[ Editor’s Note ]Spring water flow, autumn water flow, year after year, how many people leave their native land without asking for wind and rain, and only for dreams. The spring breeze blows, the spring breeze blows, one year old and one year old, how many people gaze tearfully at home, unable to turn back because of the dream garden. Let’s go, let’s go, when autumn geese go again, when snow comes again. Remember, looking back at my hometown. The ancient moonlight poured down a misty deep feeling, and the dream powder of the wandering child engraved on the wall with clear words to soak a pot of tears and sweat with sadness, dreams, thoughts and cares, and named it ” wandering.”.     I remember when I left home to join the army, I loved wandering and nostalgic for the outside world. I always thought the sky outside was wonderful and more lovely than home.. I don’t want to go this way for ten years in the spring and autumn, but now I have a complete family and a career in another country. When I see the full moon at Mid – Autumn Festival, I suddenly look back and find that I still feel like duckweed even though I have a wife and a charming son. Every time I think about my family, my heart is always sour. A wandering heart will always raise a strong feeling of homesickness..     One year the moon is bright in the Mid – Autumn Festival, and the moonlight on the Mid – Autumn Festival is extremely provocative. The homesick mood is like the moonlight like water.. Moon to Mid – Autumn Festival is particularly bright, often far away from home, looking at the warmth of the moonlight hanging in the night in the distance, while the lost heart in different places always touches the scene and gives birth to feelings.. Eyes unconsciously will drop a wet homesickness, homesick intense desire arises spontaneously.     The round of full moon was lovesickness, and a gust of autumn wind hit me, making me a cold war.. Euphemism song came from a distance” people have joys and sorrows, the moon has rain and shine, and the matter is difficult to be solved in ancient times …’ how many wanderers are out there, always looking forward to enjoying the moon with their parents, so that the thoughts in my heart can circle on this day. ‘ how much brighter the moonlight is at home!’. The moon in another country has never been as bright and enchanting as the moon in another country, nor has the moon in another country been as mellow as that in his hometown, but his hometown is always a dream that is difficult to round in the heart of a wandering child.. Looked up and looked at the bright moon quietly. The bright moon was already a silver plate in the night sky. The bright moon shone on my heart and accompanied me.. Every time I read the pieces of moonlight, I always chew up a mouthful of homesickness.     The mid – autumn festival, make people drunk. At night, when people are still, they are more and more quiet and deep. Lift up your eyes and look out, the sky is a full moon of ice and jade, the woods are full of broken silver, and the pool is full of rippling moonlight. The roads seem to be paved with silver gauze, and people seem to melt in the moonlight as they walk under the care of silver gauze..     Swimmers are only looking for a mid-autumn moon! No matter in court, in treetops, in tall buildings, or in the streets, don’t ask who people are looking for tonight, don’t ask who’s falling in Qiu Si.. Just ask for a round of full moon, round all dreams that are not round, and light up every corner, even the distant end of the world. lifting myself to look, I found that it was moonlight, I don’t know where the bright moon is, a kind of lovesickness and countless homesickness …[ Responsible Editor: Easy to Get along with[ Original ]