When I was in junior high school, my son said to me that I was washing dishes, Mom, I will live in the same city as you when I grow up and work.. In my heart secretly pleased, my son also loved me. No, he went on to say, because of the same city, I can eat your cooking. I think your cooking is delicious.. This is the world’s best praise for me, really, more than anything else. Often, my son will ask me how to cook a certain dish, and I will explain it in detail for fear of missing a little, and then he will make it less delicious than mine.. My son will listen carefully and ask some details carefully. I will answer them one by one. My son was kind-hearted from an early age and loved all small creatures. Therefore, killing fish and killing chickens are cruel things in his eyes. But he just likes to eat chicken. Once when I bought the small fish alive and kicking back, the fishmongers killed them all. I washed them and prepared to take the pot, but the fish jumped out. When I got to the ground, I picked them up one by one. They were still struggling and picking them up. Their blood also came out. I was scared and screamed for my son to pick them up.. The son entered the kitchen curiously and prepared to catch fish in a manly manner.. Unexpectedly, when he saw the fish still moving on the ground, he retreated. I said, son, you are in high school and still afraid of fish. He said you are also afraid, aren’t you? He still got the nerve to stretch out his hand in the past. As soon as he touched the fish’s body, the fish jumped up. He ran out of the living room with a wild laughter and was still there because he was afraid of jumping too high.. I’m really speechless. I said come quickly and wait for no food. It’s too late. He came over again, repeated several times, and still did not dare to grasp. I gave him a plastic bag, and he picked up the fish with gloves. The fish was dying because of lack of water.. He is really poor. After the meal, he decided not to eat fish. I clearly had a quarrel with my son, but for a while, as soon as we talked about food, we immediately put aside our old grudges, like good friends, and went out to eat, drink and drink as soon as we had a fair share of them.. In fact, I am also a ten-finger person who does not touch spring water. When it comes to cooking, I have parents when I was a child and a nanny when my son was a child, but I learned to cook only after the nanny quit her job.. My mother is a good cook. I am a good eater, so my talent comes. I will learn to cook after eating my mother’s food, or call for advice if I don’t know how to do it. In the long run, other dishes are basically useless.. Fried beef, steamed chicken, porridge, noodles, all my sons love to eat, and I’m even more comfortable.. The salt chicken made by my mother-in-law is also very delicious. I can’t always learn how to use it. Even I, who hate washing dishes the most, no longer hate washing after eating her salted chicken. This is the power of food, from changing your taste buds to changing your interests to directly changing your mentality. The cold winter also became warm because there was a cooking atmosphere in the kitchen.. Cold pots and cold stoves cannot gather popularity. The elder brother said that he ate seafood at home today, but someone came to eat it? The person who was not available would respond by saying, ” I’ll come.”! Eat goods is a group of lovely people! In the lazy days when I didn’t want to cook, I cooked rice congee in an electric cooker and asked him to fry some sea fish, so I enjoyed sitting and watching TV and so on.. This kind of happiness is sweet and simple. Food will never live up to your stomach as long as you are willing to start eating.. I really want to thank the electrical equipment for its contribution to the shaping of food.. In order to get a delicious soup, I can do my thing by boiling it in an electronic kettle and enjoy it when I come back. In order to drink gruel, the electronic tile pot will come to help again. There is no need to worry about whether it will overflow or not, let alone look at the fire.. Life is very convenient, liberating hands and enriching days. My son’s brother-in-law said that he would take everyone to the countryside to have a full pig dinner some days, and when he thought about it, he would have a big appetite. Everyone planned a holiday program and was extremely happy.. The braising method with unique rural characteristics is coveted, and the long-lost scenery in the countryside is unforgettable.!