Let’s forget it separately.. But the younger brother did not promise to separate or live together. In this way, the split-and-match situation continued until the end of the day before the mother died, and the mother finally left regretfully without seeing her brother’s children.. In fact, the two brothers and sisters-in-law quarreled like this and often divorced because they had no children. In the second year after the mother’s death, the two had children. They did not quarrel or make any noise. It seems that children are the link between maintaining marriage and maintaining family.. It’s a pity that the mother can’t see her four grandsons and five grandsons that she has been expecting for many years.. If she had been alive, how happy she would have been to see her two lively and lovely grandchildren, perhaps she would have no regrets in this life. Sometimes I think my brother is a child who will never grow up. If he had been older, he would have tasted the hard work of doing farm work and kept him in the countryside like other children, eating more years of hardship and suffering more years of sin, giving him a long memory. In this way, let him in the future days, in the face of any work, will not feel hard here, where is not good, also let him clearly see their weaknesses, will not fall to this point today. The brothers and sisters all thought that the younger brother was able to retire this time, but did not think of the internal reform of the highway bureau in the past few years, which diverted some workers to a subordinate company of the county highway bureau.. Although the salary of this subordinate company is not different from the original salary, the system is different, but the careless brother does not understand these and has no potential interest in the problem of consciousness.. As a result, the county highway bureau disintegrated the company belonging to the younger brother on the grounds of tapping the potential and increasing efficiency and streamlining the organization. the company retired when it was older, and those who were younger returned to the highway bureau with access and eliminated those who were not too young and had no access like the younger brother.. After the unit symbolically compensated for unemployment benefits, the younger brother lost his job in this way. I always think that the fourth brother is the youngest son of his parents, and he is spoiled and lacks the spirit of going out into the world.. Although he said many times that he would have gone out to work if his old father hadn’t needed someone to take care of him in front of him.. I know that most of his words are oral kung fu. When he really lets him go out, I’m afraid he is easy to say and difficult to do.. As far as the elderly father needs to be taken care of, let’s not mention that his two youngest sons, who have just started to walk, will also make it difficult for him to walk in the morning when they get up all over the house looking for a father.. A few years ago, my brother’s unit benefit was not very good. When I visited him, I told him that the benefits of the enterprise depend on the market development trend. No enterprise can guarantee its profits every year. My enterprise is an example.. In the past few years, when the benefits were good, it was an extremely favorable opportunity for the development of the enterprise. However, the leaders of the enterprise lacked foresight, insight and courage, the system was backward, the equipment was aging, the cost was rising, and the price of raw materials was rising, but the leaders turned a blind eye to it, only indulging in the immediate achievements and temporary glory.. As a result, with the advent of the Asian financial crisis, the situation plummeted, but it was too late to save it. There was no way out, so the enterprise had to reorganize and seek new opportunities.. I said this to my brother, meaning that he would spare some time to look at some knowledge related to skills and attend various skill training courses organized by the county employment bureau to prevent him from having nothing to do when the enterprise closes down in the future.. I am a brother who is not in front of me and cannot do much help for him. I say this and I have the right to do a situation education analysis for him. I hope he will consider it, but he turns a deaf ear to his left ear and a deaf ear to his right ear..I was worried about my brother’s business within a few years, and the worry became a reality and he was laid off. At first, he also hid the facts from his father and brothers and sisters. Early and late every day, as if nothing had happened. But the paper can’t contain fire, he was laid off by the second brother of the public security bureau to work. The second brother also learned through his big brother when he talked about his brother’s unit being laid off after its dissolution. The second brother’s big brother and younger brother were in a system. The family was a small leader. Later, when the company was in a tight wind, the family entered the highway bureau, while the younger brother stayed in the company and became a victim of enterprise reform.. This year, when I went home to visit relatives, my father told me that my brother was laid off and had nothing to do at present. He was working at the construction site, leaving early and returning late, and his face was much less tired than before. He hurried back to his room to sleep soon after finishing his meal every day. He wanted to talk to him well and saw that he was exhausted after a day’s work. What did he say?? Father said this, a face of helpless expression. I know my father is old and has not been in a leadership position for many years, and he can’t get a decent job for his younger son.. My impression is that my younger brother has been growing up in the love of his parents day by day, without suffering a little bit and never knowing what it is like to suffer. When our family is short of labor and our older brothers and sisters are regarded as half of the labor force to get more food for the end of the year in the production team, brother, you are still a child of babbling.. When fixing production to each household, we all grew up, eldest brother married, elder sister married, second brother, me and older sister could use school to go home and help eldest sister-in-law do whatever they could during the winter and summer vacations. At this time, younger brother, you are at the age of attending school and studying.. In the face of my brother’s situation, as a brother and your third brother, I feel sorry for your situation, and my heart is also very tangled.. I can’t predict what will happen to you in the future. I can’t predict the study and life of your laid-off daughter-in-law and two sons who are about to go to school, and how to rely on your thin shoulders to bear it.? Brother, since this is already the case, cheer up and work for a part-time job, which is the only way the unemployed can choose at present.. Just think, you had planned to buy a car to run for rent, but relatives and sisters have calculated a bill for you. In that small county, there are more cars than people. Except for rush hour, buses are empty most of the time. Those farmers who go to the city for one yuan of bus are reluctant to take it. Who will take a taxi for four or five yuan?? You are in the county seat, you should know this phenomenon. You finally listened to the suggestions of your brothers and sisters. This time, you didn’t do your own thing and acted rashly. This shows that you are learning to listen to other people’s opinions and have a sense of responsibility for the sake of your family. I was pleased that you were still the same old leng boy who only knew how to talk and often used to fight with others.! Brother, the road is under your feet. You have no choice but to start working for your wife and children as a man’s family responsibility and obligation..